NEW YORK – Donald Trump’s visit last Sunday to Little Haiti before his campaign rally last Sunday in Miami, Florida, reflects a decision by the Trump campaign to target segments within the black community they believe to be receptive.

“Clinton was responsible for doing things a lot of the Haitian people are not happy with,” Trump stated during the neighborhood visit, referencing Haiti’s earthquake, Breitbart reported. “Taxpayer dollars intended for Haiti and the earthquake victims went to a lot of the Clinton cronies.”

Ezili Danto (

Ezili Danto (

Now, flamboyant and prolific Haitian human-rights lawyer, playwright and poet Ezili Dantó is using her considerable influence in the Haitian community both in the United States and in Haiti to endorse Donald Trump for president.

“Hillary Clinton preyed on Haiti,” Dantó, writing from her position as leader in both the Free Haiti Movement and the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, HLLN, noted on her blog Sept. 7.

Dantó was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and raised in Stamford, Connecticut, earning a BA from Boston College and a JD from the University of Connecticut School of law. She attended the Hartford Conservatory for Ballet, Jazz and Modern while studying Haitian dancing at home. She has toured internationally, including dance performances at the United Nations and Carnegie Hall.

Born Marguerite Laurent, she legally changed her name, deriving it from Ezili Dantor, the spirit in Haitian Voodoo for motherhood, commonly represented by the Black Madonna of Częstochowa.

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“The earthquake [that hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010] weakened the victims and she used her power to crush them some more,” she said. “Dressed as ‘savior’ at the Obama State Department, Hillary Clinton betrayed innocent Americans who desired to help with recovery. If we are scientifically and objectively balancing facts, then Donald Trump, arguably a bigot and perhaps a sexist, still clearly has less of a record of lies, looting, lawlessness and implementing systemic governmental/institutional racism than Hillary Clinton.”

She advanced the theme by arguing Clinton dares not mention Haiti without risking a damaging political backlash.

“Addressing Haiti is a debacle for [Bill and Hillary Clinton],” she continued. “It brings up the 2010, Michel Martelly presidential election that Hillary Clinton and, her longtime consigliore, Cheryl Mills, help to doctor. It brings up their association with the convicted fraudster Claudio Osorio, who never built any of the 10,000 housing units in Haiti that the U.S. government put in a $10 million grant for him to build, and which the Clinton team heavily facilitated.”

She continued: “It brings up the pay-to-play, money laundering scheme they call the ‘Clinton Foundation.’ The Clintons cannot justify why they prey on hurt quake victims and poor Haitians to put money in their Foundation – a slush fund where 85 percent of the money collected goes to salaries, travel, luxury hotels, dinners and overhead, all tax free.”

‘Obama gives Clintons license to plunder Haiti’

In an hour-long telephone interview with WND, Dantó explained her theory that with the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, President Obama found a way to make sure Clinton would not run for president until he was finished with the job.

“Obama gave Haiti to the Clintons to get the Clintons out of his way, as a strategy to make sure Obama would not have any serious White House challenge from Hillary during what Obama planned would be eight years, two terms as president,” she argued.

“So, the State Department was used as a way to send to the Clinton Foundation donors who wanted to contribute to the Haitian earthquake relief effort,” she continued. “If you called the State Department and you said you wanted to do some work in Haiti, the State Department would tell you to call the Clinton Foundation.”

From there, Dantó resumed criticizing the Clintons, launching into a diatribe against former Haitian president Michael Martelly.

“The people of Haiti have lost more under Bill Clinton, who likes to consider himself the ‘first black president,’ more than we have lost under any other American president,” she insisted. “The Clintons took the people of Haiti from the time of the apocalyptic earthquake in January 2010 when we were suffering a form of PTSD, post-trauma stress syndrome, and the Clintons came in to exploit Haiti and were just laughing about it.”

Her anger focused on Martelly who stepped down after five years in office amid persistent and continuing controversy on Feb. 7, leaving no successor.

“When the earthquake happened, 100,000 houses were destroyed, all the government buildings were destroyed, the palace was destroyed, while 316,000 people died in no more than seconds, and yet the Clintons put into power Martelly – a carnival king with no political experience who was the most sexist person that goes on stage wearing only a thong, no pants and swears grossly, spouting hate speech for women – and all the while Bill Clinton likes to brag that while he was president, he was a champion for women.”

After leaving the presidency, Martelly returned to the notoriety he enjoyed before entering politics as a well-known Haitian musician who recorded music and performed under the name “Sweet Micky.” Martelly, who admitted using crack cocaine in the 1980s, was also known for performing risqué dances wearing skimpy costumes that sometimes featured a bikini.

In a “Haiti Message to the Donald Trump Team,” Dantó summarized her feelings about the Clintons and Barack Obama:

The Clintons and Obama brought Haiti the former crack head and gross sexist, Michel Martelly, who ceded nearly 30 percent of Haiti lands and offshore islands to foreigners while deporting 30,000 Haitians back to an earthquake, cholera-ravaged Haiti, overrun by white people, riding out the world economic recession at Paul Farmer’s charitable industrial complex, living behind high gates and new luxurious compounds paid for from earthquake funds and other so-called “aid to Haiti.”

If the decrees of illegally elected president, Michel Martelly, starting from when the Clintons took over Haiti, and through his presidency from 2011 to 2016, are not reversed by the next Parliament, then Haitians have lost more lands under the Obama Administration than under any other previous US president in history. More than 30 percent of Haiti territory have been cordoned off and placed in the hands of foreigners, most of whom are big Clinton Foundation donors. This was done when Haitians were at their most vulnerable after the apocalyptic earthquake. The Clintons and their extraction company buddies, like Frank Guistra, VCS and Newmont Mining, might yet give Haiti another terrible earthquake.

In her interview with WND, Dantó explained the Clintons and their donor friends were drawn to Haiti because of the island’s extensive natural resources.

“We don’t need charity,” she said. “We have abundant natural resources, some $9 billion of cooper reserves, the most gold in the hemisphere – a resource worth an estimated $30 billion – plus Haiti has oil. Mr. Trump should acknowledge Haiti has all these natural resources, and he should replace the United Nations and the Clinton Foundation with capitalism that works, with the people of Haiti enjoying revenue from the natural resources the way the people of Alaska benefit from oil.”

In an article titled “The economic reasons for the U.S. occupation of Haiti behind the UN and NGO [Non-Governmental Organization] charitable fronts,” Dantó attacked the Obama-Clinton exploitation of Haiti’s natural resources.

“The Obama administration got rid of its most powerful Democratic rival with Haiti. Hillary and Bill Clinton ‘opened Haiti’ as their private asset to liquidate,” she wrote. “They used the resources of the World Bank, the State Department, USAID, the U.N., the Private Military Security Contractors (PMSC), the U.S. military, and the feds’ passport and visa issuance capabilities.”

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She charged: “They got kickbacks called ‘donations,’ from anyone who wished to buy, from them, a piece of Haiti’s lands, oil, iridium, uranium or gold. They also took in bribes disguised as ‘donations’ from big businesses, some from offshore Swiss Bank accounts, to assign U.N. guns subcontracted to Private Military Security Contractors to secure corporate interests in Haiti. The Clintons have used governmental power to conduct their private business and called it ‘helping’ poor Haitians.”

The evidence is abundant that Haiti is still a disaster seven years after the devastating earthquake.

United Nations brought cholera to Haiti

As noted in Chapter 7, “The Haiti Scam,” of the WND bestselling book “Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit,” on Oct. 21, 2010, the Haiti National Public Health Laboratory announced the first cholera outbreak in Haiti in at least a century.

One year later, on Oct. 25, 2011, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the cholera outbreak in Haiti had resulted in over 470,000 reported cases, with 6,631 deaths attributed to the disease.

The CDC described the Haiti cholera epidemic as “the worst cholera outbreak in recent history.”

The cholera outbreak was widely traced to the United Nations peacekeeping force failure to set up a sanitation system that prevented contamination of the water being used every day by Haitians housed in the country’s earthquake recovery camps.

“Haitians would be eternally gratefully Donald Trump would say there is no reason for the United Nations to be in Haiti and we are going to give the money to inner-city blacks that we are now giving to the U.N. to put troops in Haiti,” Dantó told WND.

“The United Nations troops have brought the worst cholera epidemic to Haiti in Haiti’s history,” she continued. “After all these years, the United Nations has finally admitted to being the cause of the cholera epidemic. Bill and Hillary Clinton have never used their influence at the United Nations to get reparations to the Haitians for the cholera epidemic.”

Again, Dantó urges Trump to speak out.

“Mr. Trump would gain support among Haitians in the United States if only he would say the United Nations has admitted to causing the cholera epidemic in Haiti and the United Nations should pay reparations to the Haitians for having caused the cholera epidemic,” she said.

She continued the theme in her “Haiti Message to the Donald Trump Team.”

“If Trump can stop a third Obama term, if Trump pledges to Haitian-Americans that when he becomes president, he will stop funding the rapist United Nations troops in Haiti, Haitians who are undecided would vote for this,” she stressed.

“Trump will get some more Haitian-American votes if he publicly calls to end the U.N. presence in Haiti and supports free and fair elections without the sort of Obama/Hillary Clinton/Cheryl Mills/Susan Rice strong-arm bullying tactics that disrespected the Haitian vote in 2010/11 and have continued to so in 2015 to the present.”

Dantó’s anger against the Clintons and Obama for allowing the United Nations to occupy Haiti since the earthquake is obvious.

“Trump should pledge his administration would veto and stop funding the U.N. presence in Haiti because they have brought rape, disease and devastation, not democracy,” she noted. “Trump could use that wasted U.S. millions, funding imperial occupation in Haiti, to help suffering black people in U.S. cities like Baltimore; Flint, Michigan; Chicago, New York; Washington, D.C.; to name just a few.”

She addressed the issue of reparations:

If Donald Trump pledges that when he is president, he will use U.S. power to convince the U.N. to pay restitution to the Haiti cholera victims and to pay to detoxify Haiti’s water, not using the same people who fouled it up, but Haitian companies, chosen by Haitians not related to the U.N., the Clinton Foundation or USAID’s regular subcontracting thieves, we would ask Haitians to vote for him.

She pledged Haitians could support Trump if he listens.

“If Donald Trump would help Free Haiti reverse the damage of Obama-Clinton and void all the Martelly decrees, especially the decree that allows for open-pit mining on an earthquake fault line in the north of Haiti, he would be helping to save Haiti lives and lands and we would ask Haitians to vote for him,” she said.

“If Donald Trump is the non-establishment politician who will hear us, work with Haitians, in an environmentally safe manner, using the resources of our lands to make the 10 million people in Haiti live well and comfortable in Haiti from the assets of their own nation, not fake charity, then we’re here to talk to him and tell him how we think he can beat Hillary Clinton and her promiscuous, politicians-for-sale, Clintonite team,” she concluded.

In October 2013, the New York Times reported the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, a Boston-based human rights group, had filed a class-action lawsuit against the United Nations in federal district court, charging the U.N. peacekeeping force from Nepal stationed in Haiti was responsible for introducing the disease through sewage contamination from its barracks.

In January 2015, U.S. District Court Judge Paul Oetken in Manhattan threw the case out, ruling the United Nations was immune from such lawsuit.

“The U.N. cannot deny that it is responsible for Haiti’s cholera, or that it has an obligation to its victims,” said Brian Concannon Jr., director of the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti and counsel for the plaintiffs.

“The U.N.’s only defense is that no one can make it respect the law. We are disappointed that the U.S. government and the Court accepted this position, but more disappointed that the U.N. would take it. It goes against everything the U.N. is supposed to stand for.”

“Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit” is available at the WND Superstore!

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