Former Haitian lawmaker denounces Clinton Foundation graft

By WND Staff

Bernard Sansaricq, former Senate president of Haiti
Bernard Sansaricq, former Senate president of Haiti

Saying “the world trusted the Clintons to help the Haitian people during their most desperate time of need and they were deceived,” the former president of Haiti’s Senate is accusing Bill and Hillary Clinton and their foundation of exploitation, corruption and graft.

WND reported this week that an increasing number of Haitian expatriates living in the U.S. are backing Donald Trump for president because of their anger against the Clintons over their actions following the island nation’s 2010 earthquake.

WND reported this week Haitian human-rights lawyer, playwright and poet Marguerite Laurent, who goes by the nom-de-plume Ezili Dantó – a pseudonym taken after Ezili Dantor, the spirit in Haitian Voodoo for motherhood, commonly represented by the Black Madonna of Czestochowa – is using her considerable influence in the Haitian community both in the United States and in Haiti to endorse Donald Trump for president.

“Hillary Clinton preyed on Haiti,” Dantó, writing from her position as leader in both the Free Haiti Movement and the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network, HLLN, noted on her blog Sept. 7.

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“The earthquake [that hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010] weakened the victims and she used her power to crush them some more,” she said. “Dressed as ‘savior’ at the Obama State Department, Hillary Clinton betrayed innocent Americans who desired to help with recovery. If we are scientifically and objectively balancing facts, then Donald Trump, arguably a bigot and perhaps a sexist, still clearly has less of a record of lies, looting, lawlessness and implementing systemic governmental/institutional racism than Hillary Clinton.”

Now she is being joined by Bernard Sansaricq, former Senate president of Haiti.

“Sadly, when an earthquake rocked the nation of Haiti in 2010, corruption moved in faster than the help so desperately needed,” said Sansaricq in a statement released Wednesday.

“Today, the people of Haiti are still suffering despite the billions of dollars that have flowed into the Clinton Foundation. The Clintons exploited this terrible disaster to steal billions of dollars from the sick and starving people of Haiti. The world trusted the Clintons to help the Haitian people during their most desperate time of need and they were deceived. The Clintons and their friends are richer today while millions still live in tents. The world deserves to know where the money went and why help was never sent.”

At a pro-Trump rally in Little Haiti, Miami, Friday night – ahead of the GOP candidate’s visit to the city – Sansaricq revealed that in 1994, President Bill Clinton tried to bribe him.

During that year, the Clinton administration attempted to oust Haiti’s military regime by threat of invasion. According to Sansaricq, Clinton sent former Rep. Bill Richardson (D-New Mexico) to meet with him and to “appease” him over the threatened military action. For four hours Sansaricq attempted to dissuade the Americans, asking Richardson to take the message back to Clinton. A week later, he said, he was visited by an anonymous messenger from the U.S. Embassy who told him if he “sided” with Clinton and supported the invasion, he would become “the richest man in Haiti.”

Sansaricq declined, he said, because he “loves his country,” and a week later Clinton revoked his visa by executive order.

Sansaricq is looking to Trump for justice for Haiti – perhaps in next week’s candidate debate.

“Not even 2% of that money went back to Haiti. So Mr. Trump, we are asking you, begging you, the Haitian community will side with you if one day, you ask Hillary Clinton publicly to disclose the audit of all of the money they have stolen from Haiti in 2010 after the earthquake. Haiti is a very poor country. Haiti needs defenders. You said you would champion our cause. We welcome you sir and we will work with you. Ask Hillary Clinton publicly, during your next debate for an audit of all of the money they have stolen from Haiti.”

If Trump brings up the subject, it is one she will desperately want to avoid, noted Dantó, who says Clinton dares not mention Haiti without risking a damaging political backlash.

“Addressing Haiti is a debacle for [Bill and Hillary Clinton],” she charged. “It brings up the 2010, Michel Martelly presidential election that Hillary Clinton and, her longtime consigliore, Cheryl Mills, help to doctor. It brings up their association with the convicted fraudster Claudio Osorio, who never built any of the 10,000 housing units in Haiti that the U.S. government put in a $10 million grant for him to build, and which the Clinton team heavily facilitated.”

She continued: “It brings up the pay-to-play, money laundering scheme they call the ‘Clinton Foundation.’ The Clintons cannot justify why they prey on hurt quake victims and poor Haitians to put money in their Foundation – a slush fund where 85 percent of the money collected goes to salaries, travel, luxury hotels, dinners and overhead, all tax free.”

Dantó has charged that Bill Clinton, as head of the Haitian relief fund, was responsible for some $6 billion of international relief aid received.

“Less than one percent of this amount made it to the Haitian government. Bill Clinton had total control of the balance,” Dantó claimed.

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