It’s a powerful alliance between two of the most dynamic evangelists in the world.

Ray Comfort, creator of the blockbuster documentary “180” and other powerful films, is about to debut his most explosive production, “The Atheist Delusion.”

And the spectacular location for the premiere will be the Ark Encounter in Kentucky, the newly opened theme park created by Ken Ham and his organization Answers in Genesis.

The premiere will take place on October 22 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

Comfort, who has produced many books and films as founder of Living Waters Ministries, is hopeful about the possibilities for evangelism in his newest masterpiece. Comfort also says the movie will help Christians understand the rational basis for their faith.

“Most people believe that there’s no evidence for God,” Comfort explained to WND. “It’s all a matter of ‘faith.’ ‘The Atheist Delusion’ will change that. In it we asked hardened atheists one scientific question, and they changed their minds about the existence of God, almost immediately. This film is a life-changer. Hardened atheists will hate it because it pulls back the curtain on atheism’s stupidity and on their motive.”

WND Founder Joseph Farah hailed the movie as Ray Comfort’s “greatest work yet.”

“May you receive many crowns in eternity for your example to the rest of us,” he told Comfort gratefully.

Comfort said his excitement about the project helped drive his desire to premiere the film at such an impressive location.

“The thought was that there would be no greater place than the Ark to launch a movie like this,” he enthused. “Ken Ham is a personal friend and his ministry is greatly respected across the world. It’s a hard-sell to say that we have a film that provides irrefutable evidence for the existence of God. Having Answers in Genesis put their blessing on it has given it instant credibility with many.”

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Ham told WND he is enthusiastic about the film because he sees Comfort’s efforts as complementing his own mission of defending the truth of Scripture. Answers in Genesis, which seeks to provide answers to questions about the Bible regarding creation, evolution, science and the age of the Earth, is well known for its Creation Museum.

However, it really generated international headlines when it built the Ark Encounter, a full size replica of Noah’s Ark made according to the specifications given in the Bible.

Ham said the theme park has been a remarkable success.

“Ark attendance is beyond our expectations,” he said proudly. “In the first ten weeks we had 300,000 visitors. The Ark has also increased attendance at the Creation Museum by 70 percent. Even from non-Christians, we’re receiving rave reviews about the immense Ark. The Ark makes a bold statement to the world about the Bible as God’s Word. The 510-foot-long ship has gained international media attention.”

However, the Ark Encounter faced fierce opposition before it could open.

“In fact, the Ark’s opening was protested by a group of secularists,” observed Ham. “They didn’t like it that Christians were proclaiming Bible truths so publicly.”

Ham bemoans the widespread acceptance of evolution, which he sees as an outgrowth of secularist control over the public education system as well as a failure by many Christians to learn apologetics.

“Through the public education system, where naturalistic evolution is presented as fact to generations of students, an intense secularist indoctrination has occurred,” Ham charged. “Legislation is constantly being introduced to prevent the teaching of creation in schools so that students can’t hear alternative views. Because of that indoctrination and brainwashing throughout government schools and the secular media, it’s important that we overcome this censorship and get out vital information to the public.

“By the way, most churches have not taught apologetics, they have not presented generations of our youth to be able to defend the Christian faith, and they have not effectively countered the secular questions of the age that attack the Bible. And sadly, many church leaders back down when it comes to the historicity of the creation account in Genesis.”

For that reason, Ham says Christians need to make an impact on the culture and become “emboldened” and “ask specific questions of atheists and other secularists in order to challenge their worldview.” Working together with Ray Comfort is part of this effort.

“The Ark is a good place to make a public statement about the Bible as we host this movie premiere and attempt to impact the culture and the world,” Ham told WND. “We also wanted to show that two different Christian groups, Living Waters and Answers in Genesis, can work together like this. AiG wants people to see that there are many of us who believe God’s Word as truth.”

Comfort argues atheism is popular in this decadent time because it allows people to engage in degenerate behavior without guilt. He argues the evidence for God is so clear and compelling that those who cling to secularism are simply trying to avoid moral standards.

“Having to point to the evidence for God is like having to point out the sun at noon, on a clear day,” he quipped. “As we see in the movie, atheism has nothing to do with a lack of evidence, and everything to do with getting rid of moral responsibility. If there is no God, then pornography isn’t wrong. Neither is fornication. Atheism is heaven-on-earth for sin-loving red-blooded males. That’s why 60 percent of all atheists are men.”

But Ham says the atheist worldview is also protected by a kind of aggressive intolerance directed against Christians. He argues Christians are specifically targeted by secularists who seek to drive their views out of public life.

“Though they are a minority, secularists have been imposing their beliefs on the culture, including on Christians,” Ham said. “I find that atheists usually react to our outreaches with extreme intolerance. They call us names, use expletives, and attack us personally. AiG wants people to understand that we’re not intolerant of secularists personally. We just want their worldview to be exposed and challenged. Now, when you do challenge secularists, they usually respond with intolerance. AiG does hope that there will be a number of atheists, like those shown in the movie, who will recognize that their worldview just doesn’t hold up, and that they need to change their thinking and become Christians.”

More information about the film, including details about to download it, can be found at

Powerful tools for witnessing, apologetics and spiritual growth. Don’t miss the blockbuster books and movies from the Christian evangelist who is not afraid to engage the culture and take his message to the streets. The collected works of Ray Comfort. Available now at the WND Superstore.


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