The waiting list for those trying to enter the U.S. legally now stands at 4.4 million, 100,000 more than last year; some have been on the list for more than 15 years. The State Department does not count immigrants already in the U.S. with green-card applications pending. Include those, and the total number of people waiting could be as high as 5.5 million.

Even though the spouses and children of U.S citizens are supposed to get priority, their wait times have jumped from as little as two months to up to 18 months, as the administration deals with the surge of illegal immigrants given lawful status by President Obama. Conversely, official U.S. government estimates say 11 million immigrants are living in the country illegally. According to the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, approximately 700,000 new illegals enter each year (conservative estimate).

Let’s see, while all this is happening, professional football players are refusing to stand for the national anthem, others are protesting “white racism” by demanding “black privilege” (like separate meeting and dorm rooms in universities) and one former U.S. president says Trump’s “Make America Great Again!” campaign theme is simply a call to return to the racist days of yesteryear. Oh, what would we do today without that grand propaganda tool called “racism”?

Since the overwhelming majority of young Americans have never seen or experienced true racism, the media can throw anything out and call it “racism,” and they all fall in lockstep with the rhetoric as it becomes fact in their minds. Makes no mistake about it: Ignorance of history, and a frightening departure from life’s realities, poses serious threats to our way of life.

Let me clarify something. I am not doing a column on race relations (although the national media has brought much of what is seen today down to that level), but I am talking about a concept that grew out of my experiences as a military veteran (time that was mostly spent overseas, including three tours in the Middle East).

It is my considered opinion that a significant part of the problem in our national mindset today is rooted in the fact that, with the possible exception of cruise ships or tourist visits, an overwhelming number of Americans know very little about the “real” world. Consequently, they lack the ability to make unbiased value judgments. They simply react to broadcasts on local and national news outlets, taking at face value everything they see and hear there. They have no tools to weigh the information they receive, such as knowledge of American history, American achievement, the hope that America is to the world or even what it means to their own personal life to have been blessed by being born here.

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The tragic truth is, many Americans are simply brainwashed by the media and cannot seem to grasp how egregiously unaware and uninformed they really are. Most college students are the products of a liberal, leftist “education” (using the term loosely) via indoctrination by the ’60s hippies who went into education and the media while conservatives went to Wall Street and business. As a result, most of what is seen and accepted as “truth” is nothing more than propaganda designed to produce an anti-American mindset.

I hear people constantly criticizing America today, disparaging our form of government and blaming America for the world’s problems. The mainstream media and liberal politicians are continually denigrating our American way of life and railing against big business (the ones who create jobs and salaries). They are contemptuous of our political system (the best ever created for a free people), corrupting our educational process and relentlessly accusing their fellow Americans of one “phobia” after the other. It makes your head spin to witness the disloyalty of so many of our citizenry toward one another and toward this great nation.

To all those who have decided that the American way of life is unacceptable and detestable, and presents such a distasteful challenge to their compassionate sensibilities; for those who are making millions of dollars for a few minutes of sports, or movie, entertainment (while disrespecting the same country that has so blessed them); for those who just cannot endure living in, or loving, such a “racist” phobic country as ours – well, I could be wrong, but as I understand it, you are free to leave America anytime. There are millions more in line, ready to take your place.

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