Black rioters in Charlotte, North Carolina, ruthlessly beat innocent white people last week, even as their victims begged for mercy. Some rioters tried to throw a photographer into a fire, while another physically attacked a CNN reporter during a live shot.

And yet, MSNBC reporters and anchors repeatedly labeled the protesters “peaceful.”

It’s just what MSNBC’s progressive audience wanted to hear, according to retired police officer Jeff Roorda.

“It fits nicely into the narrative they are peddling, and there is no accountability to the truth in 21st-century journalism,” Roorda told WND. “Consumers of news go searching for providers of news that publish stories that square up with their ideological bent. It is literally the media’s version of supply and demand.”

Roorda, author of the brand-new book “The War on Police: How the Ferguson Effect Is Making America Unsafe,” has no illusions that MSNBC or any mainstream media outlet would treat these riots the same way if it were white supremacists rioting in the streets.

“If it was anybody other than Black Lives Matter and their sympathizers rioting and looting, the media would call it what it is: anarchy and mob rule,” he asserted. “It is quite reminiscent of the children’s story ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes,’ where anyone who speaks the truth and calls out the rioters for what they are is mocked and dismissed as a racist.”

Although the media labeled the brouhaha in Charlotte “peaceful protests,” the images coming out of the city suggested anything but peace. Civilians shot at each other. Protesters blocked traffic on the highways, attempting to hijack passing cars. Some threw rocks off a bridge at passing vehicles below. At least one white man got beaten up and dragged across a parking garage.

Some rioters smashed apartment windows while others smashed bus windows. Some stole cash registers from local businesses. Others looted the Charlotte Hornets team store, stealing sneakers and other merchandise.

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The impetus for all this violence, of course, was the police-involved shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, an ex-con who refused police orders to put his gun down before he was fatally shot. A black officer shot Scott, but that didn’t stop hordes of angry black people from taking to the streets and causing mayhem.

Roorda said the nation is long past the point where the facts of a specific shooting matter to protesters.

“Facts are an easily negotiated obstacle in the post-Ferguson world,” Roorda said.

The former officer asserted the Charlotte rioters were not angry that Keith Lamont Scott was gunned down by a black officer; they were angry because their leaders in government and on the streets told them they should be. He wishes they would redirect their anger in the proper direction.

“They have good reason to be mad that young black men are dying in unthinkably high numbers, but they need some perspective and some bold leadership,” Roorda advised. “Young black men are dying mostly because of black-on-black violence, the very same violence that police try to disrupt every day. Sometimes the people committing that violence try to kill the police. That’s the other way that they die.”

Matthew Vadum, senior vice president at the investigative think tank Capital Research Center, pointed out in an article at FrontPage Magazine that 70 percent of rioters arrested in Charlotte had out-of-state identification. Vadum noted the post-Michael Brown Ferguson riots also involved throngs of protesters from outside the St. Louis area.

This is because Black Lives Matter is a national movement with much larger goals than ending police brutality, he said.

“Black Lives Matter, which is underwritten by hedge fund manager George Soros, is not merely a political movement: it’s a Marxist, anti-American, revolutionary cult whose members aim to unleash a reign of terror on our society,” wrote Vadum, author of “Subversion, Inc.” “As James Simpson writes, Black Lives Matter has deep roots on the radical, revolutionary left.

“They celebrate when police officers are killed in the line of duty. They don’t want equality; they demand that black Americans receive special, preferential treatment. Disagree, and they’ll howl you’re a racist, boycott your business, or try to get you investigated for hate crimes.”

Vadum noted President Obama usually tries to have it both ways by denouncing BLM-inspired violence while saying the protesters’ cause is just. In fact, Vadum believes this type of rioting has become common under Obama because the president sees it as essential to drive his “fundamental transformation of America.”

“President Obama refuses to denounce Black Lives Matter no matter how much violence and mayhem its supporters generate,” Vadum wrote. “When they murder cops, Obama is silent. Apart from some perfunctory, generalized denunciations of violence in general, Obama doesn’t reach out to the public to ask for calm or to deplore the killings. He routinely invites Black Lives Matter leaders to the White House and lavishes praise on them. Black Lives Matter also has the support of the Democratic National Committee, which has officially endorsed it.

“Obama is the ayatollah of the Black Lives Matter cult, which is animated not only by anti-white racism but by a hatred of normal American values. Its members idolize convicted, unrepentant black militants and cop-killers Assata Shakur and Mumia Abu Jamal, and have declared ‘war’ on law enforcement. Its members openly call for police officers to be assassinated.”

Roorda, the retired Missouri police officer, said Black Lives Matter really just wants to cause one thing:

“Fear. Unabated, unrelenting fear.”

Get “The War On Police” now at the WND Superstore, weeks before its November 10 release date.


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