My new book, “ANGRY WHITE MALE” is out today.

Ultra-liberal Democrats and the mainstream media (I know, I repeat myself) cannot understand why white voters, particularly white men, are so angry in this election. Well, I’m going to share with you the raw, politically incorrect truth. It’s an indictment of a president and a Democrat Party practicing reverse racism and overt discrimination – in plain sight for all to see.

First of all, blacks and people of color had it rough for many decades. We get it. We ALL fought hard to eliminate it.

No one can possibly deny the terrible things done to blacks – slavery, discrimination in jobs and housing, poll taxes, “Whites Only” signs in front of bathrooms, pools, water fountains and restaurant counters, etc. The list of wrongs and grievances is long and real.

But, that was then … this is now. And two wrongs don’t make a right. The sorry truth is that the pendulum has swung way too far back – to the point where virtually every action, law and utterance out of our nation’s first black president’s mouth is intended to denigrate or damage white middle-class America. Or haven’t you noticed?

Let’s examine specific Obama policies that are clearly aimed right at the heart of white middle-class America. You wonder why the middle class is angry, outraged, shocked and feels betrayed, denigrated and discriminated against? Here it is.

HIRING: How many Americans are aware the Obama administration sued major corporations to ban them from using criminal background checks on black job applicants? The EEOC had the racist audacity to argue that criminal background checks for whites are perfectly acceptable, but corporations should be banned from checking on the criminal records of blacks. Why? Because, they argued, black males are so likely to have a criminal record, they would never be hired. So business owners have no right to know the background of the person they’re hiring to handle money and deal with valued customers? According to Obama, drug dealers, pimps and rapists should wait on your female customers.

But won’t black middle-class customers become victims of these predators too? I guess Obama, Hillary and liberals see them as collateral damage.

HOUSING: How many Americans are aware the Obama administration just told landlords they have no right to reject a potential tenant based on a criminal record? Once again, Obama is saying with a straight face that if I own a nice home or apartment building, I am obligated by law to rent to known murderers, rapists, drug dealers, pimps, car-jackers and home-invasion robbers.

Ironically, many of the people living in these nice homes or buildings are law-abiding, tax-paying, middle-class black Americans looking for a better life. They don’t want to be forced to live among criminals either. That’s why they moved to a nice neighborhood in the first place. Collateral damage.

VOTING: How many Americans realize the Democratic governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, tried to give voting rights to 200,000 convicted felons – even repeat offenders, even multiple murderers, even criminals who have not repaid medical bills to their victims. Based on the governor’s own reasoning, this is aimed squarely at the predominantly black prison population.

But keep in mind many of the victims of thee predators are black Americans. They are dead, or badly injured and will never completely recover. But their attacker can vote, sit on a jury, or run for office. Collateral damage.

NEIGHBORHOODS: How many Americans realize that Obama’s HUD agency is forcing cities and towns across America to build high-density, low-income housing in middle-class and wealthy white neighborhoods? You’ve spent your life working 16-hour days so your kids can live in a safe neighborhood, only to see Obama force low-income housing on your block, drive your home prices to zero and infest your nice safe neighborhood with crime, muggings, robberies, drugs and prostitution.

But many of the residents of these neighborhoods are law-abiding, tax-paying black Americans who escaped from poverty and inner city crime. Obama wants to move the crime back to them. Collateral damage.

ECONOMY: Obama has passed the most dramatic tax increases and the most draconian regulations in history, as well as the most regulations in history. Who were they aimed at? Small-business owners. We know how he feels about business owners. Remember when he said, “YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT.” CNBC reports that 85 percent of small-business owners are white. That is the intended target.

But what about the black business owners who have been hurt by Obama’s massive taxes and regulations? Collateral damage.

IMMIGRATION: Obama has left the borders wide open, allowing hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of illegal foreigners to pour into America, all of whom expect cradle to grave entitlements. Don’t forget Obama also legally imported about 1 million Muslims during the past eight years. Over 90 percent of these new Muslim immigrants are on welfare (according to Obama’s own Labor Department statistics). As the country, medical and school systems are all overwhelmed and the debt skyrockets to unimaginable levels, who pays for it all? American taxpayers. And, who are they? The small-business owners and middle-class Americans who pay into the system and take almost nothing out, both groups predominantly white.

CURRENCY: This is the most absurd example of all. Do you know what a president does when his policies have so badly damaged the economy, ruined health care, killed all decent middle-class jobs, destroyed GDP, run up $9 trillion in new debt, resulting in black unemployment being double that of white and causing black violent crime to run wild in 100 percent Democrat-controlled, black inner cities?

Obama attempts to appease the masses of oblivious voters by changing the faces and images on the front and back of $20, $10 & $5 bills to celebrate “social justice and diversity.” It’s called BREAD AND CIRCUS. And it’s now clear that “We are Rome” in the days just before the fall.

Obama has no clue how to turn around the economy, or create jobs for black or white Americans, so he changes the faces on the currency to distract the masses. I’m sorry folks, but putting a heroic black woman like Harriet Tubman on the $20 (and she is an American hero) won’t create a single job, or raise the GDP above zero. Putting Martin Luther King on the back of the $5 bill won’t help a stagnant economy.

The reality is Obama and his socialist cabal have proven that an economy cannot be run based on diversity and social justice. Now they’re basing our currency on diversity and social justice. That won’t help either.

Keep in mind Obama’s Treasurer Jack Lew ordered the mint to make the changes on currency a “priority.” He also disclosed there was “great pressure” to showcase “diversity” on our money. Really? From whom? Who was it that thinks in the middle of an Obama Great Depression “the priority” isn’t creating jobs and improving GDP, but rather putting images of civil rights on our bills? Insanity, ignorance and reverse racism abounds.

Black Americans had a right to be mad 100, even 50 years ago. It was a logical reaction to racism and discrimination. Did anyone call them “racist” for being angry at the horrible way they were treated, especially by their own government? Of course not. The only true racists are people treating you badly, based solely on the color of your skin. The people pointing out the injustice aren’t “racists.” They’re the good guys. Black people were right … back then.

But today it is the middle class getting the short end of the shaft. We didn’t march for civil rights, fight for equality and stand up against racial inequality so that the pendulum could be reversed and swung against us – so our children could lose jobs, or admission to college because they’re white. How wrong. How absurd.

If it’s “racism” for government to allow discrimination against black people because of the color of their skin, then it’s just as racist for government to discriminate against white people for the color of their skin.

Liberals will try their best to paint me as a “racist” for writing this column, for telling the truth. But then, you know the definition of a racist, don’t you? Anyone wining an argument with a liberal.

Yes, for the reasons above this is “the Year of the Angry White Male.” But millions of middle-class Americans who are black and Hispanic and Asian are getting the short end of the stick too. They are collateral damage. They are angry too. Call them Angry Black Males … Angry Latino Males … Angry Asian Males … and Angry Females.

And that’s why I believe Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

Wayne Allyn Root is known as “the middle-class warrior” and “the capitalist evangelist.” Wayne’s latest book, “ANGRY WHITE MALE,” is out today!

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