(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

One of the nation’s largest school districts has adopted a resolution banning “hateful speech” against Muslim students while accusing America of having “a long history of racism and xenophobia.”

The controversial resolution, unanimously approved by the Kansas City Board of Education on Sept. 28, states that there are 30,000 Muslims living in the greater Kansas City area, “making invaluable contributions to our economy, our social and political life, and our culture.”

It goes on to state that discrimination on the basis of religion, “and against Muslims in particular, is deeply embedded within our country’s long history of racism and xenophobia.”

The Sept. 28 meeting was reportedly packed with local Muslims seeking to show their support for the resolution. Shaheen Ahmed of the Crescent Peace Society, a Kansas City interfaith organization, requested the board to adopt the resolution and the Muslims were hoping that other school districts would follow the lead of Kansas City and adopt similar resolutions, according to a post on social media by Mahnaz Shabbir, an adviser to the Crescent Peace Society who also attended the meeting.

More from the “anti-hate” resolution is quoted below:

“WHEREAS there has been an unprecedented backlash since the September 11th attacks in the form of hate crimes and employment discrimination toward Arab and Muslim Americans and those perceived as Muslims; and

“WHEREAS Muslims, Muslim Americans, and those perceived as Muslims, are frequently the targets of abusive and discriminatory police practices sanctioned by the state including surveillance in their neighborhoods and places of worship.”

Read the full resolution adopted by Kansas City Board of Education.

The document further resolves that Kansas City schools “condemns all hateful speech and violent action directed at Muslims, those perceived as Muslims, immigrants and people of color.”

The school board, according to the resolution, “commits to fostering a school environment that promotes respect for and curiosity about all religions and cultures, affirms the equal humanity of all members of the community, and rejects all forms of bullying and discrimination.”

Sensitivity training for teachers

The board promises to provide special training for teachers and staff to make sure they have right attitudes toward Muslims, and it also commits to “instituting school policies and setting an educational curriculum that reflects the values expressed in this resolution via training of staff and teachers, the inclusion of diverse resources to supplement in-class curricula, and the creation of safe spaces for students to address in-school bullying.”

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The resolution was passed with an 8-0 vote and one board member absent. It is signed at the bottom by Superintendent Mark Bedell and Board Chair Melissa Robinson.

Dr. Mark Bedell is Kansas City's new superintendent of schools

Dr. Mark Bedell is Kansas City’s new superintendent of schools

WND contacted Bedell’s office by phone Tuesday and was told by his public relations director that he was out of the office and unable to comment on whether the school district had experienced any acts of bullying against Muslim students recently.

Bedell assumed the top post at Kansas City Public Schools on July 1, having previously served as the assistant superintendent for Baltimore County Public Schools.

Backlash in Tennessee school district over pro-Islam textbook

Meanwhile, parents around the country continue to voice concerns that Islam is being given special treatment in their public schools. Students are required in many school districts to memorize the five pillars of Islam and to be able to recite the shahada, which is the Quranic verse, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”

The latest backlash was this week in Sullivan County, Tennessee, where a parent implored the local school board to replace its current social studies textbook, published by Pearson, citing biased lessons on Islam.

Watch video of local television report on backlash in Tennessee:

Some local bloggers weighed in against the resolution in Kansas City.

“Of course all youngsters deserve safety and support while in school. … But the language of the ordinance has raised eyebrows among Kansas City Conservatives,” posted Tony’s Kansas City.

The blog noted that local media “mostly ignores the backlash from parents and voters.”

Another Kansas City blogger was less diplomatic, saying the local school board had basically signed a contract agreeing to “submit to Islamic supremacy” and become like “Dhimmis.”

Dhimmitude is the subjugation of conquered Christian and Jewish cultures under Islam in an Islamic society.

Historically, these conquered “people of the book” were allowed to live under the “protection” of their Islamic conquerors in return for paying a hefty tribute tax called the “jizya.” They also had to agree to a set of strict limits on the practice of their faith.

For instance, the Christians living under dhimmitude in the Ottoman Empire were not allowed to hold positions of civil authority such as policemen or military officers, and they could not share their faith with a Muslim, could not ring church bells, could not build or maintain their churches without special permission from the Muslim authorities. Above all, they could not speak or write anything critical of Islam or Muslims without being guilty of Islamic blasphemy laws. The same rules largely apply today in Muslim countries where Christians still exist, such as Egypt and Pakistan.

Philip Haney, a retired Homeland Security officer, co-author of “See Something Say Nothing” and a student of Islamic history, said Dhimmitude can be brought in gradually through peaceful means if a people are willing to submit voluntarily and refuse to defend their culture against Islam’s claims of superiority.

A favorite tactic of Islamic leaders is to present Muslims living in Western democracies as an “oppressed” people.

This strategy comes straight from the Quran, Haney said, in the doctrine of “fitna,” an Arabic word translated as “persecution” or “oppression.”

Basically, anyone who opposes the implementation of Shariah law is guilty of causing “fitna,” he said.

The concept of fitna gets its authority from Quran 8:39, which states, “And fight them until persecution [fitna] is no more, and religion is all for Allah. But if they cease, then lo! Allah is Seer of what they do.”

The phrase “if they cease” is a reference to the dhimmis who agree to become second-class citizens subservient to Islam, essentially a conquered people, he said.

“This pact is called a dhimma and the people who live under it are the dhimmis. The dhimma is a pact of protection and says, basically, ‘If you do everything we tell you, we won’t kill you,'” Haney said. “However, if any of the terms of the contract are broken, then the people of Islam have the right to do anything that is authorized by Shariah law.”

Shariah provides rules, based on the Quran, for how Muslims should deal with people who are defiant and rebellious in an Islamic society.

The concept of ‘voluntary dhimmitude’

While most “conquering” throughout history has been done by military means, Islam will be happy to implement Shariah peacefully if Americans, Europeans or Canadians are willing to let them walk in and demand to be treated as superior, Haney said.

In military conquests, Quran 5:31-33 provides specific detail on what Muslims are allowed to do to a rebellious non-Muslim who refuses to live in submission to Islam.

“It includes crucifixion, cutting off of limbs, things you see ISIS doing and things Islamic armies have done throughout history because it goes back to the Quran and to Shariah law,” Haney said.

Interestingly, the Crescent Peace Society, which encouraged the passage of the “anti-hate” resolution, quotes from Quran 5:32 on its website to show that Islam is a religion of peace, without giving the context of 5:33.

The Quranic teaching to “fight them until fitna is no more” carries an ominous warning, Haney said.

“The word for persecution is fitna, so the very presence of these rebellious people in an Islamic culture is a fitna in itself,” Haney said. “That is why Muslims feel they are the victims wherever they go because when the non-majority culture or the minority refuses to submit to Islam they, meaning the Muslims, are oppressed.

“Fitna is fundamental to Islam. Everything in the world that opposes the implementation of Shariah law is a fitna, and therefore by the Quran they are authorized to eliminate that fitna, fight against it, until all people are for Allah. Everywhere they go, therefore, any opposition they find, they are authorized to wage violence against it.”

Haney encountered this intolerance for Islamic criticism in his job as a security screener within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He had created a database that would help detect violent jihadists, but not only was his data erased, he found himself the target of an internal investigation for violating the civil rights and civil liberties of Muslims. He was eventually cleared and retired last year in good standing.

“That’s why this whole civil rights and civil liberties idea will ultimately fail, because it doesn’t matter how many concessions or how many outreach programs we do for the Muslims, as long as that is short of implementing Shariah law, it will never be enough and according to the Quran the appropriate response is to fight against it,” Haney said.

‘Islamophobia’ equals ‘fitna’

Haney said the Muslim Brotherhood and its American affiliates, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, have cleverly substituted the word “Islamophobia” for fitna.

“Anyone who does not submit, or says anything derogatory about Islam is an Islamophobe. But that is just fitna,” he said. “So what the North American Muslim Brotherhood has done is just substitute ‘islamophobia’ for fitna.

“So fight them until there is no more Islamophobia and the religion is all for Allah. That’s it in a nutshell. Any non-Muslim in a Muslim society is an intolerable, so they create dhimmis, push these people as far into the corner as they can, extract jizya, so they will know they are subdued.”

He said Coptic Christians who have come to America “see the very same people who have killed and terrified them for years are now coming here, thanks to this administration’s policies.

“We’re playing with a lethal fire here. And our president is leading us down this dangerous pathway.

“Every time CAIR squeaks, the Department of Justice comes running. They’re co-conspirators. All they have to do is make a little peep and the DOJ comes running. It’s sickening.”

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