If there is misogynistic abuse taking place in this election cycle, the abuser is Hillary Clinton.

The left enjoys backing GOP candidates and their supporters into a corner just before the election by painting the Republican candidate as something he is not. But their Hitlerian wisdom tells them “the bigger the lie, the better,” and their tactical hero, Alinsky, teaches, “If you repeat a lie enough, eventually their ‘useful idiots’ (leftist’s own words for their blind followers) will believe it.”

WikiLeaks emails are being downplayed in the media as “yet to be authenticated,” but since not one has been proven inauthentic, the emails are almost certainly genuine. Additionally, the Clinton media are trying to make the case that they believe Russian hackers are responsible for the email hacks, so the emails somehow don’t matter.

Three things:

  • Even if Russian hackers did leak the emails, it doesn’t make them untrue.
  • The Clinton campaign has yet to deny the emails are genuine and the contents are true.
  • This doesn’t tie Trump to Russia. But Hillary’s sale of uranium to Russia and the millions she took for Bill’s five-minute speech there certainly tie her to Russian Communists. (See com.)

The abuse goes beyond the Clinton campaign lies, but the October mudslinging is nothing new. The left has done it every election, and it would be doing it even if the nominee weren’t Donald Trump.

There is a special venom for Trump, though, because he has single-handedly exposed the corruption of the elite in the GOP, the Democratic Party and the media. Clinton’s abuse of Mr. Trump is unspeakable. Somehow that is ignored since she is a woman. But she is a very abusive woman, and many who have worked for her know this well.

To vote for Hillary Clinton requires ignorance on such a mass scale, it is dizzying. Convincing the left to merely wake up to the danger and abuse reminds me of trying to convince an abused wife to leave her abuser. The denial is overwhelming, and though it is often obvious from those looking on, the abused wife simply cannot see her situation for what it is.

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There are 10 major facts one must ignore to support Hillary Clinton. These are provable facts, not accusations. These provable facts versus sheer allegations are the major difference between the campaigns’ October surprises:

1) In the Podesta emails, Hillary Clinton’s campaign admitted that the only way they could defeat Trump was to accuse him of sexual perversion. It is no surprise at all that they would create this narrative; they are using their own playbook as exposed in the Podesta emails.

2) Donald Trump is the only choice for women. Our streets are more dangerous than they were eight years ago. Murder rates are skyrocketing. Name any major city in the U.S. that is run by Democrats, and I will show you a city where crime is rising, families are broken apart, economies are failing and people are hurting worse than before Democrats took over. This is plantation politics, tantamount to the new slavery. It keeps people oppressed and guarantees they will vote for mere freebies. Hillary doesn’t care if the U.S. goes down, as long as she is the undertaker. She has made hundreds of millions of dollars with these tactics. Expect an emboldened, even more abusive “Madam President.” God forbid.

3) Our world is more dangerous, and terrorism has come to our homeland. Hillary will exacerbate terror in the U.S. and abroad via her pledge to completely open borders, her refusal to even identify Islam as the broker of terror, and the tens of millions of dollars she has taken from ISIS-funding countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. She left Americans in Benghazi and lied about it, blaming a video rather than the actual culprit: radical Islamic terror. She is colluding with terrorists and communists. Do not doubt this for a moment. If you do, see the “Enemies Within” documentary for the full list of facts on this.

4) Hillary blamed a 12-year-old rape victim for the crime of her rapist. She has taken tens of millions of dollars from ISIS-funding countries that also stone and oppress women for crimes like driving or getting an education. And she spent $100,000 smearing the names of the women her husband is accused of sexually assaulting. She is a rape enabler, at best – a true misogynist at worst. She is the last person women need in the White House.

5) Refugees are fleeing the Middle East because of the death and destruction there that was caused by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over the past several years. They want to increase that number by the millions, and America as we know it, will lose sovereignty and security.

6) ISIS terrorists must be defeated where they live. Instead of putting out the fires she has caused in the Middle East with her disastrous policies as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton wants to bring refugees here by the tens of thousands. In the WikiLeaks emails, Hillary commits to “open borders” and “open trade,” and she even says that Wall Street need not believe what she says to voters. That is just to get elected, I guess. But she thinks the majority of her voters will never even know this, because she believes they are stupid. Remember that she called Latinos “needy,” insulted Catholics, Southerners and many more in her emails. They are mere voting blocks for her; Lenin-style “useful idiots” in her eyes. She knows she has them deceived, so there is no way she can respect them.

7) Hillary Clinton is a risk to our economic security, too. Clinton wants to raise taxes and increase regulation on businesses. She told Wall Street she wants open trade. Debt will continue to skyrocket under her tyranny, and this woman who has never created a single job will only ever broaden the size and scope of government control in our lives.

8) Possibly one of the worst parts of this October surprise is that women who are actual victims of sexual assault are being harmed by Hillary’s dangerous and narcissistic campaign smear using women. These accusations trivialize the issue of sexual assault, and women across the globe will pay the price. These women who are coming forward now, in an obvious attempt to influence voters just days before an election, are making it harder to believe women who really are abused.

9) Hillary’s campaign has proven that she has mastered abuse of power. She colluded with the State Department, the Department of Justice, the FBI and more. She also likely received debate questions before the debate, and enjoyed veto power of headlines in various media outlets including the New York Times, NBC, CNN and more. She dangerously controls the media and federal government agencies in Pravda-esque ways that Putin could only ever dream.

10) Hillary lies. Even her own staff admits she has trouble feigning remorse for her 33,000 illegally deleted emails and her illegal server. Her supporters believe she is dishonest, but their own lying candidate has convinced them somehow that Trump is more dangerous, so they continue to follow blindly. She told Goldman Sachs executives she has “a public and a private face” so they could be assured her allegiance to Wall Street is real and her words to voters are merely for votes.

This election is not Republican versus Democrat. This is the political establishment elite versus We the People.

If Hillary is elected, she will be a literal tyrant, controlling the federal bureaucracies, above the law, controlling the media.

America ought to be horrified with her totalitarian approach to winning the election and abjectly reject her. But America seems to have lost its collective mind, like a pining lover for an abusive relationship. Let’s hope America wakes up in the voting booth. Her very life hangs in the balance.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore


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