Marilyn Mosby

Marilyn Mosby

All charges against the six police officers who were indicted in the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray have been dismissed, and it appears the next development in a case which led to riots and looting in April of last year may be the trial of State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby herself.

Beginning with Mosby’s infamous press conference in which she quoted the protest slogan “no justice, no peace,” the young prosecutor has placed herself at the center of the legal drama. However, with the total collapse of her case, Mosby is now under attack as both incompetent and driven by anti-police bias.

She defended herself in another press conference this week in which she denounced the “bias” of police officers and maintained Gray’s death was “homicide” even though she couldn’t convict any officers. She was also the subject of a blistering attack from Republican nominee Donald Trump during his own press conference that same day.

“I think she ought to prosecute herself, OK, that’s my reaction,” Trump told reporters in response to being asked about Baltimore. “It was disgraceful what she did, and the way she did it, and the news conference that she had where they were guilty before anybody even knew the facts. And I give a lot of respect and a lot of credit to those police officers who probably could have made a deal. … I give a lot of credit that they stuck it out. … She should be held accountable.”

She may be soon.

Five of the six officers charged with false arrest, false imprisonment, defamation and other counts have filed lawsuits over Mosby’s actions.

The lawsuits, seeking financial recompense for Mosby’s actions, hinge on whether she acted for political reasons rather than simply doing her job as a prosecutor.

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a WND columnist and the author of “The Antidote,” said the police are doing the right thing and suggested Mosby was motivated by politics.

“They should pursue every means possible to restore their reputations and recoup any monetary loss incurred as a result of this bogus case,” he said. “I’m not surprised that the charges against these officers were dropped. Marilyn Mosby is an arrogant, incompetent and reckless prosecutor. She should be held accountable for her words and actions that ruined these officers’ lives and fueled much of the violence against police in Baltimore. Mosby knew this case was a politically motivated sham from the start, yet she went after these officers in order to appease Black Lives Matter and the rowdy protestors.”

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Jeff Roorda, a retired police officer, four-term Missouri state representative and the executive director and business manager of the St. Louis Police Officers Association, thinks the officers in the case will eventually win their lawsuit.

“These officers were doing what we as a society expect them to do, disrupting crime in a neighborhood riddled with violence and drug activity,” he told WND. “Freddie Gray was engaging in behavior consistent with open-air drug dealing, he fled from police, was apprehended, was found to be armed, and was arrested. This is exactly the kind of person that cops are supposed to be taking off the street.

“Gray got arrested because of the criminal conduct he inflicted on that neighborhood, and it became more and more clear during the trials that his fatal injuries were self-inflicted. I predicted these officers would be cleared of all charges and I’m predicting that they will prevail in their civil suit as well.”

Roorda is a past contributor to WND and the author of “Ferghanistan: The War on Police.”

“When we saw signs during the rioting in Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities that said ‘no justice, no peace,’ it was not justice they were looking for, it was scapegoating to advance a dangerous, fantastical narrative,” he charged. “Fortunately for all of us, the justice system worked the way it’s supposed to.”

Colin Flaherty, who chronicled black mob violence against whites nationwide in his book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America,” said it is vital for an example to be made of Mosby.

“Marilyn Mosby is the most incompetent and politicized prosecutor in the history of this country,” he told WND. “She did enormous damage to the officers and their families. If the life of Freddie Gray was worth $6 million, the professional malpractice she unleashed against those cops should be worth $6 billion. Each.”

Flaherty suggested that because of people like Mosby, police officers are now reluctant to do their jobs. As a result, public safety is endangered.

“Cops are determined to do their jobs, but they are also determined not to let their jobs kill them,” he said. “Cops are looking for new jobs in peaceful places, and many families would kidnap their children and hold them in a dark room rather than let them become a police officer in this kind of environment.”

Roorda confirmed many officers around the country feel this way.

“I can’t tell you how many cops have said to me, ‘I don’t want to be the next Darren Wilson,'” he said. “The six cops in Baltimore were the next Darren Wilson. Irresponsible political prosecutions and the anti-police violence that accompanies them makes cops rightfully fearful for their safety, their jobs and their freedom. If people want cops to do their jobs effectively, these politically motivated attacks of innocent officers who are ultimately exonerated have to stop.”

Peterson, who works with the black community through his nonprofit organization Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), said the climate created by Black Lives Matter and the recent violence against police officers has made it difficult for law enforcement to do its job. He argues there is a climate of hostility being created against cops.

And Peterson suggests it is coming from the top down.

“The situation for law enforcement is not good,” he said. “Police around the country are on edge because they’re being targeted and killed by black radicals, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the Obama administration willing to repudiate these attacks. Instead, Barack Obama is excusing and drawing moral equivalence between the shooting deaths of black criminals and innocent police officers gunned down in cold blood. If we don’t back our police officers and allow them to do their job, these attacks against cops will increase and we will have lawlessness in our cities.”

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