Khizr Khan, the bereaved Muslim father who lost a son in Iraq back in 2004, tried to give Donald Trump a lesson in constitutional law during the Democratic National Convention.

He may fool his fellow Democrats with his lesson, but he’s wrong about the Constitution prohibiting immigration by religious test.

In fact, there’s always been a religious test associated with immigration.

Worse yet, under Barack Obama, it’s clear there’s actually an affirmative action program involved in immigration policy that gives preference to Muslims, provides money for resettling Muslims in the U.S. and does so at the expense of the most persecuted faith in the Middle East or around the world – Christianity.

But let’s start at the beginning:

  • The Constitution doesn’t guarantee any civil rights to non-Americans. That’s not the job of the Constitution. The Constitution protects only the inalienable rights of citizens. If it were any other way, America would have an obligation to throw open its doors to all oppressed people on the planet, thus flooding the country with billions who would come here if they had the opportunity.
  • Despite what you hear, see and read in the Big Media on a daily and hourly basis, Donald Trump is not suggesting a ban on Muslim immigration. From the very beginning, Trump said he was concerned about the way Obama has been actively importing Muslim refugees into the U.S. by the tens of thousands without any ability to know if they represent a threat to the safety and security of the American people. At most, Trump called for a moratorium on such immigration, not a ban. Doesn’t that make sense? Who in their right mind could argue with such a policy – besides Obama and Hillary Clinton, the latter proposing a 500 percent increase in Muslim “refugee” resettlement?
  • On the one hand, Obama and Hillary and the Democrats suggest their own country is Islamophobic and represents a clear and present danger to those of the Muslim faith. On the other hand, or perhaps because of this assessment of their own nation, they seek proactively to increase greatly the number of Muslim immigrants. That is what Trump seeks to correct. In fact, it’s not Trump who is trying to discriminate against Muslims, it’s Obama and Hillary actively – right now – discriminating against persecuted Christians to the benefit of the persecutors.

Enter Khizr Khan.

Is he an unassuming dupe? Someone yearning for the spotlight before a media all too willing to distort the truth? Or is intentionally trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people at the expense of Trump?

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I don’t pretend to know.

But he is not providing a public service to the American people – not at all.

Instead, knowingly or unknowingly, he is perpetrating a fraud.

No one believes all Muslims represent an inherent threat to the safety and security of the American people. That would be foolish.

But to ignore the global pattern of violence and terrorism perpetrated on a daily basis by radical Islamic terrorists and state agents – not to mention oppressive tyranny of the most repulsive kind by many nation-states that deprive women, religious minorities and others of all their human rights – is simply the worst kind of disingenuousness.

The Democrats and Big Media are eager to portray Donald Trump as a bigot, as insensitive, as intolerant.

What they are not eager to do is conduct a rational debate on what should be the overriding issue in this presidential campaign – American national security.

Sure, let’s talk about the Constitution, too. It has been abused enough for the last eight years – and even longer.

Sure, let’s talk about immigration laws, too. They’ve been systematically ignored and abused for the last eight years – and even longer.

That’s what Donald Trump is trying to fix – returning America to the rule of law and common sense.

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