WASHINGTON – In yet another attempt by the mainstream media to connect Donald J. Trump to “racism,” the Washington Post has attacked a political cartoon published back in April by WND cartoonist Tony “A.F.” Branco.

The April 2016 cartoon in question depicts, as Branco told in an exclusive interview, “Hillary Clinton pandering to the black community for their votes.”

In the cartoon, Hillary Clinton is in blackface, holding a sign reading “#@!* the Police,” wearing a shirt saying “No Hot Sauce, No Peace!” and with the caption, “I ain’t no ways tired of pandering to African-Americans.”

“It should be fairly obvious what I was doing there, with Hillary giving a speech in front of an African-American group back April about always having hot sauce in her purse and she is holding up a ‘F— the Police’ sign in solidarity with Black Lives Matter,” Branco said.

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Branco told WND, “It’s gotta be pretty slow news day out there to be picking on a cartoon/cartoonist that they would try and twist it into a racist connection to Donald Trump. And it’s a black pastor who they are going after for posting of all things! A person of color posted it … and the mainstream media went after it! Just incredible.”

Branco is referencing pastor Mark Burns, who posted the Clinton cartoon on his Twitter account, only to delete the image and apologize for spreading it.

Burns is an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, and a Washington Post story quickly appeared with the intent, Branco told WND, of getting him to also distance himself from his very own drawing.

“What the mainstream media did to pastor Burns is just disgusting, putting him through the meat grinder,” he said.

Branco said, “I believe the media is unfairly doing whatever little thing they can to frame Trump in a certain light, and ignore every negative about Hillary. They are focused on the wrong part of the cartoon – black face – as opposed to her pandering of black people. Just using them as votes and not solving any of their issues.”

The cartoonist stressed he is not a spokesman for the Republican nominee for president, though he does support Trump.

“The mainstream media continues to an all-time low. There is no journalism anymore. Used to think of them as referees, making sure things were fair. It’s no longer the case. Mainstream media today is nothing more than an arm of the DNC and with this attack on pastor Burns and my cartoon, it’s obvious they are in full campaign mode for her.”

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, the author of “The Antidote: Healing America From the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood,” found the attempts to link a nearly six-month old political cartoon as proof of Trump’s “racism” to be further evidence of the mainstream media’s blatant pro-Hillary stance.

He told WND, “It says that they’re dishonest and deceptive. It also shows that they’re not fair in their coverage, and that they’re shameless in their support for Hillary Clinton. The MSM is not reporting the truth and allowing people the opportunity to make up their own minds about the candidates. This is propaganda, not journalism!”

Peterson also noted the disingenuous nature of Hillary outreach to the black community.

He said, “I see crooked Hillary and lying Hillary. I see Hillary trying to get black votes by pretending to relate to them in a very shallow and condescending manner. I see a phony liberal politician who will say and do just about anything to keep blacks on the Democrat’s plantation. The cartoon is very truthful. Hillary hasn’t held a press conference in some 200 days, because she doesn’t want the people to see who she really is; she’s hiding.”

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