Bill Press, the former chairman of California’s Democratic Party and long-time “progressive” commentator recently published a column in WND in which he vilified one of the most beloved women in the modern world – Mother Teresa.

He did so on the occasion of her being “sainted” by the Roman Catholic Church, of which Press is said to be a devoted member.

The column was titled, “Mother Teresa ain’t so saintly.” In it he questioned his church’s canonization of her for the following reasons:

  • She was only credited with two miracles;
  • His church “bent the rules” in her canonization process;
  • She supposedly allowed unsanitary conditions in her hospitals;
  • Her clinics were short on “real care” and had inadequate food and painkillers, quoting unnamed and unidentified sources as saying they were more “homes for the dying” than medical clinics;
  • She was more interested in the spiritual condition of those she helped than in saving their mortal lives;
  • He accused her of conducting “forced” conversions of patients on their deathbeds;
  • She evangelized people;
  • And, of course, the core issue about which the left can never forgive her: She held strong views on abortion, contraception and divorce.

Now, before I really begin taking apart this indictment of Mother Teresa by an avowed Catholic, let me first say that for so-called “progressives” like Bill Press, who is a very nice guy personally, their left-wing ideology is always their first religion. The doctrines and practices of no other church can compete with the faith of liberalism.

I am a non-Catholic. I use the biblical definition of sainthood, not the manmade rules of the church. In the Bible, a saint is defined as someone who obeys, fears and loves God – one of His people. In the Bible days, there weren’t just a handful of saints who were approved by the rules of men. All of God’s people were seen as saints (Deuteronomy 33:2-3, Psalm 34:9). The saints, therefore, are all of God’s people.

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But back to Press’ indictment of Mother Teresa.

Only credited with two miracles? The person who points this out says in the very same column that he doesn’t believe in miracles at all. He ridicules belief in miracles and angels as akin to belief in dragons and leprechauns. Yet he’s stunned and dismayed that his church beatified Mother Teresa for two crummy miracles.

And, he adds, the church bent its own rules by starting the sainthood process only two years after she died. One has to wonder what part of Catholic belief Press actually accepts. He doesn’t believe in miracles. He doesn’t believe in angels. But apparently he has a higher standard than the pope when it comes to church process. Is this making sense? It does to if your first loyalty is the church of liberalism.

How about the unsanitary conditions of Mother Teresa’s hospitals? Does Press understand the parts of the world in which Mother Teresa worked? As a member of the church of liberalism, he probably would have shut down her institutions for health-code violations if he had the power. Would her patients have been better off as a result? I might add, “Where are Bill Press’ hospitals for the poor? What kind of shape are they in?”

Likewise, Press admits he doesn’t even believe in saints at all, writing: “The vast majority of today’s educated faithful only laugh at the idea that there’s a little band of saints floating around somewhere, just waiting, when called on, to intervene in human affairs in ways that defy reason or science.” Just like a “progressive”: “I don’t believe in saints, but I know a phony saint when I see one.”

And here’s where Press’ indictment of Mother Teresa gets really interesting.

In saying that she was more interested in the spiritual condition of those she helped than in saving their mortal lives, Press is admitting that she was just like Jesus – who performed many healing miracles but always professed the spiritual condition of people was more important than their physical health. Sounds like Press not only as a beef with popes but with his own Savior (Matthew 5:29-30, Matthew 6:25, Matthew 10:28, Luke 12:4, Luke 12:22).

But it gets even more absurd when Press accuses Mother Teresa of forcing conversions. Did she hold guns to the heads of her victims? Did she convert by the sword? How did she force conversions? It is worse than a blood libel to make such an accusation without substantiation of any kind.

It seems Press’ biggest concerns, ultimately, with Mother Teresa is that she was true to her faith. She believed in evangelism, something Christians are commanded to do by their Lord and Savior. And, like all most members of the church of liberalism, he is appalled at her pro-life, anti-abortion views and the courage she displayed behind those convictions.

The contempt that the left has for Mother Teresa is illuminating – not for what it suggests about her, but rather about the accusers.

Who are their earthly heroes and role models? Colin Kaepernick? Caitlyn Jenner? Hillary Clinton?

Yes, yes and yes.

As for me, I’ll take my chances following Jesus and Mother Teresa.

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