It’s one of the great mysteries of the current election season.

On one hand we have Donald Trump, who last week delivered substantive, well-received policy speeches on defeating radical Islam, rescuing America’s disintegrating economy and quelling the growing epidemic of urban racial violence by finally addressing core issues. He even publicly expressed regret over ill-considered comments he has made during the campaign that have “caused personal pain.”

On the other hand we have Hillary Clinton, who, despite being protected at every turn by an outrageously biased news media, is the focus of ever-cascading scandals and is now seen by more people than ever as a lying criminal. If elected president, she says she would continue and enlarge Obama’s policies – the same disastrous policies that have destroyed America’s economy, increased terrorism in the homeland, popularized outright socialism, divided the nation into angry warring factions, and maintained a constant flood into the American homeland of unassimilable Muslim immigrants from the most radical places on earth.

Up against Hillary Clinton’s radical-left, third-Obama-term agenda, Trump’s agenda is overwhelmingly conservative – pro-life on abortion, pro-Second Amendment, pro-energy independence, pro-rebuilding our military, pro-enforcement of our immigration laws, securing our borders, reducing business-crushing taxes and regulations, and so on. By any sane standard, Trump’s plans would make America a better, safer and more prosperous place than would Hillary’s.

Why, then, we may rightly wonder, do so many supposedly good people – including many Christians, conservatives, Republicans, even GOP leaders – refuse to support their party’s presidential nominee who, during the primaries, proved to be Republican voters’ overwhelming choice, garnering more votes than any GOP primary candidate in history?

To understand what’s going on, let’s zoom out to 35,000 feet and get a quick panoramic view of “the lay of the land.”

In the Age of Obama, America has become home to large numbers of people who unashamedly oppose her core values. Polls show millennials now favor socialism over capitalism and are rapidly rejecting Christianity. Many Americans are so broken they rely on legal or illegal mind-altering substances, or embrace total sexual anarchy with all its attendant diseases and other grim consequences, or suffer from a multiplicity of addictions and mental disorders.

We are likewise faced with tens of millions of rudderless, government-dependent, “low-information” Americans, as well as untold additional millions of aliens, legal and illegal, flooding into our country – the vast majority favoring large, liberal-left government, and many with no love for America nor intent to assimilate or adopt her values.

I say “even more chilling” because, while a deluded president can be replaced at the next election, one cannot replace a deluded population so easily.

Yet this election – according to both sides – is the most important of our lifetimes. Unfortunately, when it comes to voting, tens of millions of Americans have simply checked out.

A PolitiFact analysis concluded that, in the 2012 presidential election, a staggering 42 percent of evangelical Christians stayed home on Election Day. Since over 70 percent of Americans self-identify as “Christian” and over 25 percent – one in four – as “evangelical” (or “born-again”), that means we’re talking about tens of millions of Americans. These are people who claim to share the Christian values of the nation’s founders – values treasured by the vast majority of the brave souls who have fought, bled and died to preserve America’s freedoms – and yet can’t find it in themselves to fill out a ballot and vote for the better candidate on Election Day.


Don’t even think of saying “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties.” Today’s far-left Democratic Party (there are almost no more old-time “moderate Democrats” in Washington) favors laws and policies that depress the economy and destroy jobs, promote the killing of viable, late-term, unborn children and mandate the de facto criminalization of Christianity. Top Democrats, including Obama, refuse even to name, let alone effectively confront, barbaric enemies sworn to destroy us, even as they increase their attacks and boast of their quest for nuclear weapons. The Republican Party stands in opposition to all of this.

If that’s not sobering enough, reflect on the Democratic Party’s candidates who in recent decades were either elected, or nearly elected, president of the United States: Bill Clinton, a lifelong, serial sexual predator; Al Gore, a raving lunatic; John Kerry, who betrayed his fellow Vietnam vets and his country; Barack Obama, a deceitful, America-hating, Marxist radical; and now Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt person ever to run for the White House, accurately described by Pulitzer-winning New York Times columnist and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient William Safire as “a congenital liar.”

Whatever the Republican candidates’ shortcomings, taking the trouble to vote for a president who isn’t a known sex predator, Marxist or career criminal seems pretty sensible for a “born-again Christian,” doesn’t it?

How, then, do tens of millions of American Christians justify being AWOL on Election Day?

Their most common rationales: 1) their particular church denomination tells them they are “citizens of Heaven” or “not part of this world” and therefore don’t need to vote; 2) they’re so upset by government corruption they feel contaminated just reading and hearing about it; 3) they believe God will determine who leads America without their help; 4) they believe church and state should be “separate”; 5) they believe their focus should be the gospel, not politics; and finally, underlying all these reasons, 6) they’ve given up hope of any good ever coming out of Washington, regardless of who is elected.

Given a clear choice between life and death, morality and immorality, lawfulness and lawlessness, one would reasonably hope – as Moses did when exhorting the ancient Israelites – God’s people would “choose life.” But many of these non-voters are so disillusioned by the lies and hypocrisy dominating politics they have given up hope and walked away.

Add to this another equally bizarre reality overshadowing the November 2016 presidential election: A disturbing number of voters who readily acknowledge the obvious – that America is on the brink of catastrophe and would do far better under Trump, Pence and their team of Republicans, conservatives, Christians, capitalists and generals, than under the Clintons, Kaine and their team of progressives, Marxists, Muslim Brotherhood operatives and other assorted radicals and crooks – nevertheless claim they will not, indeed cannot, vote for either major-party candidate as a matter of principle and conscience. Many cite biblical authority.

President Abraham Lincoln, reflecting on the bold American experiment, famously observed, “As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.” How ironic that, if we as an electorate return the notorious Clinton crime family to the White House to complete Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America,” thereby bequeathing to our children a starkly different – one might even say “cursed” – country than the blessed one we inherited, it will have been by our own hand.

That’s right. The responsibility for our nation’s suicide will not fall alone on all today’s university-indoctrinated youthful socialists, or the newly enfranchised immigrants and felons who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, or the various “minority groups” to which Hillary Clinton shamelessly panders in pursuit of their support.

No, the blame will fall squarely on all the righteous “Never-Trumpers,” on the “my-guy-didn’t-win-in-the primary-so-I’m-staying-home” Republican voters, on the “Yes-I-signed-the-pledge-but-I’m-breaking-it-cause-Trump-was-mean-to-my-wife/father/brother” GOP primary candidates, on the “I-serve-another-kingdom-not-of-this-world” and “I-care-only-about-the-gospel” Christians, on the “I-don’t-like-Trump-or-Hillary-so-I’m-voting-for-the-weird-pro-marijuana-Libertarian-guy” folks.

In other words, the blame will fall on good people whose pride, ego, resentment, emotions and self-righteousness tricked them into betraying their country, even their own children – all while believing they were standing strong on principle.

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