“Unless Christianity receives a new enthusiasm that sweeps the Western world … the entire West will collapse in your lifetime.”

Michael Savage

Scholars debate whether or not the United States was originally founded on Christian principles, but most agree that we are today – through and through – a secular nation. We might have previously considered ourselves a God-ordained and Christian nation, but the grand triumph of worldliness over godliness is here for all to see. And we are the worst for it – with moral and godly men and women giving over to mindless and materialistic masses worshiping at the counters of McDonald’s, Macys and the nearest Tesla dealer.

In post-Christian and post-moral America, the lower instincts are released from their tenuous confinement, and narcissism, self-indulgence, group conformity and moral stupidity become the driving forces of behavior. Eden’s fall now becomes a virtue where nothing is ever wrong in and of itself – only that which transgresses man’s malleable and ever-shifting legal system is disapproved or punishable. Even there, the liberal mind is predisposed toward rationalizing, excusing and diverting blame from the individual to an endless panoply of “root causes” lurking in society.

A deep moral sense of eternal and uniform rights and wrongs is the only way the fallen race of human beings can ever live in an environment of fairness, decency and affection for one another. Only the lowest and most obvious misbehaviors can be controlled by the secular mandates, and, in theory, there must be a particular law to cover every conceivable possibility. Implicitly, a given act – say, sexually abusing a child – is not “wrong” unless you are caught, convicted in court and then punished. With no morality and only secular law in effect, life becomes nothing more than a series of gambles with the goal of “getting away with it,” “beating the man” and so on.

Webster’s Dictionary defines morality as the rightness or wrongness of a given propensity or behavior. However, this raises the question of who or what determines rightness or wrongness at the outset. This is where Christian morality comes into play. Christian morality is based on enduring principles and eternal truths that came first from the mind of God, then were inscribed in the holy scriptures and subsequently made available to all believers down through the ages. Much as gold in Fort Knox defines the value of our currency, God’s moral law subserves the authority and eternal value of our Christian moral principles.

Morality for a Christian is the “application of God’s laws regarding a person’s private and public behavior. … A Christian tries to obey the rules for his or her personal behavior that have been decreed by God and recorded in the Bible.” The most basic principle of the Christian moral life is the awareness that every person bears the dignity of being made in the image of God. Moreover, each of us is endowed with intelligence, reason and a God-implanted immortal soul, and with these gifts come a great burden of responsibility to act in accordance with God’s will. Christians believe that we were created for that purpose.

Social psychologists define a personality trait as a strong predisposition to behave in certain, fairly specific ways. For example, an “introvert” will tend to behave with shyness and reserve under most circumstances; that is, he or she will behave consistently across varying situations. A person’s trait structure generally remains consistent across private and public domains, low stress versus high stress situations, and even in the internal world of thought and fantasy. Said another way, a trait stays consistent even when experience, circumstance and other people tempt one to go against one’s natural habits.

Christian morality is a “trait” of sorts. Once a person goes through the conversion event and enters the salvation experience, God’s will in our lives, the Ten Commandments, the great moral lessons of psalms and proverbs, the admonitions of Paul and, of course, the teachings of Jesus become the moral air we breathe – across all situations.

Of course, no human being is perfect, and moral slippage occurs, but the moral Christian will experience something absent from secular law – deep feelings of guilt and shame. A Christian may commit wrong, but he or she at least knows it’s wrong!

As Christian morality gives way to post-Christian liberalism, Marxism and secularism, we – to quote the man who could have saved America, Robert Bork – continue to slouch toward Gomorrah at an alarming rate. Paganism seems to infect every aspect of America from harsh, violent and pornographic television programming and movies to cheating and outright brutality in sports and insensitivity and crassness in our social relations. Truly, a society with no guilt or shame is retrogressive and bound for moral stupidity of the worse sort.

During my working years as a professor, psychotherapist and teacher of therapists, I occasionally saw a depressed client who felt guilt and shame over real or imagined misdeeds. But no more. People surely regret misdeeds that cost them money or prestige; they apologize profusely to evade responsibility; they suffer heartbreak after a loss; and they may exhibit the appearance of shame and guilt to suit some social end. But the real thing is not there – that is, great feelings of guilt and remorse privately felt after serious wrongdoing. Such is the social glue that holds modern societies together as increasing numbers of differing peoples rub against each other on the street, at work, on the Internet and social media.

What do the powers who have pushed 2,000 years of Christianity aside offer in its place? Basically, a vapid, philosophically superficial “moral agenda” called political correctness. PC is difficult to define since there is nothing of scientific or philosophical substance to it. Silly and superficial ideas like “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” “speech codes and safe zones,” “we are a nation of immigrants” and the like float about in the air unmoored by fact or intellectual substance.

Basically, the New York Republic and its minions in the media, the Ivy League, most colleges and universities, and the judiciary and Supreme Court first decide who the “good and bad guys” are in American society and then promote the former and punish the latter. Minorities, immigrants, liberal women, and socialists and Marxists of all stripes are to be favored, and anyone Christian, Caucasian and conservative is to be marginalized and punished as severely as possible. And don’t forget – it is politically correct to vote for Democrats and the vilest form of incorrectness to vote Republican.

“Lying Hillary Clinton” is the poster girl for the politically correct, post-Christian age in America. She is a perfect illustration of how morally empty and philosophically barren the PC landscape and the world of secular law have become. Joseph Farah sees her “as an existential threat to life and liberty” and “perhaps the most corrupt major American political figure in the last 50 years,” and Dr. Herbert London says she is “the embodiment of evil.” Dr. Ben Carson even links her with Lucifer himself by virtue of her connection with Saul Alinsky!

The moral bankruptcy of Hillary Clinton is a bottomless pit, but it graphically illustrates how secular legalism and post-Christian “morality” are the driving forces behind America’s regressive march back to the primitive, godless and pagan roots of humanity.

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