Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza, bestselling author and creator of “Hillary’s America”

B2221_Hillary's America_mnBestselling author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza tells WND he has a winning strategy for GOP nominee Donald Trump: The Republican Party and Trump should “put a ‘Hillary’s America’ DVD into the mailboxes of African-Americans, Hispanics and swing voters” before Election Day.

D’Souza said, while he doesn’t personally have the resources to execute the direct-mail effort, Trump and the GOP have the funds and the mailing lists for the targeted voter strategy.

A crucial factor in President Obama’s 2012 victory over Mitt Romney was his ability to squeeze out narrow wins in Florida, Iowa, Nevada and Ohio with the help of swing voter groups. A Quinnipiac poll released July 13 showed Trump leading Clinton in the swing states of Florida (42 to 39 percent) and Pennsylvania (43 to 41 percent) – and tied in the battleground state of Ohio (41 percent). Strategists claim Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania are all critical to a Trump victory.

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D’Souza believes his film can help win hearts and minds of independents and even some Democrats. He said “Hillary’s America” can explain the secret history of the Democratic Party and the consequences of a Clinton presidency to swing voters better than any campaign materials can.

Trump has endorsed “Hillary’s America,” telling his Twitter fans to “see it.”

“Hillary’s America,” which was released on July 15, has already generated $9,117,253. It rocketed to the No. 1 documentary in its first week in theaters. Eight out of 10 people who watched the film have given it positive reviews.

View the “Hillary’s America” trailer:

But don’t count on the mainstream media to give the film any meaningful coverage. D’Souza said the mainstream media are ignoring the most explosive and top-grossing documentary of 2016, “Hillary’s America,” because they want to help Hillary Clinton win the White House this year.

“We, sort of, have a media that resembles the old Soviet media,” he told Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT. “These people are actually shameless and they have no scruples. Our movie is a small example. We’ve got the biggest political movie in the country, not a whisper from CNN, ABC, NBC. Now, if I were Michael Moore, they’d be fawning all over me. I’d be on Good Morning America, The Today Show, it would never stop. But because this movie runs against their worldview, they don’t even have the guts to debate it. That’s because they don’t know anything. They’re mere cheerleaders for the Democratic camp.”

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D’Souza said the mainstream media are clearly determined to defeat Trump.

“I expect this to be a ferociously hard fought election,” he said. “Trump and the Republicans have an uphill climb just, partly, because the media is such a huge megaphone and when the left has Hollywood and the media, that’s some pretty powerful voices working against you.”

See D’Souza’s works at the WND Superstore, including “Hillary’s America,” “America: Imagine The World Without Her,” “2016: Obama’s America,” “God Forsaken,” “Roots of Obama’s Rage” and “What’s So Great About Christianity.”

D’Souza also mentioned that he hasn’t “heard one whisper” from the Republican Party about the film.

“We have a movie, it’s in 1,200 theaters around the country,” he said. “If I were Michael Moore, the whole Democratic Party would be behind me. You would think that the RNC would be behind this film, saying listen, how can we help you get the word out? I have haven’t heard one whisper from those guys. I don’t get it.”

Action star and WND exclusive columnist Chuck Norris went to see the film with his wife, Gena, last week.

“It’s superb and enlightening, to say the least,” Norris wrote in his Aug. 1 column, “Top 10 highlights of ‘Hillary’s America.'”

Norris praised D’Souza for his “shocking and powerful” documentary film.

“Gena and I congratulate and commend Dinesh on being willing to stand up for truth, especially in the face of his own personal sacrifices and risks,” Norris said. “God and Americans have blessed him for doing so, as we witnessed even with his last films: ‘2016: Obama’s America’ in 2012 made $37 million, and ‘America’ in 2014 made ‘$15 million.'”


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