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NBC changes Andrea Mitchell's slam against Bill Clinton accuser

NBC has quietly edited an online video in which correspondent Andrea Mitchell claimed the allegations by Juanita Broaddrick she was raped by Bill Clinton were “discredited.”

WND reported the story two months ago when Mitchell made the claim. It came on a bad day for now-Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton.

First, then-GOP presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump ripped away the “philandering husband” façade from Bill Clinton, publicly charging on Fox News’ “Hannity” that the former president committed “rape.”

Then, on the same day, the victim, Juanita Broaddrick, described for the first time – in a WND exclusive sit-down interview conducted in Broaddrick’s Arkansas home – exactly how the alleged 1978 sexual assault had deeply and permanently scarred her life throughout the intervening decades. And Broaddrick mentioned something else: Of all mainstream journalists, the one she spoke to recently on the phone, seeking an update from Broaddrick on the rape incident and its aftermath, was NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

How ironic, then, when Mitchell said on-air that Broaddrick’s rape allegation, first televised by her own network in a sensational “Dateline” segment in 1999, had been “discredited.”

“Lisa Myers actually warned me about Andrea,” Broaddrick told WND at the time, responding to Mitchell’s comment essentially calling her a liar.

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Then on Tuesday Breitbart reported that following a retraction demand, NBC News “quietly edited the Internet edition of a segment that aired on the highly rated ‘Today Show’ in which anchor Andrea Mitchell claimed Juanita Broaddrick’s rape accusation against Bill Clinton had been ‘discredited.'”

The report said the legal letter was from Broaddrick’s attorney and son, Kevin L. Hickey, and it prompted NBC to remove the word “discredited” from the network’s Internet version.

The change was made without any indication of the edit.

But the network refused to meet Broaddrick’s request, the report said, for an apology from Mitchell and an acknowledgement on the show.

“It is incredibly disappointing that NBC and Andrea Mitchell will not publicly apologize for this egregious error, especially considering that NBC has retroactively edited the online version of the story and taken out the word ‘discredited,'” Hickey told Breitbart News.

Broaddrick’s description of the attack came in an interview with attorney Candice Jackson, who wrote about it for WND.

On Tuesday, Jackson told WND, “Wow. I didn’t realize what NBC tried to pull. I mean it’s just further evidence that there are no journalistic standards that the mainstream media isn’t willing to trample on in order to help protect the Clintons right now – and to kill the reputation of someone who has been willing to come forward with a story that has only ever been corroborated never discredited.”

That’s why Lisa Myers, former senior investigative correspondent for NBC Nightly News, jumped to Juanita’s defense near the end of May when Andrea Mitchell first used the word “discredited” and “none of that has changed,” Jackson said.

“Lisa called Juanita personally and told her she was really upset about this and that the one-sided bias of the network is just reveled over and over again,” Jackson said. “You can bet that if this situation were reversed and someone on the left had been falsely accused or slandered, it would be a big deal that someone was forced to print a retraction. It is an acknowledgement and up to the media to get the word out that Juanita Broaddrick continues to be the most credible accuser of violent sexual assault against the Clintons. When NBC has to put its tail between its legs and bury its retraction without an admission they were wrong, that’s still an admission that they were wrong.”

It was Myers, NBC News’ well-respected and recently retired senior investigative correspondent, who in 1999 was so convinced of Broaddrick’s authenticity that she interviewed her for the network’s primetime story.

Indeed, Mitchell’s “discredited” claim clashed directly with Myers, who as recently as 2014 confirmed, “Nothing has come up since that story was reported that in any way undercuts what Juanita Broaddrick said.”

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Here’s what Broaddrick said at the time in response to Mitchell’s claim:

“Nothing has changed from the detailed investigation NBC did into my story in 1999 before airing my Dateline interview with Lisa Myers,” Broaddrick said in a statement to Jackson, who previously authored the acclaimed book, “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine.”

The earlier video has Mitchell clearly calling the claims “discredited.”

The later video, posted at Breitbart, has her calling it long-denied. Her comment followed Trump’s description of Clinton’s behavior as “rape.”

“Donald Trump using that word unprompted, during an interview last night with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. Bringing up (sic) long-denied accusation against former president Bill Clinton, dating back to 1978 when he was Arkansas attorney general,” she says in the new version.

WND reported that commentators pointed out Mitchell “is correct to say this allegation is ‘long denied,’ but on what basis is she calling it discredited? On the contrary, Broaddrick’s allegation is arguably the most consistent and believable accusation of sexual assault made against Bill Clinton (though not, of course, the only one). For a little perspective here, note that even progressive site Vox says the allegation, ‘has not been definitively refuted.’ Vox also notes that reporter Michael Isikoff’s book contains a reference to a concession by Clinton’s lawyers that he may have had ‘consensual sex’ with Broaddrick.”

Here is NBC’s original 1999 “Dateline” segment featuring Lisa Myers interviewing Juanita Broaddrick about her alleged rape by Bill Clinton:

In “Their Lives,” Jackson documented the failings in the White House’s denial at the time, a statement that read, “Any allegation that the president assaulted Ms. Broaddrick more than 20 years ago is absolutely false.”

Explained Jackson: “No attempt to argue that Clinton wasn’t even in Little Rock on the day in question, or that he had never been alone with her, or even that they hadn’t had sexual relations. The denial was immediately parsed by some on the press and public wary of Clinton’s overly technical, legalistic use of the English language. Broaddrick wasn’t known as ‘Ms. Broaddrick’ in 1978, some noted – at that time she was ‘Mrs. Hickey.'”

And, Jackson added, “She alleged rape, not ‘assault.'”

Broaddrick told Jackson she decided to speak out now because of a campaign-season comment from Hillary Clinton.

“It was all because of Hillary’s tweet in December [2015] where she said we all need to ‘believe the victims of sexual assault.’ How can she be so ignorant? Doesn’t she know we’ll all come forward again? She was saying in that tweet that all of us are liars. Has she lost her mind?” she said.

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