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Clintons are 'two very sick, untreated, addicted people'

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Over the years, Bill Clinton has had plenty of “other women” in addition to his wife.

However, one of those women, Dolly Kyle, knew the future president long before Hillary did. Therefore, she argues Hillary is actually the “other woman,” and why she titled her recent tell-all memoir “Hillary the Other Woman.”

“We need to get the word out that Hillary is an ‘other’ woman, and it’s a play on words because when I met her 15 years into knowing Billy, she was, if you will, ‘the other woman,'” Kyle told Alex Jones during an appearance on “The Alex Jones Show.”

“And then the flip side of that is, and why we have her facing away from the camera on the cover of the book, she is not the woman she would like you to think she is. She is an ‘other’ woman.”

Kyle said she did not want to write this book. She is, after all, a fiction writer. However, last December she saw a TV clip of Hillary saying women who claim they were raped or sexually assaulted deserve to be believed.

That really set Kyle off.

“This hypocritical liar is looking in the camera with as much sincerity as she can muster and trying to pretend that she’s supporting women when she has been attacking Billy’s friends, girlfriends, rapees, assault victims since 1974, that I know of,” Kyle fumed. “And it just made me sick, so the next day I sat down and started writing the book.”

Kyle met Bill Clinton on a golf course in Hot Springs, Arkansas,when she was 11 and he was almost 13. Their friendship lasted through high school and college, eventually developing into a decades-long affair that persisted even through marriages to other people.

Having spent so much time around the Clintons, Kyle acquired a good sense of who the Clintons really are.

“In a nutshell, these are two very sick, untreated, addicted people,” she charged. “Hillary is addicted to power and money, and then more money so she can get more power. Billy is clearly addicted to sex.”

A typical wife might leave her husband if he repeatedly cheated on her, but Kyle said Hillary has a much larger goal in mind than a happy marriage. The former first lady has not let Bill’s unfaithfulness distract her from her ultimate ambition.

“She didn’t really care what he did, as long as he didn’t get caught in a way that would jeopardize her political career,” Kyle told Jones.

“The bottom line is that these people will stop at nothing to get back into the White House.”

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Kyle said Hillary Clinton was determined as early as 1974 to ride Bill’s coattails as far as she could, so everything she has done since then has been geared toward winning the presidency. That included hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on women Bill had slept with or sexually assaulted in order to intimidate them into silence. It also included shredding the visitor logs at the governor’s mansion when the Clintons left so there was no record of Kyle or any of Bill’s other sexual partners entering the mansion.

Now that Hillary is close to reaching her destination, Kyle believes it’s important for voters to recognize the former secretary of state is showing signs of cognitive impairment. One sign is memory loss, which puts Hillary in an interesting bind, as Kyle noted.

“Is she losing her memory because of this cognitive impairment, or did she say under oath 250 times ‘I don’t remember’ because she was lying?” Kyle asked. “So we have a choice. She can flip a coin: she was either lying or she’s cognitively impaired.”

Kyle believes cognitive impairment is one reason Hillary has not held many press conferences – along with her notoriously short temper.

“She cannot have a press conference because she cannot answer questions,” Kyle charged. “She is a volcano about to erupt and, as I said in Chapter 50 [of ‘Hillary the Other Woman’], she’s cognitively impaired. She just can’t handle questions.”

Needless to say, Kyle does not recommend Americans vote for Hillary this November. But she also does not recommend they sit out the election, thinking Donald Trump is too flawed to be president. She warned Jones’ audience to remember what happened in 2012.

“These 25 million Christians who sat home in 2012 because they couldn’t vote for either of the candidates because they weren’t good enough, let me clue [them in]: I have read the Bible numerous times, including the book of Revelation,” Kyle insisted. “Jesus is not coming back to run for president of the United States, and, therefore, people, we are always going to have flawed candidates, but I think it is morally and theologically imperative to vote for the candidate – the flawed candidate – who will do the most for the benefit of the country.”