President Obama has been working for several years to give away control of the Internet to a “multinational” body over the objections of many lawmakers and activists.

Among the opponents are conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly, who wrote that the move “could be the most dangerous use yet of Obama’s now-famous pen.”

Giving communist China and Russia a position in policing the Internet through the U.S.-created Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is “like telling the fox to guard the chicken coop because those countries don’t believe in free speech and don’t even allow their own people to have free access to the Internet,” she warned.

Congress has acted twice to prevent the move, adopting “appropriations riders prohibiting any use of taxpayer funds ‘to relinquish the responsibility of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration … with respect to Internet domain name system functions, including responsibility with respect to the authoritative root zone file and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority functions.'”

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Nevertheless, Obama has set Oct. 1 as the date for the transfer.

In response, a coalition of affected individuals and organizations is urging Congress to take immediate  action and sue the Obama administration.

In a letter to congressional leaders of both parties, the coalition notes that Congress ordered the NTIA “not to let lapse the government contract under with the IANA function – essentially the Internet’s phone book – has been run by a private California non-profit since 1998.”

“Failure to renew this contract before the end of August would, according to the NTIA, allow the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to take over management of the IANA function. This ‘transition’ would end the U.S. government’s historic role as a guarantor of Internet governance,” the letter warned.

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The letter warns that the Obama administration further “has failed to ensure U.S. ownership and control of .mil and .gov in perpetuity.”

“Both are vital national assets.”

And even though the funding prohibition was extended, just two months ago NTIA “issued a 172-page report finding that the package of reforms proposed by ICANN to its governance structure ‘meets the criteria necessary to complete the long-promised privatization of the IANA functions,'” the letter warned.

That means, the parties wrote, “NTIA is not merely reviewing proposed reforms.”

“It is, by its own admission, doing so as part of a drawn-out process resulting in the decision to let the IANA contract lapse – precisely what Congress forbade NTIA to do,” they said.

“If NTIA allows the contract to lapse, it will have violated federal law,” the letter said. “The decision to abandon an 18-year contractual relationship governing the Internet has obviously consumed significant NTIA resources, both to fund outside experts and to pay for time spent on the issue and on NTIA employees making a decision about whether the extend the contract.

“Suing to enforce the appropriations rider and extending it through FY2017 are amply justified by the extraordinary importance of the constitutional principles at stake. Members of both parties should be able to unite around defending the power of the purse, the most fundamental constitutional power of the American people’s elected representatives.

“If enacted legislation is no longer considered binding, a fundamental check on executive power will have been lost. Legislators also have a solemn responsibility to future generations to ensure that the future of the Internet is not placed at risk by prematurely ending U.S. oversight. We urge you to act promptly.”

The signers included TechFreedom, Americans for Limited Government, Americans for Tax Reform, Center for Individual Freedom, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, Center for Security Policy, Civitas Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Heartland Institute, Heritage Action for America, Media Research Center, Protect Internet Freedom, Rutherford Institute, Tea Party Patriots, Traditional Values Coalition and individuals ranging from Brett Schaefer of the Heritage Foundation and Cliff May of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies to Allen Roth of Secure America Now and Ali Akbar of the National Bloggers Club.

The Daily Signal pointed to the crux of the fight: “Though Congress has acted twice to stop that effort, the administration moved forward with the transition plan.”

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who chair the House and Senate Judiciary committees, respectively, declared their opposition for the transfer in June, citing unanswered legal, constitutional and human rights questions, the Daily Signal reported.

“The U.S. has served as a critical and responsible backstop against censorship and threats to openness and free speech on the Internet. As a result, the Internet has thrived,” Goodlatte told the Daily Signal. “The future of the Internet as a medium for free speech, the flow of ideas, and global commerce is at stake, and must be protected.”

The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that it will finalize the transfer Oct. 1.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said that if that happens “the agency could be used by totalitarian governments to shut down the Web around the globe, either in whole or in part.”

Schlafly charged that “giving away the Internet is another key part of Barack Obama’s plan to diminish America’s power and prestige in the world.”

“He wants to spread around world power to our enemies as well as our friends, just as he seeks to spread the wealth around in our country,” she wrote earlier.

“Among the many deceitful arguments used by the globalists is that taking the Internet away from the U.S. will advance us toward a goal of ‘no government control of the Internet.’ If the United States doesn’t keep control of what we invented, the Internet will end up under Chinese or U.N. control.”

“Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality” chronicles how America has arrived at the point of being a de facto police state, and what led to an out-of-control government that increasingly ignores the Constitution. Order today!

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