“So don’t be afraid of those people. Everything that is hidden will be shown. Everything that is secret will be made known. I tell you these things in the dark, but I want you to tell them in the light. I speak these things only to you, but you should tell them to everyone” (Matthew 10:26-27, ICB).

I quoted from the International Children’s Bible intentionally. When it comes to the birth and death of nations, we are all children, frightened and running for cover. A front-row seat can be too much to bear.

And yet, the front row is where we are. It is far less frightening for God’s children than his enemies. The latter have put all their faith and hope in their own cunning. Together they have chosen to play a game against the Grandmaster who spoke the universe into existence.

Now the dirt of their existence is being shaken out in their faces. They’re lying 24/7; every breath they take is to utter another lie, added to their previous days’ propaganda regurgitations. They are so terrified they have murdered their own staffers to protect themselves and their bosses from exposure. They’ve destabilized and angered the entire world with their arrogance, incompetence and corruption. Still they lecture “We the People” on the dangers of electing anyone besides themselves.

As a nation, America has no case left to plead with “the judge of all the earth.” We’ve killed more than 60 million of our own children and sold their bodies for medical research – to line the pockets of abortion providers and medical corporations. In the midst of this horror, there are people in Christian churches who voted to support it and even demand that their friends and neighbors foot the bill.

I guess that leaves the baby boomers without excuse. Who is going to pay their Social Security and for their retirement? The Demopublicans’ carefully cultivated welfare class? Their protected class of illegal immigrants?

The answer is no one. Politicians in both political parties have sold our federal government to tech billionaires and international mobsters who make the “robber barons” of yesteryear look like children in a sandbox. To cover up their crimes, they have used private email accounts and conducted the federal government’s business “off the books,” thinking their corruption would remain in the dark.

Electrons reflect the eternal, however; email is forever. Email headers reveal the path that corruption traveled. The corrupt always overreach – just like their boss, Satan.

What God is showing us is the ugliness and filth of the world our elites have built for us. It is the eternal folly of men and women who think they can run the world without God. Today’s Democrats seem more prone to this fantasy than Republicans, who are often content to take the cash for their favors and hide in the shadows.

Democrats are the True Believers, as Eric Hoffer called them. The USSR would have worked if only Stalin had murdered another 30 million of his countrymen when they dissented. Mao would have bequeathed the world a communist paradise if only he’d doubled down on his death toll and re-education camps. And the day the last dissenter dies, they start on their friends. Leftist utopias always end in barbarity, suffering and want.

Today’s elites are the reason the world had to have the Nuremberg Trials for the Nazis after World War II. American colleges founded to educate Christian theologians have instead produced generations of elitist paper-hangers.

God is nowhere near finished. It has barely begun: Everything that is hidden will be shown. Everything that is secret will be made known.

How does it feel to be in the grip of the one who gives birth to nations and scatters their ashes over the sea when they no longer serve his purposes? His children are watching their Dad at work. How about you?

What is God’s final purpose in all this? Is it simply to expose and punish? Or is there something else?

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