Analyst says snap polls do tell story

By Bob Unruh

GOP nominee Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)
GOP nominee Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Poll results are showing up daily these days as the 2016 presidential race winds down to its last few weeks.

WND reported Friday various scientific polls showed Hillary Clinton holding small leads over Donald Trump in four swing states, Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada.

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Trump was still building on his national lead over Clinton in the USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times daily tracking poll on Friday. Trump led with 47.3 percent support to Clinton’s 41.7 percent. The poll surveys 2,560 eligible voters.

A Rasmussen Reports’ survey of likely voters showed Clinton with 43 percent of the vote and Trump at 42 percent on Friday.

And Clinton leads Trump by 3 points nationwide, according to the latest RealClearPolitics average of samplings.

While spot polls are not scientific, author Brad O’Leary of the O’Leary Report believes they do tell a story.

He highlighted on Friday several results “that the national media ignores.”

“The national polls clearly say that Hillary Clinton was a major winner” of this week’s presidential debate. “Spot polls tell a different story. Spot polls and focus groups are a little harder to analyze, but they tell a clear story.

“We can only find two media-related focus groups. One took place in Pennsylvania sponsored by the Pittsburgh Gazette. Clearly, Hillary Clinton lost ground among the independents and Democrats who were watching. The second focus group was in North Carolina sponsored by the Charlotte Observer. Unlike Pennsylvania, it did not show Trump gaining ground, but it showed Hillary Clinton losing ground. Governor Johnson was the winner with a couple of Clinton donors saying they were now supporting him,” he said.

“Three polls that are indicative of Republican precincts are The Drudge Report, Washington Times and Breitbart. In The Drudge Report, readers chose Trump 81 percent to 18 percent for Clinton. In the Washington Times, the poll showed Trump won 71 percent to Clinton’s 22 percent, with 35,000 people responding. In Breitbart, with 168,000 people responding, Trump took 76 percent to Clinton’s 24 percent.

“Clearly, these three polls indicate that by election day, Trump is likely to have all the Republican votes he needs with the exception of philosophical whiners who can’t believe he’s not using their philosophy,” O’Leary explained.

He also noted: “There are spot polls that, before the debate, no political pro would have guessed Trump could carry. The first one was Slate, the ultra-liberal news magazine that never met a Republican it couldn’t hate. They showed Trump carrying the debate 54 percent to Clinton’s 45 percent. 42,000 Slate readers took the poll.

“In another Democratic precinct, CBS Manhattan TV, 41,000 people took a poll and declared Trump the winner with 59 percent in support to Clinton’s 41 percent. No Democratic consultant would have guessed that result. On Pix11, also in New York, Trump carried 55 percent to 42 percent for Hillary Clinton,” he said.

The spot polls from magazines indicate what independents might do, he said.

“Time magazine, which leans to the left, had 409,000 votes on their online poll. Fifty-eight percent voted for Trump and 42 percent for Clinton. Fortune Magazine had 434,000 people voting in their poll. 51 percent voted for Trump versus 49 percent for Clinton, indicating that the thinking of Republican billionaires has not infected the overall business community.”

His report also noted the newspaper and television results.

“In addition to Pittsburgh Gazette and the Charlotte Observer, Cincinnati television station nine had almost 4,000 voters. Sixty percent voted for Trump and 35 percent voted for Clinton. had 93,000 voters on their online poll, with 4,000 saying either neither or no one. With headline stories on the bridge closure, Trump carried the poll 53 to 42 percent. Channel two in Nashville, TN had 10,679 voters with Trump carrying it 63 percent to Hillary’s 36 percent.

“On Michigan Live, which is a television station, Trump carried 52 percent to Clinton’s 47 percent with 22,000 people responding. In a highly Democratic area, Trump carried over Clinton 81 percent to 19 percent at the Las Vegas Sun. In the Denver Post’s online poll, Trump also carried the poll 55 percent to 45 percent.”

There was one, at, that Clinton won, 66 to 34 percent, “but only 102 people voted,” O’Leary said.

See Brad O’Leary’s volume of work in the WND Superstore, including “America’s War on Christianity,” “Shut Up America!” and “Audacity of Deceit.”

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