Time for blacks to grow up

By Mychal Massie

Some years ago I wrote: “There is an Erebusic modality among blacks that is based on a rejection of the truth confronting them. Said being: they are their own worst enemy and they refuse to grasp that factuality.” (“The Sad Truth Many Blacks Reject,” Aug. 29, 2014.) This truth was on full display by blacks in Milwaukee, Wis., after a lifelong gangbanger thug, with a police record that rivaled any of the most notorious gangsters, was shot and killed by police after he pulled a fully loaded stolen gun on them.

They expressed their outrage by burning down their own neighborhood and then calling for the burning down of what they viewed as white neighborhoods. Thankfully for the police officer (who is black), police body-cams recorded the scene as it unfolded. (I’m sure Obama is hating police body-cams right about now, but I digress.)

Blacks would be going along their merry jaundiced way if Sylville Smith had been successful in killing the police officer and avoided being shot. There would be no national black outrage, and there would be no smoldering ashes caused by rioters.

The unpopular truth is that most blacks are not interested in achievement as such nor moral propriety. Most are motivated to make white people pay for some perceived injustice, past and/or present. Whites were not singularly responsible for the slave trade; Muslims played the greater role and continue to at this very time in history. Slavery was immoral but it wasn’t illegal, and America had the good sense and decency to abolish it. Jim Crow was a white Democrat construct of rabid segregation, but that hasn’t stopped blacks from supporting Democrats en masse for the over 50 years – but again, I digress.

Another unpopular truth is that most blacks are more interested in being crayon colors than they are in modernity. They complain and blame whites when the ramifications of their bad behavior and irresponsible decisions result in crisis. The media and fallacious studies refuse to acknowledge the truth of what I have just stated. They’d rather make excuses for said commonality and anti-societal behavior.

It is time to stop making excuses, and it is time to stop allowing blacks to define propriety. And it is long past time to stop blaming whites for some mythical privilege they alone enjoy. White people owe blacks nothing.

Many blacks go through life with a chip on their shoulder ready to blame any slight, real or perceived, as representative of racism. They go through life believing the white man is holding them back and white police are out to gun them down.

Which brings me to another unpopular truth. Not all blacks subscribe to bad behavior, but barely enough blacks to be measured publicly admonish the boorish behavior of the black masses.

A subscriber to my VideoRant YouTube Channel recently wrote:

Almost all blacks are guilty of remaining silent in the face of such shameless national black dysfunction and violent, racist militancy. Even the black people that I know seem to have the peculiar attitude of “total judgment reservation” in the face of violent black militancy … as they seem to default to a completely passive, non-judgmental point of view when they witness so much black social dysfunction right before their very own eyes. The silence within the black community is literally deafening.

A very brave white psychologist was once quoted as saying, “The black community routinely enjoys a compartmentalized lifestyle of stigma-free living.” Or in other words, blacks will never pass judgment on other blacks, no matter what they happen to do, because the end result usually reveals that the enemy of my enemy is in fact (by default) my friend. And just who is that “enemy” anyway?

Hatred for whites runs deep in the black community. And I do fear that it’s a cancer that’s already effectively been proven to be malignant to the patient that black America has unfortunately become. As a white man, I know for a fact that I’m hated by militant, racist blacks from the domestic terror organization known as the “Black Lives Matter” movement. But … am I also passively hated by my respectable black neighbor who seemingly harbors no outward ill will directed toward me at all?

Another unpopular truth is that blacks must decide if they want to be crayons, i.e., a color, or Americans. They must overcome the mentality of self-segregation. If there were two mosquito catchers and both were black they would form the national association of black mosquito catchers. That’s not modernity; it is the practice of self-limitation vis-a-vis self-segregation.

Some children are afraid there’s a bogeyman under their bed, but they grow up and realize there’s no such thing as boogeymen. It is time for blacks to grow up and stop using ignorance, bad behavior and anecdotal incidents as evidence of the lie that whites are out to get them.

It’s not popular to say, but it will not be until blacks get over being colors and view themselves as Americans, not hyphenations, that they will step into modernity. I believe it is going to be a difficult struggle to convince them of same, but I unequivocally believe it can be done.

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