More anti-cop violence … in City of Brotherly Love

By WND Staff


A man who had a grudge against his probation officer and police in general went on a shooting spree in West Philadelphia late Friday night resulting in two deaths, including the gunman’s, and the wounding of two police officers and three other civilians.

Police say Nicholas Glenn was carrying an envelope marked “doomed” and inside was a letter listing off his anger with his probation officer and police.

According to his family, the 25-year-old was a known West Philly drug dealer who disliked law enforcement. The family also told local media they tried to have him committed for a mental-health evaluation and claim police said for that to happen, he would have had to hurt himself or others.

Police say Glenn had a lengthy criminal history.

Court records show he was accused in 2009 of a vicious gang rape. Charges were later dropped, according to a court docket.

The chaos began just before 11:30 p.m. Friday when Glenn fired 18 shots at a sergeant inside her patrol car, striking her eight times in the arm and vest.

From there, Glenn fired 5 shots into a bar injuring 2 people. He then fired 14 shots into a nearby car, killing a 25-year-old woman and injuring another man.

Glenn shot one more officer during a shootout in an alley, before being killed by police.

“The War on Police: How the Ferguson effect is making America Unsafe” is a cop’s-eye view of one of the most tumultuous times in recent history for law enforcement.

Commissioner Richard Ross commended officers for their restraint during their pursuit and for not injuring any civilians. He said last night his officers were heroic.

Ross says police recovered 3 magazines, and a bag containing 13-15 live rounds from Glenn’s body.

They also found more ammo at a residence where he was staying.

The Friday shootout occurred on the same day players for the Philadelphia Eagles announced their intent to conduct a protest against ‘social injustice’ – including police brutality – during the national anthem at Monday night’s upcoming game.

In another incident Friday night in Fort Worth, Texas, two police officers were shot and injured. The suspect and another person were killed.

Police say that the incident began when officer Ray Azucena and probationary officer Xavier Serrano, who was in field training, arrived at a home in response to a suicide report and found one person shot dead inside the house, police say.

They were told a witness to the shooting may be in the shed in the backyard. When the officers approached the shed, they were fired upon. They returned fire, police said during a news conference.

Azucena was shot multiple times in the upper torso and extremities. He was in critical condition at John Peter Smith Hospital, but came out of surgery late Friday night and is expected to recover.

Serrano was struck once in his bullet-proof vest. He was alert and talking to officers after the shooting, police say, and was also taken to JPS.

SWAT team deployed gas canisters and later in the evening, police confirmed that the suspect was dead after a standoff with officers.

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