‘Harbinger Man’ warns post-Christian West will get very bad

By WND Staff

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He riveted believers around the country and the world with “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of The Shemitah.”

But messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s newest book, already a bestseller on Amazon.com, is on an entirely different scale. It’s nothing less than “hundreds of Harbingers” and spiritual secrets being revealed for the very first time in history.

Rabbi Cahn described his newest work, “The Book of Mysteries” in a recent interview with George Noory on the popular radio program “Coast to Coast.” He described the spectacular variety of the hidden biblical truths he has uncovered in his latest sensation.

“If The Harbinger is revealing a mystery and The Shemitah is revealing a mystery, ‘The Book of Mysteries’ is uncovering hundreds of mysteries,” he enthused. “Imagine, in a sense, if you were opening up this ancient chest with what I believe are some of the greatest mysteries of the ages. Mysteries of the End Times, mysteries of heaven, mysteries hidden in the writings of the rabbis, mysteries of your life even. This is a gigantic thing. And there are hundreds.”

Readers agree, with the book racking up impressive sales and overwhelmingly positive reviews at Amazon, with “The Book of Mysteries” boasting an average 4.7 out of 5 star review. As one reader put it: “It is a POWERFUL book… I cannot recommend this book enough. It is an easy book to read, but each lesson shows amazing insight and depth. The ideas are presented in new ways that are beautifully written and will change your life.”

Cahn gave a sneak peek on some of the topics covered when speaking with Noory.

“The seven mysteries of your life,” he said, giving one example. “The mystery of the secret angels. How to alter your past. The mystery of the Leper King. The Maccabean blueprint. Entering the heavenly dimension. It’s on everything.”

Noory expressed a great deal of interest in the concept of “altering your past.” Cahn explained the idea is a way of showing the timelessness of the Bible and the way God is beyond our conceptions of time and space.

“This is not something you would get in English,” Cahn said, describing how he discovered it. “But in the Bible, in Hebrew, there’s no real past, present and future. Hebrew is actually timeless. They use certain words to stand for it but it’s timeless.

“You have the perfect tense and the imperfect tense. Perfect means it’s finished, imperfect means it’s not finished. You actually have things in the Bible which talk about the future as if it was the past. It’s things that are already sealed before they happen. At the same time, you can talk about the past as if it could be changed. The Bible speaks of changing one’s past, you can actually change your past, God can do that, and that changes your life. There’s a way to live in timelessness. One of the mysteries is called ‘Living From The Future.’ We are to live from what we are to become…You’re not supposed to wait for victory, you’re to live from victory.”

Each section of “The Book of Mysteries” ends with a “mission” issued to the reader which tells him or her how to implement what he has just learned. Some of them, explained Cahn, are revolutionary.

“There’s a way to live from heaven now,” said Cahn, describing one of the mysteries. “There’s a way to do that now, but it goes against every natural way of thinking. But that’s actually the real Bible. It’s timelessness… it’s beyond time.”

Take the first step on a journey which will transform your life. The keys to spiritual knowledge are presented as you embark on an incredible yearlong quest in “The Book of Mysteries,” the latest can’t miss book by messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Available now at the WND Superstore.

The proof of this contention, the messianic rabbi claimed, lies in prophecy.

“When I was an atheist, what really got me was reading the ancient prophecies about what was going to happen during the end times and seeing they were all happening,” Cahn said. “How does a sheepherder from the sixth century B.C. talk about what’s happening now? Talking about Israel coming back into the world, talking about the end times. How do they do that? The prophet didn’t know it, but God does. God is beyond time, beyond space. But there are ways to actually live in that realm.”

Cahn also described what he believes is one of the great mysteries about the end times and the fate of post-Christian Western Civilization.

“The Bible says before the end times [there will] be a great falling away from faith,” he explained. “The word behind it though is apostasia, from which we get the word apostasy. Apostasy means falling away from the faith. But there’s a secret meaning which is never spoken about, which is so revealing. Apostasy doesn’t just mean a falling away from the faith but a falling away from the state of being.

“It says in the end times there will be a falling away from the faith. Well, we’re watching that, you can see it all around. But at the same time as a civilization is falling away from faith, as it’s falling away from God, it will fall away from the state of being or the state of creation. This means in the end times not only will there be a fall, an apostasy, there will also be man falling away from the state of manhood. Woman will fall away from the state of womanhood. Marriage will fall away from the state of marriage. Family will fall away from the state of family. Human beings will fall away from the state of humanity. We are watching that happen all around us. Just as sure as apostasy that’s what we’re watching and that’s the reason, it’s right there in the Bible.”

Cahn also had an ominous prediction about how the fallen West will produce figures more evil than even the worst Roman emperors who reigned during the worst days of paganism.

“Western Civilization was once totally pagan and then in a sense it got cleaned up,” Cahn said. “But what [one of these mysteries is] saying is, if it turns back away from God and turns to evil and immorality, it’s going to be seven times worse than it does before. And how that translates is, before you had the Gospel you had Nero, you had Caligula. But when you have a post-Christian civilization, it’s much more dangerous than a pre-Christian one. But that’s when you produce Hitlers, you produce Stalins, you produce ultimately the Antichrist. That’s end-time prophecy. We are witnessing that as well.”
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Though “The Book of Mysteries” touches on these grand civilizational and prophetic themes, it’s also an eminently practical, even intimate book. As the leader of his own messianic congregation, Rabbi Cahn said “The Book of Mysteries” holds the promise of an incredible quest of personal and spiritual growth for each reader, if they are willing to immerse themselves in the narrative.

“At the end of each mystery, The Teacher gives the disciple a mission about how to apply it to your life and it can actually transform your life,” said Cahn, describing the story. “I don’t say things lightly like this. I believe this truly can transform lives if you go on this journey. And there other thing is there are mysteries in here that have never been revealed as far as we know, never before. It’s almost like hundreds of Harbingers, if you can imagine that.”

Noory asked Cahn how he was able to discover these secrets. However, as Cahn pointed out, he didn’t come up with anything. The mysteries, the rabbi maintained, were created by God. And Cahn said once readers start on this journey, it never really ends.

“God is bigger than anything we can imagine,” he said.

Take the first step on a journey which will transform your life. The keys to spiritual knowledge are presented as you embark on an incredible yearlong quest in “The Book of Mysteries,” the latest can’t miss book by messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn. Available now at the WND Superstore.

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