As I told the retired commandant of my Marine Corps League, I did not watch the Democrat National Convention because my digestive system couldn’t tolerate it. That said, a likely reason viewership of the DNC exceeded that of the Republican National Convention is because ABC, NBC and CBS carried considerably more of the DNC than the RNC.

The coterie of Democrats was nothing if not predictable. They resorted to slick advertising to lure those whom the Flesch-Kincaid Readability and Comprehension Exams, with generous scoring, would place on a third-grade level to gather around their 40-inch flat-screen Rent-a-Center televisions.

Myth has it that it took $24 in beads and trinkets to culminate the Manhattan Purchase from the Lenape Indians by the Dutch. To cut a deal with these modern-day sophisticates (sarcasm intended), it took free public housing, free cellphones complete with free minutes and texting, free utilities and for welfare recipients, free automobiles and automobile allowance. However, unlike the Indians, the people being robbed today view being free as something to be debated but never achieved.

There is no plausible scenario under the sun in which Hillary Clinton should be applauded for her so-called accomplishment of being the first female presidential nominee. The sycophantic lapdog media can spin, falsify and not report the truth, but Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are reprehensible reprobates with a factual history of unparalleled corruption for whom not being indicted in no way implies they are not guilty of a myriad of law-enforcement complaints levied against them. It simply means that if you are the Clintons, the judicial system can be bought, blackmailed and/or bullied into desired outcomes.

There was nothing new at the Democrat Convention apart from Michelle Obama’s new outlook – and that was suspect. Michelle Obama’s outlook had been the shame she had for America her entire life prior to her husband being elected president. At the convention, instead of her still lamenting “All this for a damned flag,” she suddenly viewed America as “being great.”

Of course, for those who actually use their minds for cogent reasoning, it was understood that the Obama woman had no choice but to make such a claim. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” Obama was backed into a corner of either having to acknowledge her husband had made a bloody mess of things or lie about the condition of America. She predictably chose the latter.

However, the angry black harridan could not pass up the opportunity to once again claim she lives in a “White House built by slaves.”

Apparently, the Queen of Usufruct overlooked her husband’s thin skin as she was accusing Mr. Trump of being thin-skinned. Or she would have remembered at least one of the many times Obama publicly ridiculed and/or scolded persons. His fallacious maligning of the Supreme Court justices during his 2010 State of the Union message is one such instance, and let me also remind “Her Highness” that in 2011, Obama personally invited then Rep. Paul Ryan to sit in the front row during a speech and then proceeded to publicly berate and humiliate Ryan in front of the national and global news cameras.

Hillary Clinton should have been indicted, found guilty and sentenced to a lengthy prison term when her fingerprints were found on missing records from the Rose Law Firm billing scandal that were as mysteriously found as they had mysteriously disappeared during the investigation.

Hillary has made a career of deception, dishonesty and corruption. I repeat what I have often said: “There are only so many times that the Clintons can be accused of criminal acts before even the least reasoned minds are forced to believe that where there is smoke there is fire.”

Lies about what Clinton has accomplished, lies about what she will accomplish, and her enabling her husband to continue sexually molesting and assaulting women at his leisure are not what I wanted to view. Lies about the murders of Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi and her “what difference does it make” attitude are as insulting to me as those who deify her.

I know it is difficult for those who believe “denial” is a river in Egypt, but for those who really do care about America and our future, there is no rational way Hillary Clinton can be supported as good for America. And therein lies the duplicitous double standards and selective moral outrage of cultural-Marxists and anarchists. They would support Satan “herself” as long as “he” promised to keep baby killing legal, continue with protected classes predicated upon skin-color and gender, and provide free sustenance.

Why should I waste a nano-second of my time watching a tribute to death, malaise, immiseration, lies, deceit and a promised continuance of the deconstruction of America?

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