Democrats are engaged in damage control in the wake of undercover videos from Project Veritas showing party operatives admitting to stoking violence at Trump rallies and being open to engaging in mass voter fraud, and the group says these videos are just the tip of the iceberg.

On Monday, Project Veritas released a video depicting Scott Foval, who later was removed from his job with the Democrat-linked Americans United for Change, admitting to inciting violence at Trump events, including a riot in Chicago that injured police officers and another that shut down a road near a Trump rally in Arizona.

Tuesday, a follow-up video depicted Foval bragging about Democrats busing in voters from other precincts to influence elections and at least entertaining other forms of voter fraud this year. Longtime Democratic operative Robert Creamer resigned as head of Democracy Partners that same day.

Creamer, who is married to Chicago-area Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., also served time years ago on a felony fraud conviction.

“In the first video, we see that they’re actually doing the things that are despicable. In the second video, we have them talking prospectively about what they’re going to do on Election Day. We have to be vigilant, go out and see if we can catch them on Election Day doing those things,” said Project Veritas Executive Director Russ Verney.

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“But since they’ve already delivered on their violence at rallies, we have no reason to believe that they don’t intend to bus people around and commit other voter fraud,” added Verney.

In addition to dismissing Foval and Creamer, Democrats have pointed the finger of blame at Project Veritas and founder James O’Keefe. Media, such as the New York Times, usually refer to Project Veritas as “a conservative group led by the activist James O’Keefe that has been heavily criticized as using deceptive editing.”

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Verney rejects the left’s effort to dismiss the videos by attacking Project Veritas and O’Keefe.

“Nobody has pointed to anything in either of the videos that’s untrue or that they challenge the veracity of. We’ve got them in their own words admitting to their own underhanded acts to subvert the Trump campaign and to commit voter fraud,” said Verney.

As for the suggestion that “deceptive editing” created this controversy, Verney says that is patently false.

“They attack the messenger instead of the message. You say that it’s heavily edited and imply that we’ve done something nefarious with the editing, but they can’t point to anything within the videos that are nefarious. They are the actual words of the targets in their own context. We allow the people to fully hang themselves in these videos,” said Verney.

Verney especially gets a kick out of broadcast media promoting the “deceptive editing” defense.

“Every video you watch on ABC, Fox, whatever, is edited. We would have to post hundreds of hours of video if you want it unedited,” he said.

But while Democrats try to wash their hands of the controversy by kicking Creamer and Foval to the curb this cycle, Verney doesn’t necessarily buy that they’re really off the stage.

“As they say in the video, ‘We don’t talk about things that we talk about.’ All this is a wink and a nod. So whether or not they’re actually fired or just moved to another company is yet to be seen,” said Verney.

Even if the Democratic National Committee, the Clinton campaign and private groups really did cut ties with Creamer and Foval, Verney is confident the tactics aren’t changing.

“Regardless of whether or not those individuals are still in their positions, the organizations that they’re with are still in position and still carrying on, still committing the same kind of tactics as when Bob Creamer was the head of the operation or Scott Foval. They’ve still got plenty of other replacements out there doing the same things,” said Verney.

However, Verney warns Democrats that there damage control efforts are not over yet.

“They’ve fired two of the top people so far. The only thing that the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary campaign can do is try to attack the messenger. They can’t deal with the message. And believe me, this is going to get worse,” said Verney, referring to more Project Veritas videos that are on the way.

He didn’t say exactly what the forthcoming videos would show, but he did mention that as many as eight undercover reporters infiltrated various parts of the Democratic Party apparatus and discovered more evidence of illegal communicating and collaborating between organizations that are forbidden by law from working together.

“They gained the confidence of the highest level of Democratic operatives in multiple organizations: Americans United for Change, the Foval Group, Democracy Partners. They sat in and listened to conference calls where the campaign, the White House, the Democratic National Committee and the Super PAC were all on the conference call with these operatives making their plans,” said Verney.

He says that’s proof of the Democrats flagrantly violating the law.

“The Hillary Super PAC is involved in this coordination, which makes the whole thing totally illegal. This is a dark money conspiracy, where these organizations are prohibited from prior coordination with each other if they’re spending money to promote the Hillary election or the Trump defeat. They cannot coordinate. We’ve exposed exactly how they coordinate with each other in violation of the law,” said Verney.

WND reported when the videos were released. And when O’Keefe filed a Federal Election Commission complaint over the actions.

Editor’s Note: Be aware of offensive language throughout videos and in quotes from videos.

See the second video:

The first video:

Talk-radio icon Rush Limbaugh said the evidence is worrisome.

“Every Trump rally would feature none of this [violence] unless the Democrats were paying for it. I think it’s a big deal, folks. The media is complicit. They know who these people are. … They’re in on it. They’re part of the game. … None of it’s organic. None of it’s natural. None of it’s real. Every bit of it is bought and paid for.

“[Democrats] can’t leave elections to chance because they know that, despite the way it may look, the majority of Americans would not support them if they knew who they are.”

Last week, O’Keefe reported his Twitter account was shut down as he was releasing reports on voter fraud.

The latest video (Some listeners may find the language objectionable):

See the video showing a top Democrat admitting voter fraud is common:

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