Mr. Trump is the most innovative change agent in recent history. He is a revolutionary. Hillary Clinton and her spin-liars would have you believe something wholly contrary to the truth. This election will not only determine who the next president of the United States is; it will uncover the critical thinking skills of Americans today, and whether or not the greatest scam (Hillary’s campaign of lies intended to deceive) ever exacted on the American people will fail, or whether America will fail.

Donald Trump is the only candidate offering something to vote for. He created a rebellious movement against the status quo that has become dangerously corrupt. Hillary Clinton offers nothing new, only platitudes, failed policies and promises to make things better for the very Americans she wants to control.

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Donald Trump is the only one with a contract with the American voter: Make America Great Again in eight simple steps:

1) Mr. Trump will make America efficient again. Bloated bureaucracies and Hillary’s corrupt pay-to-play agenda has created a sluggish economy burdened by regulations, taxes, fees and waste. Mr. Trump has committed to invest in the same infrastructure as Hillary brags about, but in a much smarter, leaner way. He will leverage public-private partnerships, along with private investments through tax incentives. This will create $1 trillion to invest in infrastructure over 10 years. This will not impact the debt negatively. He will eliminate billions in pay-to-play fake science programs and use the money to actually fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.

2) Mr. Trump will make America prosperous again. Hillary has no plan for this. Mr. Trump, on the other hand, has said that he wants to create such a prosperous America that all Americans can be as successful as he is. The irony is that many union people support Hillary despite their vanishing jobs, because their union bosses tell them to, since they get cushy salaries and White House dinners. What is in it for the rank-and-file union person? Nothing. Zip. Nada. But Mr. Trump has a plan that will establish tariffs that will make companies think twice before laying their workers off to relocate.

Mr. Trump’s first 100 days plan will cut and simplify taxes for everyone. This will reboot the economy right off the bat and bring new prosperity to our economy immediately.

He will renegotiate Clinton/Obama’s failed NAFTA and TPP. Hillary lies to the American people about her support of these massive failures that cost more than 700,000 jobs.

3) Mr. Trump will make America healthy again. He has committed to fully repeal the expensive, bureaucratic-laden, failed Obamacare within his first 100 days and replace it with market friendly health savings accounts, and across-state-lines health insurance. Hillary wants to expand Obamacare, although she admits the costs will continue to rise for the already unaffordable plan. Mr. Trump will cut the FDA red tape to expedite drug-to-market wait time. There are 4,000 drugs waiting for FDA approval. This will save countless lives.

4) Mr. Trump will make America safe again. Mr. Trump will end dangerous Hillary’s open borders. He has courageously committed to end illegal immigration so families can be safe and secure in their homes and jobs. In addition to Hillary’s plan to open borders and leave Americans vulnerable to further attacks from within, she wants a 550 percent increase in Syrian refugees. This will cripple America, increase violence against women and children as we have seen in Europe and leave the refugees welfare dependent. There are far better solutions for everyone involved, and Mr. Trump has a smart plan that will help refugees and keep Americans safe. Hillary is first hand responsible for the growth and proliferation of ISIS and for the loss of American lives. She has no plan to change. Mr. Trump is the only one with a plan that truly puts America first, a concept lost on globalist, anti-colonialist, third-term Obama/Hillary.

5) Mr. Trump will make America respectable again. He will end D.C. corruption and re-establish a government accountable to only the people. Hillary has proven that she believes she is above the law, above prosecution and above the American people. She colludes with government agencies, foreign governments who kill women and gays and fund ISIS, and the media against the American people. She and all of her cronies are terrified of the true change that Mr. Trump brings, and that is why they are lying about and trying to paint him “dangerous” or otherwise evil. It isn’t true, and the Podesta emails, the FBI FOIA and the Project Veritas videos all confirm her corruption. No one denies the validity of any of the above, including Hillary. It is all true.

6) Mr. Trump will make America strong again. Due to the dangerous policies of Hillary Clinton and Obama, America has the smallest Navy since 1917. Through Hillary’s 30-year tenure in D.C., she has only helped to reduce our military and make Americans less safe, creating the most dangerous military depletion in American history. Thirty-five key defense experts have endorsed Mr. Trump’s plan to rebuild our military, including 350 Navy ships. This will benefit key states like Virginia and Philadelphia, and Mr. Trump will use his business genius to ensure that this is done with private industry where possible, avoiding massive tax allocation and creating unprecedented private-sector jobs.

7) Mr. Trump will make American government accountable again. Hillary Clinton risks national security over and over again for personal profits. The multi-billionairess has made all of her money via the Clinton Foundation, and at the expense of the integrity, safety and security of the American people. It goes all the way back to her cattle futures scandal and beyond, but continued with her illegal server, her lies to the American people, her collusion with the FBI, DOJ, State Department and media, and her callousness continued up and until the Fox News debate, during which she revealed U.S. time constraints regarding our nuclear code! She doesn’t have the instinct, capacity, intellect or temperament to be president of the United States.

Thanks to your tips, I was the first person I know of who pointed to the fact that Hillary further risked national security when she disclosed more classified information, in my post-debate analysis with Sean Hannity that night:

But as we expect, the lamestream media dropped this topic and turned, instead, to Trump’s comment about rigged elections.

8) Mr. Trump will make America colorblind once and for all. Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned a colorblind society, where people were judged by the content of their character. The Democrat machine has used plantation politics on minorities for so long, most don’t even know they are still on the plantation, being used for their votes with lavish promises and then quickly discarded until they are needed again for their votes. The hypocrisy of the left is as criminal as any slave owner and more dishonest. Mark my words, if elected (God forbid), Hillary Clinton will use the minority vote to accomplish her goals, and nothing will change for groups who have encountered bigotry and enslavement of one form or another, all of their lives.

On the other hand, if Mr. Trump is elected, we will not only see vast economic opportunity for minority populations, we will also see reduced crime, more families intact and a massive reduction in racial turmoil.

Mr. Trump can win, but we have little time. Rasmussen polls have him up two points, and he continues to dominate the Los Angeles Times/USC Dornsife tracking poll. The Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP poll has him up two points, and it looks as though, despite her spending more than $160 million to make you believe she is something she is not, she has hit her ceiling. Mr. Trump is winning or within the margin of error in most battleground states, but the media do not want you to know that.

The future of America is literally in our hands this election. Mr. Trump, though flawed like all of us, has passionately and fearlessly adopted the battle of the rebel against the machine that has become our political elite. Leave no stone unturned, and fight as though your future and that of your children depends solely on your fight. I believe it does.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore





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