Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails apparently aren’t the only ones that will deliver trauma to the 2016 presidential election, as a trove of hacked emails from former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who worked with a Republican president and since that has expressed support for Hillary Clinton, have become public.

And one of his previously secret slams is against Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, whom he accuses of “still d—ing bimbos.”

Powell’s opinions also include that GOP candidate Donald Trump is a disgrace and as for Hillary’s campaign, he doubts her qualifications.

“I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect,” Powell wrote. “A 70-year-old person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still d—ing bimbos at home (according to the NYP).”

The email apparently was posted by CBS News’ Will Rahn and was from Powell to Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds.

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There have been multiple reports on the emails, which are on a password-protected DCLeaks.com site. Bloomberg claims, “Security experts now say that site, DCLeaks.com, with its spiffy capitol-dome logo, shows the marks of the same Russian intelligence outfit that targeted the Democratic political organizations.”

The Hill said a spokeswoman for Powell, Peggy Cifrino, affirmed “the general has been hacked and these are his emails.”

Powell also express concern as far back as a year and a half ago about Hillary Clinton’s health.

“On HD tv she doesn’t look good,” wrote Powell. “She is working herself to death … She will turn 70 her first year in office.”

That exchange apparently was with a major Democratic donor, Leeds.

Leeds, in response to the March 2015 message, recalled, according to Infowars, a discussion with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat in Rhode Island, about Clinton’s physical difficulties.

“Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps,” wrote Leeds.

The concern provides background to the major developments over just the last week regarding Hillary Clinton’s health, her collapse on Sunday, and concerns from a multitude of doctors that her health is deteriorating significantly.

At Politico, more emails were detailed, including scathing indictments of many.

Powell blasts Trump for “stupid” efforts to reach minorities, Clinton and her aides for linking him to her massive private, unsecured email server scandal and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld for trying to bring blame to Powell for Iraq.

Some of the exchanges were with Powell’s successor at State, Condoleezza Rice.

“If Donald were to somehow win,” Powell wrote to Rice, “by the end of the first week in office he’d be saying ‘What the hell did I get myself into?'”

She had said, “I think his attention span may be waning because national campaigning is a lot harder than just showing up at rallies.”

Regarding Clinton’s explanations that he told her how to use private email while secretary of state, he unleashed, saying her campaign “email ploy this week didn’t work and she once again looks shifty if not a liar.”

At the Intercept was reported an email from Powell on Hillary’s email scandal, “Sad thing. HRC could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me to it.”

The complaints about Hillary also got personal, with him telling one correspondent. “I told you about the gig I lost at a University because she so overcharged them they came under heat and couldn’t any [sic] fees for awhile. I should send her a bill.”

The Washington Post highlighted the “juiciest” emails.

“He calls Trump ‘a national disgrace and an international pariah’ who led a ‘racist’ birther movement. And he says that he resented Clinton’s dragging him into her email problems and that ‘everything [she] touches she kind of screws up with hubris,'” the report said.

On Trump, Powell wrote, “There is nothing he can say that will sway black voters so he might as well say it to white folks. He is at 1% black voters and will drop. He takes us for idiots. He can never overcome what he tried to do to Obama with his search for the birth certificate hoping to force Obama out of the presidency. Or, demanding his school transcripts to see how he got into Harvard – (eg. Affirmative action).”

He told his political cronies it is “time to start ignoring him [Trump.] You guys are playing his game, you are his oxygen.”

He described Hillary Clinton’s email situation as “unbelievable.”

“I have told Hilleary’s (sic) minions repeatedly that they are making a mistake trying to drag me in, yet they still try.. The media isn’t fooled and she is getting crucified. The differences are profound and they know it … I had two IG sessions and one FBI session. She and her staff refused to cooerpate. I wrote a chapter about it in my book and I am proud of what we did. .She had a State Dept guy taking care of the system and she was also paying him!!! And he was an old campaign worker. Unbelievable.”

Color Me Deplorable! Check out WND’s awesome new bumper sticker that’s sure to have everyone talking


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