“The Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president”– Barack Obama

Once the respective Republican and Democratic primaries and conventions ran their jingoistic and fun-filled course, then began the deadly serious march toward Nov. 8 and, ultimately, the White House. While the innocent fawns and apologencia of the Republican Party are mired in angst and embarrassment over Trump’s various political peccadilloes, the sinister, relentless and Alinsky-inspired Democrats have gone from merely nipping at Trump’s heels to all-out war against the man himself. Mediocre candidate Hillary does not give them much to work with, so simply go ahead and “prove” that Trump is not only narcissistic and reckless, but certifiably insane! Real medical and psychiatric facts are irrelevant – just sell it to gullible voters, and they will buy it.

Saul Alinsky’s dozen or so rules for radicals from his 1971 book are instructive here. Rule 5 states that “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon,” and even if that ridicule is irrational it will force the enemy into confusion and concessions. Rule 6 is “A good tactic is one your people will enjoy,” and the levels of pleasure Trump-baiting and tasteless personal attacks on him bring to the Democratic masses is self-evident. Rule 8 says to “keep the pressure on and never let up” and do everything possible to keep the enemy off balance. Finally, Rule 13 is to “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the enemy’s support network, isolate the target from sympathy, and go after people rather than institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. Clearly, for Democratic Alinskyites, Trump is an un-American and crazy “enemy” who must be destroyed at all costs.

The ongoing crescendos of “Trump is insane” by people in the media is both shameful and astounding. Faux conservative and dancing bear for the New York neocons, Joe Scarborough, is nigh tearful that his longtime “friend” Trump is becoming “unhinged.”

Rep. Reuben Gallego, D-Ariz., calmly accused Trump of being “mentally unstable,” and columnist Eugene Robinson speaks of Trump’s “bizarre, dangerous neediness.” The Washington Post deduced that Trump has “something wrong with him,” and the psychiatrically deep New York Daily News diagnoses him as “clinically deranged.”

Harold Pollack sees Trump as a new and equally vile version of Joe McCarthy; ex New York Mayor Bloomberg wonders if Trump is “OK”; Weekly Standard wonk Stephen Hayes avers that Trump “is not of sound mind”; columnist David Brooks suggests that maybe “multiple personalities” are involved; and liberal Ezra Klein says we have lost sight of how truly crazy Trump is. Dr. Drew Pinksy goes a step further in suggesting that both Trump and his followers have serious problems!

Diagnoses are being spewed in every direction often by those who preface their comments with “I am not a mental health professional, but Trump is clearly suffering from” fill in the blank here. These include “psychopath,” “sociopath,” “narcissistic personality,” “possibly early Alzheimer’s,” “multiple personality,” “paranoia” and “bipolar disorder.”

As a retired professor of clinical psychology with 32 years of experience in teaching, research and writing, and in practicing and supervising students in personality assessment and psychotherapy, I can say that properly diagnosing a patient’s condition is a complex and difficult process. Very few people in psychiatry and the clinical professions are very good at it – in fact, the helping professions are so obsessed with treatment these days that diagnosis is secondary. Let’s just try this drug and then another until your condition improves and so on. Genius diagnosticians like Dr. Gregory House in the TV series “House, M.D.” or the autistic surgeon in the great South Korean series “The Good Doctor” are people of myth and not the real world.

Of course, the liberal pretenders and professional critics are not going to accurately “diagnose” anyone’s psychiatric condition or state of mind – but they can and will instinctively carry out the Alinsky program with impunity. That is, destroy Trump at all costs using any means available – including using imaginative and politically fabricated “diagnoses” designed to pick the target, freeze it, ridicule it and polarize it. Get him any way you can!

There is no evidence whatsoever that Trump is suffering from any psychiatric disorder or pathology. However, as do most rich, powerful and influential persons, Trump has a number of personal quirks and eccentricities that sometimes get in the way of being “presidential” in the soft and sensitive girly world we live in. And to be truthful, even his closest and most loyal family and friends may, at times, recoil from his insensitivity, social missteps and unforced errors. Nevertheless, he is a bona fide member of the warrior class, and such alpha super-males often make waves in times of peace.

But in the “dark” kind of times outlined in the Republican convention, the sharp-edged warrior becomes a life-or-death necessity. In dark times, superficial things like the “first woman,” “I feel your pain” and high-sounding, socialist giveaway programs are literal threats to national survival. With terrorism rampaging in Europe and literally knocking at our door, I for one believe we are in dark times indeed – both domestically and internationally. Moreover, we need all the warriors we can get at every level of government – and that includes the president of the United States.

In a subtle way, we have implicit evidence that Donald Trump will bring fellowship and order to a world reeling from both domestic and worldwide violence and terrorism. Just look at the respectful, orderly and well-behaved masses of people at Trump’s meetings and the Republican Convention versus the hateful divisions, the need for massive police presence to maintain order and the overall chaos that defines the highly divisive Democratic/socialist way of life. At the Republican Convention talk was realistically harsh and critical, but people were exceptionally orderly and well-behaved. By contrast, the Democratic Convention was characterized by “talk sweet and then hit the streets and destroy cities if you do not get your way.” We already have ample evidence that Trump is truly the “law and order” candidate as advertised.

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