Fifteen years ago after 9/11, Americans collectively chanted, “We will never forget.”

Fifteen years later, the White House’s mantra through its actions is: “We will do our best to forget.”

After 9/11 and before Obama’s first term in office, the U.S. was steeped in a Middle East war, but there were relatively few terrorist attacks against our citizens outside the war zones and even fewer here at home, especially compared to today. Our troops were courageously fighting a war abroad and largely attracting our enemies to it.

Over the past eight years, however, because of the present administration’s actions and inactions, the world has become much more unstable and volatile, and U.S. citizens and interests have become far more endangered, even in our own backyards.

Consider the evidence:

  • Terrorism has been tempered and transformed ever since 2009 when President Obama took office and turned the global war on terror into an “Overseas Contingency Operation” and coddled the global Muslim community from Cairo by confessing, “Part of my responsibility as president of the United States is to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear” and create a “partnership between America and Islam.”
  • Proof of that came at the end of 2010, when an Atlanta television news station, WSB-TV, reported that “the State Department is sending hundreds of millions of dollars to save mosques overseas.” The anchor noted that the State Department’s Agency for International Development granted enormous funds for mosques in Cairo, Cyprus, Tajikistan and Mali. At the same time, the administration was crippling Christianity in many spheres on the home front, earning Obama the title, “America’s most biblically hostile president.”
  • Despite arguments to the contrary, Obama enabled and empowered, if not helped create, ISIS by improperly withdrawing our troops from Iraq, according to former CIA Director and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. Panetta personally warned Obama during his tenure that completely vacating Iraq would create a greater vacuum for the growth of terrorists like ISIS.

Panetta explained, “I think when we stepped out of Iraq, in many ways, we created this vacuum in which not a lot of attention was paid to what was happening in Iraq or what was happening in Syria with the extremists who were developing a base of operations. That combination, plus obviously not getting all of the intelligence that we should’ve had on it, I think is what produced the ISIS that we’re confronting today.”

  • Any way you boil it down, the White House’s new diplomatic and military campaign and strategy have increased the instability and chaos in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, etc., leaving our best and greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel, in a more tenuous position and in greater harm’s way.

The New York Times reported on ISIS attacks around the world, saying, “ISIS activity across the Middle East and North Africa has also surged. The group declared official provinces – or wilayat – in areas of Afghanistan, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen that had networks loyal to ISIS, many of which have adopted the organization’s signature brutality.

  • Outside of Syria and Iraq, since September 2014, ISIS has directed or inspired more than 85 attacks around the world, including over a dozen in the U.S. states of Florida, California, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts and Mississippi.
  • It’s staggering to think Obama called ISIS a “JV team” in January 2015, and then a year later woke up to the fact that it’s actually on par with Nazi Germany committing genocide. Even when ISIS was known to be “committing genocide” against religious minorities (Christians, Kurdish Yezidis and Shiite Muslims) in the Middle East, the present administration dodged and soft-peddled the issue until finally admitting it under intense political and public pressure from humanitarian agencies and Congress.
  • We’ve gone from hunting terrorists and those who harbor them to funding and paying ransoms to Islamic states like Iran, which fund terrorist activity and jihads. What possible justification could be made for the White House gifting Iran $6  billion in cash and gold? Do you know what good that money could have done in our own country?
  • Rather than capture and imprison terrorist suspects, Washington is letting most go and even returning some to U.S. prisons. There were 240 jihadists in Guantanamo when Obama took office. Thanks to Obama’s care for them, there are now only 112 Islamic extremists left there, and he shortly plans to close down the Cuban facility by executive action and relocate the remaining jihadists to U.S. prisons.
  • Consider that the present administration is also on track to gift one million green cards to migrants from Muslim-majority countries. And among those million, how many are or could be radicalized in the future, like the vicious murderers of 9/11? And what are we to make when Jihad Watch recently reported that: “51% of U.S. Muslims want Shariah and 60% of young Muslims are more loyal to Islam than to the U.S”? Moreover, remember, the latest data from the Pew Research Center: “Even before 2040, Muslims are projected to become the second-largest religious group in the U.S., after Christians.”
  • Unbeknown to most Americans, who were enjoying the start of their summer in June of this year, it was reported that the FBI failed to tell hundreds of Americans that they were on an ISIS kill list after discovering 15,000 U.S. citizens were potential targets.
  • To add insult to injury, the Washington Times reported back in April of 2009 that former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano stood by a DHS intelligence assessment report “which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the U.S.” And in the same month, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI was running a probe targeting returning veterans as extremists and a major domestic threat.
  • And, as if the above isn’t bad enough, the present administration has dismantled and cut our military to a size that Mark Moyer, distinguished historian with over a decade in the Department of Defense and author of “Strategic Failure: How President Obama’s Drone Warfare, Defense Cuts, and Military Amateurism Have Imperiled America,” concluded that the U.S. has not only empowered Russia, China, the Islamic State and Iran but also simultaneously left the U.S. in a much weaker and vulnerable position.
  • Lastly, consider how many times North Korea’s defiance has flexed its military muscle in the face of Obama over the past eight years, leading to its alleged pinnacle of testing another nuclear warhead on Friday, which caused a 5.3 magnitude earthquake.

Is the U.S. really safer or better off than it was eight years ago? Do the above actions and consequences really reflect a nation that “will never forget” 9/11?

It’s official: The feds have lost their minds and memories, and this time at the cost of forgetting the heart and lessons of 9/11. They are suffering from a self-inflicted terrorist amnesia. They have returned to a pre-9/11 stick-their-heads-in-the-sand mentality. Even worse, the federal government has officially become an acute enabler of terrorism.

The federal government and the citizens of our country need to take to heart the wisdom of George Santayana: “Those who don’t remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

One thing is certain: We need a new president who will reverse course on all the above actions, including restoring and strengthening our position and military in the world.

Despite what Washington thinks or does on this 15th anniversary, we the people will never forget those who perished and the lessons learned on Sept. 11, 2001.

God bless and help all the victims and patriots of 9/11, from the families of Flight 93 passengers to those who were in the Pentagon and Twin Towers as well as others who have fought and presently fight the war on terror.

Most of all, may the real memory of 9/11 live on in our hearts and minds so that even our posterity will say with patriotic pride, “We will never forget.”

Chuck Norris provides real solutions to our county’s problems and a way to reawaken the American dream in his best-seller, “Black Belt Patriotism.”

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