On the same day Politico reported George Soros has been pumping money into several local district attorney campaigns around the country, Breitbart News reported on Soros’ plan to build a national movement to exert more federal control over local police forces.

One cannot view these stories as unrelated, according to Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review.

After all, this is happening at the same time President Obama commuted the sentences of another 111 mostly drug felons, raising his total to 673 inmates freed under his executive power.

It also comes at a time when the federal courts have declared thousands of violent criminals eligible to reopen their cases in front of today’s lower-court judges, many of whom are Obama-appointed liberals.

“All those events do not occur in a vacuum and they’re not coincidental,” Horowitz told WND. “Clearly this is an effort that’s being orchestrated at the top, at the leadership level, at the donor level.”

Horowitz said the two news items about Soros “demonstrate that jailbreak and reducing the prison size at all costs, letting out violent criminals, is the No. 1 issue for George Soros. It’s as if the open borders issue, the immigration/amnesty issue has been overtaken by the domestic jailbreak issue.”

Soros’ Open Society Foundation, according to a leaked document, seeks to build a “national movement” to reform local police forces across the United States. By “reform” they mean implement federal guidelines for local police forces.

The leaked memo revealed Soros-financed groups and personalities influenced Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which had previously released 60 recommendations on how localities should change their policing practices.

Furthermore, the Open Society Foundation’s U.S. Programs sought to determine how best to “use this moment” – meaning the rash of high-profile police shootings of black men – to create a national movement toward police reform. The organization mentioned reducing incarceration rates was a primary goal of police reform.

While Soros is striving towards more federal control of the police, he is also spending money to help elect sympathetic district attorneys. Politico reported Soros funneled more than $3 million into seven local district attorney races in six states over the past year.

The goal was to elect African-American and Hispanic candidates who share Soros’ goals of reducing racial disparities in sentencing and, once again, reducing the prison population by sending some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of a trial.

If these efforts to release even more prisoners succeed, it will be too easy for the Democrats to reach their endgame, according to Horowitz.

“Downstream in the states you’re going to have a lot of governors pushing for the restoration of voting rights,” Horowitz pointed out. “So all they have to do is get them out of jail and it’s a one-two punch. You’ve reduced sentencing, you obviously go ahead, let them out, and then within a short period of time or immediately they can vote and you increase Democratic majorities in critical states.”

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Indeed, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has already moved to restore voting rights to hundreds of thousands of felons. His original executive order to restore the franchise to more than 200,000 felons was invalidated by the Supreme Court of Virginia, but he subsequently announced he would restore voting rights to 13,000 felons on a case-by-case basis.

Horowitz, who authored the book “Stolen Sovereignty: How to Stop Unelected Judges From Transforming America,” said Soros is stealing the sovereignty of local voters by attempting to insert district attorneys who will change local sentencing policies in significant ways.

District attorneys are not meant to shape public policy, Horowitz noted. They are only supposed to prosecute cases according to the laws already on the books. Therefore, the average person who votes for a district attorney does not believe he is voting for significant changes in the criminal code.

“The founders wanted the major policy issues to be decided in legislatures,” Horowitz said. “It’s not just that they’re elected, it’s that you have a process… By just having prosecutors surreptitiously avoid prosecuting certain cases or going easy on certain criminals, that’s an end run around the legislative process.”

Leftists understand their soft-on-crime policies are unpopular, Horowitz charged, so they search for any and all leverage points where they can influence the criminal code without having a public debate on the issue.

Although district attorneys are elected officials, the public typically does not pay much attention to them, making them perfect vehicles by which Soros and the left can implement “criminal justice reform.”

“This is all about transforming America without the proper input and understanding as to what’s going on,” Horowitz said. “When you have Soros involved in this, you know it’s something revolutionary. You know these are people that fundamentally have a disdain for our existing laws, and they will do everything in their power to ignore them, and that’s what should concern everyone.”

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