Every year, more Christians become curious about the relevance of those “Jewish” holidays to their own spiritual lives.

After all, they were all observed with great enthusiasm by Jesus, His apostles, his disciples and nearly all first century and second century believers.

When did they stop being relevant to Christians and why? What happened long after Jesus’ death, Resurrection, the destruction of the Temple or even hundreds of years later that caused believers to abandon these biblical “Feasts of the Lord” in favor of new traditions? And since we read about them coming back in prophecies about the Coming Kingdom, why don’t we know more about them and observe them today?

If you’re not sure about the answers to these questions, Hebrew roots teacher-pastor Mark Biltz, the discoverer of the “Blood Moons” phenomenon, explores them in his new book and movie combination “God’s Day Timer.”

Nobody teaches about the feasts quite like Mark Biltz. In fact, it was through his deep studies of the feasts that he shocked the world with his “Blood Moons” discovery that demonstrated how lunar and solar eclipses coincided in patterns on these high holy days and mysteriously marked big moments in the history of the Jewish people over thousands of years.

Could it be they are much more than “Jewish holidays”? Could it be they are actually God’s eternal “appointed times” to meet with all of His people? Could it be they are actually much more important to His people – Jewish or Christian – than any of the traditional “holidays” man has created over the last 2,000 years? Could it be they are also signals that God is still at work in our world today and is using them as “dress rehearsals” pointing to His Second Coming?

With the 2016 fall feasts all coming in October, get Mark Biltz’s “God’s Day Timer” book and movie combination today to learn about the rich spiritual experience you’ve been missing and to prepare for a new level of relationship with the One True Eternal, Unchanging God of Israel – the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Check out all of Mark Biltz’s phenomenal teachings – from the “Blood Moons” to the error of Replacement Theology to why jots and tittles are so important – in the WND Superstore collection.

More great teachings from Biltz

While Biltz’s new book and movie package, “God’s Day Timer,” provides an introduction to understand God’s biblical calendar and its importance to believers – Jewish or Christian – today, his earlier work explores each of the feasts in depth.

Did you know the Bible clearly teaches that everyone in Jesus’ Coming Kingdom will be observing the solemn Feasts of the Lord? If that’s so, is it a fair question to ask why we’re not doing it today? Is it a fair question to ask why so many followers of Jesus are not showing more curiosity about them, learning about them and finding out whether God requires all of His people to observer them now?

Check out Mark Biltz’s “Feasts of the Lord” teaching series videos – a two-DVD package that explores each of the seven biblical holidays from Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits and Weeks (or Shavout or Pentecost) in the spring, to Trumpets, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles in the fall. You’ll learn how each of them point to Jesus – with the spring feasts revealing His first coming and the fall feasts His Second Coming.

You’ll also want to explore some of his other most powerful video teachings in a nine-DVD package called “Studies in Our Hebrew Roots.”

In this teaching series, he explores these topics:

  • “How Great Is Our God”
  • “Replacement Theology”
  • “Signs in the Heavens”
  • “King Solomon – a Type of Anti-Christ?”
  • “The Armor of God”
  • “Bees and the Coming World Famine”
  • “Hebrew Word Pictures”
  • “Jots & Tittles”
  • Spots, Wrinkles and Blemishes”

Plus, you’ll get as a bonus, a recording of his Passover seder celebration from 2009.

And if you haven’t yet caught up with Mark Biltz’s bestselling works on the “Blood Moons,” it’s never too late to learn about the mystery that shocked the world in 2014 and 2015. The book and the movie are available now at near-giveaway discounts.


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