Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton

A man claiming to be Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “fixer” – hired to cover up their “dirtiest schemes,” including steamy sex romps and a major scandal involving former deputy White House counsel Vince Foster – says the Clintons have an open marriage, patronize hookers, buy off news reporters and coordinated a scheme to destroy White House intern Monica Lewinsky after her affair with the president.

The “fixer,” novelist Jeff Rovin, provided ledgers and faxed documents with time stamps to document some of his claims.

“I was fixing something for an actor who was in their inner circle,” Rovin explained to Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday evening. “That’s how I was engaged.”

He appeared to suggest Hillary has quite the temper, as WND has reported.

Rovin, who spoke to Hillary twice, said she has a “steeliness” about wanting things fixed.

“You have to understand, every time I saw Hillary, I was bringing bad news,” Rovin told Hannity. “The messenger got shot.”

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Rovin said the process would go like this: He would get money from an unidentified person. Then he would pay off “reporters,” who would pay off sources, wait staff, limo drivers and others.

In one case, he said he was tasked with participating in a “team effort” to damage Monica Lewinsky. Destroy “was the original concept,” he said.

“If screaming is to be taken as validation, there were harsh words behind closed doors that we all heard,” Rovin said.

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The “fixer” also says he got access to Roger Clinton’s (Bill’s brother) wedding by killing a report about Bill Clinton and another woman.

“[Reporters] were paid to soften stories,” he explained. “What would happen is, if we got wind of the story from the tabloid, chances were good it would end up in one main newspaper. We would contact the people and say this isn’t true.”

However, Rovin claimed he is coming forward to put an end to the wild and steamy gossip.

“The election is too important to focus in this salacious material,” he told Hannity. “I hope this stuff is so unpalatable that we just stop.”

“I like Trump,” he said, adding that he’s voting for “one of those two.”

Rovin, previously unidentified since going public in an interview with the National Enquirer this month, is an author of more than 100 books, fiction and nonfiction. He claimed to have helped scrub the office of Vince Foster to snatch documents related to the Whitewater scandal and covered up an alleged affair between Hillary and Foster – according to the tabloid.

But Rovin told Hannity he was tasked with distracting the media while Hillary’s crew rummaged through Foster’s office.

He also called the Hillary-Foster affair “pretty much an open secret.”

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Hillary and Vince Foster

Hillary and Vince Foster

As WND reported, Foster was deputy White House counsel and Hillary’s friend and law partner who had connections to the Clintons’ Travelgate and Whitewater scandals. In 1993, Foster was found dead in a park with a fatal gunshot wound to his mouth. His death, which was the subject of much speculation and three official investigations, was ultimately ruled a suicide.

The Washington Post reported that federal investigators were not allowed to enter Foster’s office after his death, but “White House aides enter[ed] Foster’s office shortly after his death, giving rise to speculation that files were removed from his office.”

In his 2005 book, “The Truth about Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She’ll Go to Become President,” author Edward Klein wrote of Hillary’s involvement in the effort to remove Foster’s files:

The night of [Foster’s] death, Hillary launched one of the most shameful – and illegal – cover-ups of her entire career.

She sent two of her most trusted White House loyalists – Maggie Williams, the First Lady’s chief of staff, and Patsy Thomasson, who was in charge of White House administration – into Foster’s office to retrieve embarrassing and incriminating documents related to Whitewater and Hillary’s other personal affairs. While White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum barred investigators from entering Foster’s office, Maggie Williams, Patsy Thomasson, and Craig Livingstone, Hillary’s director of White House security, removed armloads of files and loose-leaf binders.

In addition, a White House staffer allegedly tampered with the titles of several memos and removed the First Lady’s initials in an effort to erase her role in improper behavior.

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As WND reported, Rovin also claims to have arranged sex for Hillary with both men and women, according to the tabloid account.

“I arranged a meeting for Hillary and a woman in an exclusive Beverly Hills hotel,” Rovin told the National Enquirer. “She had come to the studio to see the filming of a movie in 1994.

“While I was there, I helped her slip out of a back exit for a one-on-one session with the other woman. It was made to look casual, leaving quietly [rather than] being caught up in the melee … but really it was for something presumably more sordid.”

The fixer also says he worked to stop rumors of Bill’s alleged affairs with “Night Court” actress Markie Post and Mary Hart of “Entertainment Tonight.” He has said he paid a Malibu photographer $10,000 in cash for photos revealing Bill with Markie Post on a Hollywood lot.

“Incredibly – or perhaps not – the photographer’s studio burned down the night before,” he told the Enquirer. “But I don’t know anything about that, and I don’t want to.”

The man told the magazine he’s decided to go public with his information now “because of the endless attention the alleged indiscretions of Donald Trump have received.”

“Nothing I have heard comes close to the sexual and moral corruption of the Clintons – many of which have yet to be revealed,” he told the tabloid.

Rovin said he was given a retainer of $4,000 a month by a third party, according to the Enquirer. However, he told Hannity he personally never got paid.

“I was told to keep these stories hush-hush in one of two ways: by trading access to the Clintons for ‘positive’ interviews, or by paying the reporters.”

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