Kathy Shelton, with her mother. (Image courtesy Kathy Shelton)

Kathy Shelton, with her mother. (Image courtesy Kathy Shelton)

Raped at age 12, a woman now is lashing out at Hillary Clinton for defending her attacker, who got off with only a short jail term thanks to the young lawyer in Arkansas in 1975.

The victim, Kathy Shelton, now is saying she wants to speak out so that people know the truth about the Democratic candidate for president.

Shelton’s comments about the assault she endured at the hands of a 41-year-old attacker and the subsequent ordeal because of the attacker’s lawyer, Clinton, came in an exclusive interview with the London Daily Mail.

Shelton said she was agreeing to be identified “because she is furious that her rapist’s defense attorney – Hillary Clinton – has been portraying herself as a lifelong advocate of women and girls on the campaign trail,” the report said.

Shelton, now 54, was interviewed in Springdale, Arkansas, by Alana Goodman.

Hear Shelton in her own words:

“It’s put a lot of anger back in me,” Shelton told the Mail. “Every time I see [Clinton] on TV I just want to reach in there and grab her, but I can’t do that.”

It was Clinton, then Hillary Rodham, who in 1975 defended Thomas Alfred Taylor, a factory worker accused of first-degree rape for luring Shelton to his car.

Taylor eventually pleaded to “unlawful fondling of a minor” after, according to the report, “Clinton was able to block the admission of forensic evidence that linked her client to the crime.”

Shelton told the Mail Clinton lied when she accused the then-12-year-old of “seeking out older men” and demanding she undergo a grueling psychiatric examination to determine whether she was “mentally unstable.”

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“I don’t think [Clinton’s] for women or girls. I think she’s lying, I think she said anything she can to get in the campaign and win,” Shelton told the Mail. “If she was [an advocate for women and children], she wouldn’t have done that to me at 12 years old.”

The report said Shelton had not identified herself in previous interviews, but she wants to now since, “I think a lot of people would look at (Hillary Clinton) in a different way” once her story is known.

“I want to speak to the world. Out there at the White House, so everyone can hear me,” she told the newspaper. “That’s always been my thing since the anger’s built up. I want to speak out like [Clinton] does, and let the whole world hear it.”

Clinton later was interviewed by a writer who asked questions about the case, and the Free Beacon posted the interview online:

Clinton laughed at how she was able the get a famous blood expert to undermine the forensic evidence, the attacker’s underwear, after the crime lab mishandled it.

Addressing her comments to Clinton, Shelton said, “I heard you on tape laughing. I just want to know, you’ve got a daughter and a grandbaby. What happens if that daughter of yours, if that would have been her [who was assaulted at age 12]?”

During her campaign, Clinton has boasted of helping the Children’s Defense Fund.

Clinton has said she was doing her duty to represent her client, but Shelton jumped on her explanation.

“She didn’t mention that she was laughing and saying [Taylor] was guilty,” Shelton said. “I guess as a lawyer it is your responsibility to defend someone. But if she’s for women and children, why would she defend someone knowing that a 12-year-old got raped?”

A witness, the Mail said, told prosecutors he overheard Taylor “having had sexual relations with the victim,” and a medical examination confirmed the assault.

Taylor was charged with first-degree rape, and the audio recording on Hillary Clinton’s interview reveals she had her client “take a polygraph. Which he passed – which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,” she said.

Because of the issue over evidence, the rape charge was dropped to unlawful fondling.

Shelton told the Mail that she’s wanted nothing to do with men, and she is a lesbian. She lives in a rental in the same town where she was born, and likes to spend time at home with her two cousins and their children, who call her ‘Aunt Kathy’, and other friends in the area.

Even now, she said, “Sometimes I still break down and cry, since it’s been brought back up. I’m trying right now not to tear up, but it’s kind of hard sometimes.”

Her voice is just the latest to challenge Hillary Clinton’s treatment of alleged rape victims.

WND has reported Juanita Broaddrick, who claims she was raped by Bill Clinton, is demanding that NBC and anchor Andrea Mitchell apologize after publicly calling her claim “discredited,” even though it has held up since NBC itself aired an interview with Broaddrick nearly two decades ago.

NBC later removed the word “unsubstantiated” when it posted video of Mitchell’s statement online.

The network conceded the change in a letter to Broaddrick’s lawyer, who also is her son, but had made no public acknowledgement until word of the editing reached the media.

Then it posted a terse announcement that “upon review,” the network removed the word.

On the “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” program over the weekend, Broaddrick blasted the media’s kid-glove treatment of the Clintons.

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“I just think it’s a double standard. I don’t think that they want to bring out these bad things that Bill Clinton has done. And they are letting the victims of his crimes suffer because they don’t want to go up against him and his machine,” she said.

She took particular issue with NBC, which has yet to publicly issue an apology for the “discredited” comment, which came as Donald Trump publicly charged on Fox News’ “Hannity” that Bill Clinton committed “rape.”

On the same day, Broaddrick described for the first time – in a WND exclusive sit-down interview conducted in Broaddrick’s Arkansas home – how the alleged 1978 sexual assault had deeply and permanently scarred her life. And Broaddrick mentioned something else: Of all mainstream journalists, the one she had spoken to recently on the phone, seeking an update from Broaddrick on the rape incident and its aftermath, was NBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

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