Some people don’t believe the polls.

I do.

That doesn’t mean every poll is accurate. But when you see poll after poll consistently showing Hillary Clinton with a sizable and growing lead over Donald Trump, it’s time to be alarmed.

If you know the character and history of Hillary Rodham Clinton, it’s clear this is a very dangerous time in the history of the United States.

That brings me to perhaps the most important American presidential debate ever – the one tonight. It potentially represents Donald Trump’s best chance to score what he needs – a knockout punch in Round 3 of the title fight.

This is no time to go rope-a-dope with Hillary.

It’s no time to go in unprepared.

More than anything else, Trump needs to enter this debate with a clear agenda. Debates are long enough to say everything one needs or wants to say. First, there are two candidates, and, as Trump himself pointed out in debate No. 2, Hilary was afforded more talk time than he was. Then you have the moderators who like to hear themselves wax poetic. In this case, it’s Fox News’ Chris Wallace, known for his tough questions.

The debate will be divided into six 15-minute sections – each one devoted to a single theme. The topics generally favor Trump – immigration, entitlements and debt, the Supreme Court, the economy, foreign policy and each candidate’s fitness to serve as president.

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No one can defend the status quo on open immigration, growing entitlements and unsustainable debt.

These topics allow Trump to articulate his campaign for real change in Washington, while Clinton must defend the indefensible.

How many Americans do you suppose really like open borders, which Clinton told Brazilian bankers she absolutely favors – along with a European Union-style merger of the U.S., Mexico and Canada?

How many more freebies can a government $20 trillion in debt afford to hand out to Americans as if they are birthrights?

And, speaking of the debt, at one point does it become an existential threat to the country’s stability? Trump should have a clear plan for debt reduction – beyond growing the economy. What about using the debt limit to force cuts in spending? Congress alone cannot raise the debt limit. The president has absolute authority to say no. That cannot be overridden even by two-thirds of both houses of Congress.

Clinton says clearly she doesn’t want any “balance” on the Supreme Court. Instead, she wants only justices who confirm with her specific litmus tests for nomination – defense of Roe v. Wade and overturning Citizens United.

Notice how, in two Supreme Court cases she referenced in the last debate, one ruling is sacred and the other needs to be overturned. In other words, she wants a court that will do her bidding. She is essentially saying she wants the Supreme Court to become an extension of her will.

On the other hand, Trump has taken the high road. He has already named more than 20 judges he would find acceptable as nominees. And he has talked about their general philosophy toward the Constitution, the real supreme law of the land. Trump should really think this over before the debate and hit it out of the park when the opportunity arises.

On the economy, he needs to take a page out of the books of John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, who both understood and demonstrated that nothing hinders an economy more than high taxes and over-regulation by Washington.

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On foreign policy, he should emphasize peace through strength, explaining that America can best avoid future wars by having a military the rest of the world respects and even fears.

The last topic of the night is one Hillary Clinton is salivating about – if she can stay awake for it.

The question of fitness for the presidency has been Trump’s Achilles’ heel so far. He needs to turn it around, not by defending himself, which he seems to do too much. This is where he needs to attack, attack, attack.

Hillary Clinton is the major presidential candidate least fit for the White House in the country’s history. He needs to say that and then list the reasons:

  • personal corruption and self-dealing
  • lack of accomplishment
  • chronic memory lapses
  • serious health questions
  • a radical agenda for betraying the Constitution in favor of a de facto merger with Mexico and Canada
  • advocacy for open borders
  • a secret contempt for the Catholic Church and evangelical Christianity as betrayed through the correspondence of her highest aides in their hacked emails

That’s how Trump can score a much-needed knockout punch tonight.

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