(ABC News) A Texas police officer comforted a young black girl after her father was pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

On Aug. 10 Michael Harris was stopped by Officer Mike Collins from the Frisco Police Department with his 7-year-old daughter Mikylie in the car.

“Once the officer got to my door he asked me for my license and registration and I told him that I had a conceal carry license and that I had a pistol on my right hip,” Harris told ABC News today. “After I told him that, my daughter came out of the back crying and freaking out.”

“The police officer gave her a little sticker, a little badge sticker,” Harris continued, which he said helped calm her down.

Collins let Mikylie play in the police car and turn on the lights and sirens, according to Harris.

“That made her feel a lot more comfortable with police officers,” he noted.

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