Nearly 60 percent of Americans favor allowing late-term abortions for babies believed to be at strong risk for Zika-related conditions, and a leading pro-life activist is furious at the abortion lobby for advancing such an idea and urging expectant mothers not to go down that path.

The survey from Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health shows 59 percent of Americans “favor a woman being allowed to obtain a legal abortion” if her unborn child is like to have microcephaly or some other “severe” condition related to Zika.

That 59 percent is a huge jump from just 23 percent of Americans who favor allowing late-term abortions in healthy pregnancies. The jump is remarkable among both Democrats and Republicans. The poll shows 72 percent of Democrats favor late-term abortions for Zika-related pregnancies compared to just 34 in healthy patients. In addition, 48 percent of Republicans are on board with late-term abortions in Zika cases as opposed to 12 percent in normal circumstances.

Susan B. Anthony National Campaign Chair Jill Stanek is appalled.

“It’s horrifying that people of both parties do not respect the rights of children with disabilities,” Stanek told WND and Radio America.

“The real culprits here are the abortion lobby, who would rather kill babies than mosquitoes,” she said. “They are fomenting panic for their own personal benefit and gain, rather than promoting the best course of action, which would be to eliminate the mosquitoes carrying the virus and then, long-term, develop a vaccine.”

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She is mystified as to why so many Americans suddenly believe some patients are not worthy of quality health care.

“We find the abortion lobby promoting abortion for disabilities across the spectrum, but the pro-life community believes that adult victims, child victims and pre-born children who are victims of the Zika virus deserve the same standard of care,” Stanek said. “With what other illness do we end the lives of the afflicted, rather than try to heal them?”

Stanek argued that the unborn babies impacted by Zika not only have a right to life but could be very important in developing treatments or a cure for Zika.

“Killing the patient is not medical treatment,” she said. “Furthermore, how are we going to make advances in medicine if we destroy the patient before we find treatments and cures for them?”

Stanek is also livid with Senate Democrats for bogging down the effort to pass Zika response funding.

“Democrat senators are blocking approval of funding of their own bill,” she said. “They’ve blocked votes twice because they want Planned Parenthood to get funding in this, which is ridiculous.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Jill Stanek:

However, it’s not just Zika. Abortion rates also skyrocket for pregnancies involving Down Syndrome, cystic fibrosis and other conditions. While the estimates vary, anywhere from 67-85 percent of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. Some studies in recent years put the number as high as 90 percent.

Stanek said there is a disconnect in America between the opinion people have on the right to life in general and their attitudes when challenging circumstances arise.

“There’s a schizophrenic breakdown in thinking because you would never think to recommend that a child be killed who has Down Syndrome or cystic fibrosis or any number of maladies,” she said. “Why would you automatically jump to killing a pre-born baby who might suffer maladies?”

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This is not an abstract concept for Stanek, who was a delivery nurse for years before becoming a pro-life activist. In fact, one episode in her life actually triggered her activism.

“I held a baby who had been aborted because he had Down Syndrome. He survived his abortion for 45 minutes. He was a 21 weeks,” Stanek recalled. “I’ve also had a lot of dealings since then with mothers who aborted their pre-born babies, who had something wrong with their babies and also mothers who didn’t.

“I have never met a mother who regretted carrying her baby to term if her baby had challenges or only if her baby was going to live for only a couple of minutes,” she continued. “But I have met many mothers who have had to live a life of regret for knowing that they killed their baby rather than carry their baby to term and care for their baby as a mother should.”

Stanek has also seen the fulfillment and joy of welcoming such children into her own family. Two of her 10 grandsons are dealing with health challenges diagnosed in the womb, one with cystic fibrosis and another with cerebral palsy. She said life is infinitely richer with those boys around her.

“Taking care of people who have challenges brings out the best in us,” Stanek said. “Having those boys in my life has made me a better person, and they are both certainly happy to be here as well.”

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