HIllary Clinton and Huma Abedin

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin

The woman who many say could be Hillary Clinton’s White House chief of staff served for years as assistant editor of a Saudi-funded Muslim publication that opposed women’s rights and blamed the U.S. for the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, according to a new report.

Paul Sperry, author of “Muslim Mafia,” points out in a report Sunday for the New York Post that one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest accomplishments listed on her campaign website is her support for the U.N. women’s conference in Beijing in 1995, when she famously declared, “Women’s rights are human rights.”

“Her speech has emerged as a focal point of her campaign, featured prominently in last month’s Morgan Freeman-narrated convention video introducing her as the Democratic nominee,” Sperry writes.

But it wasn’t long after that “historic and transformational” 1995 event, as Clinton recently described it, “that her top aide Huma Abedin published articles in a Saudi journal taking Clinton’s feminist platform apart, piece by piece.”

Abedin served 12 years as assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs working under her mother, who remains editor in chief of the London-based Islamic journal. Abedin was also working in the White House as an intern for then-first lady Clinton.

Former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota said Abedin’s connections to the Saudi-funded journal are significant.

“Abedin, Saudi-based during her formative years, having grown up in the family business of advancing Islamic Shariah rule across the globe, may certainly use her position of influence to turn Hillary Clinton toward a decidedly pro-Shariah law view in the U.S.,” Bachmann said.

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“During Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, and while Abedin was Clinton’s aide, U.S. policy shifted to active support of the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt, including billions of dollars in military equipment and cash to fund the Brotherhood takeover,” she added.

The Saudis also have given $25 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation over the years.

“It is reasonable to ask what level of influence Huma Abedin had on Hillary Clinton to bring about that policy pivot,” Bachmann said.

A State Department spokesman was asked by a Fox News reporter during the department’s daily briefly Monday about Sperry’s story, and the spokesman insisted that Abedin had been “fully vetted” before she was hired as Secretary of State Clinton’s chief of staff.

Another article published by the journal in 1996 was headlined “Women’s Rights Are Islamic Rights.” In it, the journal argues that single moms, working moms and gay couples with children should not be recognized as families. It also states that more revealing dress ushered in by women’s liberation “directly translates into unwanted results of sexual promiscuity and irresponsibility and indirectly promote violence against women.” In other words, sexually liberated women are just asking to be raped.

That doesn’t sound like material for a made-for-the-masses Democratic Party ad campaign.

But the connections of Huma Abedin to hardcore Islamists run deep.

The Obama administration’s “willful blindness” is exposed as never before from the inside in “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” by former DHS officer Philip Haney and WND Editor Art Moore.

Huma Abedin was born in Michigan to Muslim parents and spent her formative years in Saudi Arabia. Abedin’s father, Syed Zainul Abedin, was an Islamic scholar of Indian descent and her mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is Pakistani. Her father in 1979 founded the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, which is committed to the study of Muslim communities in non-Muslim Western societies, and published the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, or JMMA, a publication focusing on Muslim minorities living in diaspora.

Huma Abedin was raised in Saudi Arabia from the time she was 2 years old until she returned to the U.S. for college.

At age 18, Abedin enrolled at George Washington University, where she served on the board of the Muslim Students Association, which is a Muslim Brotherhood front organization as documented in the Holy Land Foundation trial of 2007.

Huma was listed as an assistant editor of the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs from 1996 to 2008. Huma’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Huma’s brother, Hassan Abedin, has worked with Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Omar Naseef, former secretary general of the Muslim World League and founder of a group reputed to fund terrorists, including al-Qaida, according to previous WND reporting.

One of Qaradawi’s disciples was the author of an internal 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memo presented in the terror-financing trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation. It said the Muslim Brotherhood “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Saleha Abedin also is chairwoman of the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child, the IICWC, an entity within the Muslim World League that designated Qaradawi as the main author of its charter and policies. Her group partners with the International Islamic Council for Dawa and Relief, which Israel has outlawed as a terrorist group that funds Hamas. The Washington, D.C.-based Center for Security Policy warned that the IICWC was pressing for the repeal of Egypt’s Mubarak-era prohibitions on female genital mutilation, child marriage and marital rape. The IICWC said the prohibitions conflicted with Islamic law.

Saleha Abedin also is vice dean at Dar El-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She helped found the school with Yaseen Abdullah Kadi, a designated terrorist by the U.S. and a member of the bin Laden family.

One of the original researchers into Abedin’s past, former Palestinian Muslim Walid Shoebat, told WND in 2012 he believes the Wahhabist connection to the Abedin family is significant and that Huma Abedin, as an assistant editor for the Journal for the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, was serving the interests of Saudi Arabia’s anti-American foreign policy.

Former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann ran for president in 2012.

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., ran for president in 2012

Bachmann also researched Abedin’s background, and it got her into hot water as then congresswoman from Minnesota.

“The issue with Huma Abedin is her radical Islamic connections and her ultimate agenda,” Bachmann told WND Monday.

“The fact that she appears to be one of the closest advisers and confidants of Hillary Clinton, potentially the next president of the United States, should give every American pause,” she continued. “Information given to me by briefers outside of the formal intelligence committee in 2012 indicated that Huma Abedin’s parents published a pro-Shariah magazine in Saudi Arabia.”

Huma Abedin was named on the magazine’s masthead as assistant editor during some of the time she worked for Hillary Clinton, both while Clinton was first lady and while she was a U.S. senator.

“I was told Abedin’s parents were part of the Muslim Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and her brother was close to the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood,” Bachmann told WND.

Also reported to Bachmann was information that Omar Naseef, financier of Osama bin Laden, was a financial backer of the Abedin family’s pro-Shariah law magazine.

According to the Muslim Brotherhood document, the Exploratory Memorandum, entered into federal district court in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, the aim of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America is civilization jihad.

In their own words, the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood is to defeat freedom in the United States and replace its constitutional republic with an Islamic state based upon strict enforcement of Islamic Shariah law.

The Brotherhood intends to do this by “defeating our miserable house from within.”

Bachmann wrote a letter in 2012, together with four other congressmen, asking how Huma Abedin was able to obtain a security clearance to work in the U.S. State Department.

Bachmann never got any answers to her questions, and her critics promptly made an example of her. She became the target of a concerted national-media smear campaign that made her look like she simply had an ax to grind against Muslims.

“By our federal government’s own rules, due to her family and business connections, she would have been denied a security clearance,” Bachmann said. “I wanted to know if Hillary Clinton issued Abedin a waiver, and on what basis.

“After I brought national attention to the Huma Abedin/Muslim Brotherhood connection in June 2012, that is when the all-out effort to destroy me in the media began,” Bachmann explained.

An assistant editor position indicates control over content, but the Clinton administration is trying to say she had no substantive role. The issue is much deeper than her title, however, said Bachmann. It’s her entire background.

“Think of living in Saudi Arabia, under control of the royal family, publishing a journal dedicated to the advancement of the rule of Islamic law across the globe,” Bachmann said. “These parents are/were senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood, who’s stated goal is the advancement of the rule of Shariah law across the globe.”

Three of the Abedin children, including Huma, were listed on the masthead as assistant editors.

“Advancing Shariah law globally was the Abedin family business,” Bachmann said.

Not only did Huma attend Georgetown University and head up the Muslim Student Association, she also landed a plum internship in the Clinton White House.

“Somehow she got an internship in the Bill Clinton White House, likely through Saudi royal family connections, then she moved to work for Hillary where she’s remained for her adult life,” Bachmann explained.

So was it mere coincidence that U.S. policy toward the Muslim Brotherhood pivoted under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to prefer the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt following the fall of Mubarak?

Bachmann doesn’t think so. She sees the fingerprints of Huma Abadin all over that policy pivot.

“Surely one wonders about the influence of pro-Shariah Abedin on Hillary Clinton,” Bachmann said. “Especially in light of the massive money transfers the Saudis have directly poured into the Clinton Foundation as well as three-quarters of a million dollars ‘paid’ to Bill Clinton for a speech to the Saudis.”

President Obama’s chief adviser is Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.

During Obama’s terms in office, the U.S. historically also pivoted away from active support of Israel to active support of the chief state sponsor of global terrorism, Iran.

That support will mean an economically empowered Iran capable of producing nuclear weapons and actively setting about to use them against their avowed enemy, Israel.

Andrew McCarthy wrote about Abedin in 2012 after Bachmann and the four other congress members made their revelations.

“Ms. Abedin, of course, is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff. When concerns about her Muslim Brotherhood connections were first raised by five conservative House members, there was great gnashing of teeth from both Democrats and the Brotherhood’s growing squad of Republican cheerleaders,” McCarthy wrote for Accuracy in Media.

“Soon, however, it was demonstrated beyond cavil that Abedin herself, like other members of her family, has a disturbingly close association with Abdullah Omar Naseef – a wealthy Saudi financier of al-Qaeda and Brotherhood eminence. At that point, most of the craven GOP emirate stuck its head back in the sand with hopes that the issue would just go away, while the Left reverted to its knee-jerk ‘McCarthyism’ shrieks – along with the demeaning characterization of Abedin, who is actually a top policy adviser, as a flunky who merely helps Madame Secretary decide which ‘handbag’ goes best with that day’s outfit.”

The Obama administration’s “willful blindness” is exposed as never before from the inside in “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad,” by former DHS officer Philip Haney and WND Editor Art Moore.

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