Michael Savage vows to hold Trump’s ‘feet to the fire’

By WND Staff

Donald Trump

While Michael Savage’s new book is aimed at convincing swing voters that electing Hillary Clinton would be disastrous to America’s free republic, he believes it would have an equally important role should Donald Trump win, to hold the Republican accountable to protecting America’s borders, language and culture.

In an interview with WND, Savage described “Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country After Obama” as “an architectural plan for Trump.”

“Many of his ideas came from my previous books. Everybody knows that,” Savage said.

“But what good is it if he becomes president and we wind up with the equivalent of what happened when we put Mitch McConnell and John Boehner in power, and then they stabbed us in the back?” Savage said, referring to the 2010 mid-term elections fueled by the Republican grassroots base that gave the party majorities in the Senate and House.

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“So, at least we have an architectural road map to follow and to hold his feet to the fire,’ Savage said.

Savage’s previous books on Obama were “Government Zero,” “Stop the Coming Civil War,” “Trickle Up Poverty” and “Trickle Down Tyranny.”

“Scorched Earth,” released Tuesday, argues the nation has been undermined by terrorists from without, by anarchists from within, by a president and politicians with contempt for the Constitution and the law, and by a complicit liberal media.

As WND reported Monday, Savage believes America “could be one bad election away from losing everything.”

He warned, WND reported Tuesday, that Democrats will try to fix the election, describing them as “an evil, evil, evil, brilliant gang with unlimited resources.”

Savage noted to WND that while Trump generally is fiscally conservative, he “began as a social liberal, and he probably still is a social liberal.”

“The question is, who will he hire?” Savage asked.

“If he starts hiring Republican standard-bearers who are going to take us back to where we were under Obama, they’re going to hear from me and my people and the millions and millions of other people,” Savage said.

“Scorched earth,” Savage said, describes “what Obama has done to our borders, language and culture.”

He told WND he wants everyone who buys his new book and goes to Trump rallies “to hold it up like a little billboard.”

“Think of a sea of ‘Scorched Earths’ going up. And think of Trump seeing that in the audience and having to say ‘scorched earth,'” Savage said.

“Maybe we’ll have an impact that’s way beyond the audience of this book and WND and the radio when they see it broadcast on national television,” he said.

“The words will enter the national dialogue.”

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