President Obama with China President Xi Jinping (Official White House photo: Pete Souza)

President Obama with China President Xi Jinping (Official White House photo: Pete Souza)

There are signs the United States again could be plunged into international conflict, and this time it would not be with a Third World dictator like Saddam Hussein.

It could be with the world’s largest nation by population, China.

A recent report by the Congressional Research Service revealed looming threats against America from China and several other “revisionist” states.

“For the first time in several decades … the probability that the U.S. may find itself at war with another great power [is] ‘low but growing,'” said the report.

A report a short time later in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin showed China is one of only a handful of states worldwide still adding to its nuclear arsenal at a time when other powers are reducing theirs.

Now a documentary has been released presenting evidence China is preparing for world domination and has been snubbing the United States.

The documentary is called “China on Top: How China is Using America’s Playbook to Take Over the World.”

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It is available online at the Casey Research website at no cost, with only the submission of an email required.

It was commissioned by the research group as a stand-alone film to “tell the real story about what’s happening with China right now, and how precarious the American situation really is,” an insider told WND.

In another interview, Jonathan Roth of Roth Multimedia, told WND he believes a face-off with China could be the first hot-button subject on the next president’s desk.

Not the economy. Not ISIS. Not Islamic terror. Not the open border and an invasion by illegal aliens.

Roth is listed as the director of photography, producer, director, writer and editor on the project.

He’s’ an award-winning Canadian television producer, with a Gemini Award, the equivalent of an Emmy, for a report about the Rwandan genocide. In 2006, he was the first Western-based journalist to interview Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe after over four years of a self-imposed information blackout by the African strongman.

He’s also produced interviews with figures ranging from Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former Mexican President Vicente Fox to Iranian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi and Israeli Mossad chief Efraim Halevy.

He cited a recent “undoubtedly planned snub of President Obama” as an example of China’s assertion of global power.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote that airport officials in China did not have a staircase ready for Obama when he landed to attend the G20 meetings.

“He is forced to exit – as one China expert put it rather undiplomatically – through ‘the a–‘ of the plane.”

“This happened Saturday at Hangzhou airport. Yes, in China. If the Chinese didn’t invent diplomatic protocol, they surely are its most venerable and experienced practitioners. They’ve been at it for 4,000 years. They are the masters of every tributary gesture, every nuance of hierarchical ritual. In a land so exquisitely sensitive to protocol, rolling staircases don’t just disappear at arrival ceremonies,” he continued.

“Did President Xi Jinping directly order airport personnel and diplomatic functionaries to deny Barack Obama a proper welcome? Who knows? But the message, whether intentional or not, wasn’t very subtle. The authorities expressed no regret, no remorse and certainly no apology. On the contrary, they scolded the press for even reporting the snub.”

Krauthammer explained the nation’s “ostentatious rudeness” reflected the world’s “general disdain” for Obama, because of his “high-minded lectures about global norms and demands that others live up to their ‘international obligations.'”

Foreign leaders, he said, are “taking this administration down a notch knowing they pay no price.”

Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer noted Russian President Vladimir Putin kept the U.S. secretary of state waiting three hours for a meeting, Iran’s ayatollah was vowing “no change” even as Obama was boasting of his nuclear deal and more.

China, too, “illegally expands into the South China Sea, meeting only the most perfunctory pushback from the U.S. Obama told CNN that he warned Xi to desist or ‘there will be consequences.’ Is there a threat less credible?”

He continued: “Iran regularly harasses our vessels in the Persian Gulf. Russian fighters buzzed a U.S. destroyer in the Baltic Sea. And just Wednesday, a Russian fighter flew within 10 feet of an American military jet. The price they paid? Being admonished that such provocations are unsafe and unprofessional. An OSHA citation is more ominous,” Krauthammer said.

Roth said the goal of the new documentary is to highlight such behavior and to “awaken North Americans to the seismic changes happening right now in the global order.”

“I think the most important thing about it is that China is coming on in a way that not many Americans truly understand,” he told WND. “The policy elite are blind to what’s happening.”

“The Chinese see themselves as the next superpower,” he continued.

While conventional thinking in the West assumes China’s influence won’t surpass America’s for several decades, he thinks it will be much sooner.

The airport snub of Obama, he said, indicates a country “that is really confident in itself, and believes the U.S. is weaker.”

It’s the conflict in the South China Sea that likely will land on the next president’s desk with a crash, he said.

There, China is building islands up from the sea bottom, and the rest of the world is ignoring the long-term and strategic implications, he said.

In one segment, the documentary explains how a Chinese artist was honored by Hillary Clinton with a medal for blowing up a Christmas tree on the National Mall in Washington.

“The Chinese have to be laughing – are American politicians so stupid?” Roth said. “‘We’re blowing up a Christian symbol in front of the White House on the National Mall and you guys are giving us a medal for doing it.'”

He questioned how well it would go over for an American artist to go to Tienanmen Square and explode some symbol of Chinese heritage and tradition.

Michael Pillsbury, former U.S. assistant undersecretary of defense, said, “Why are we paying this money to blow up a Christmas tree a few weeks before Christmas?”

He described the Chinese artist as very nationalistic.

A clip about the event:

Michael Vlahos, formerly of the U.S. Naval War College, said China is just “going to push and push and push” in the South China Sea.

The U.S. doesn’t even have an effective presence, he said.

“Everyone else is going to abandon their relationship with us and make their best deal with the Chinese,” he said.

He likened China now to the powers in the run-up to World War I, who were belligerents and “ready to embrace the prospect of war.”

He’s seen that attitude both in Washington and Beijing, he said.

And Pillsbury pointed out the aggressive note Chinese President Xi Jinping has adopted.

He said the Chinese leader immediately addressed the “strong China dream” in speaking to his nation, which Pillsbury described as a “reference to never again worship Western ways.”

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