“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.-Aesop

Her scandals read like a Billy Joel song

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She even lied about having a cold. That may define where we are now better than anything, but unlike many of her lies, it can’t land her in prison. Some of her lies can and likely will, when the chickens come home to roost. If she is president at that point, the results would be devastating for our country.

FBI’s Director Comey called her “reckless” before, and he did not deny that she has mishandled classified information. The Democrats argued that it was incompetence, not corruption. But then the drip, drip, drip of WikiLeaks, the quid pro quo offers to the FBI, as well as the James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas videos showing even deeper corruption and exploitation of campaign workers. Then Comey dropped the final bomb on Hillary’s fortress just 11 days prior to Election Day. That further investigation is needed is an obvious indication that there is a THERE, there, and it’s a big one.

Democrats who want to win should ask Hillary to step down. Her vice-presidential candidate, Sen. Tim Kaine, should become the nominee instead.

Consensus against her is building

Three out of 10 voters say this latest reopening of the FBI investigation was the straw that broke the campaign back, according to John Roberts on Fox News this morning (quoting ABC News/Washington Post poll). He added that 12.5 percent of those who were considering voting for her now say they won’t.

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America has problems

Her place on the international stage has been diminished by a president who couldn’t or wouldn’t lead. Obama bowed to foreign leaders on an apology tour while Bill and Hillary sold access to hostile foreign leaders who stone women to death and throw gays off of buildings. How do you build your way back from that?

The massive failure that is Obamacare is sinking. Premiums are doubling and tripling around the country, and those bills came out just before the election.

America’s GDP has been the most sluggish since World War I. Hillary’s spending proposals will only further damage the American economy, increase the debt that has already doubled under this administration and strangle American prosperity.

America needs a leader, and she needs that leader now.

There is no way a damaged, scandal-ridden, already-shaken Hillary can lead while under investigation and possible indictment. She will need 18 hours per day just to deal with her lawyers! All of her scandal would be a total distraction to the business of governing, and it would render her virtually absent from the Oval Office. If the Democrats had any integrity, they would demand she step aside, and they would run Kaine. Otherwise, they will lose.

The polls were tightening within one percentage point between Clinton and Trump prior to the new Comey bombshell. Now she has no chance (barring massive voter fraud, which seems almost likely in light of her record to date).

Hillary’s trail of destruction

If Hillary is elected, America is damaged. The U.S. will become the laughing stock of the international world. She will trip and stumble and crumble because, in a world of hacking technology, cell phone cameras and FOIA, her old-school brand of crime lays exposed like a blister in the sun.

She will pull the woman card while destroying women. Women aspiring to leadership will forever be judged by the scandal and corruption that is Hillary. But this is her pattern. She campaigned for Bill on women’s issues while she hired private investigators to destroy the women he abused. She preaches about Trump’s womanizing while she takes tens of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where women can be stoned for going to school or driving a car.

She will scream about what is “American” while selfishly destroying what America trusts about our voting system. She will damage politics. Her voters will ultimately realize that, yes, indeed, again, she lied to them. That breeds more cynicism, and voters will disengage in future elections. A ruling elite doesn’t care, because they always believe they can force or entice voters with free stuff, but that will be harder as the above factors continue to exacerbate.

She will talk about what she has accomplished, but what exactly is that? She has tarnished everything she has touched, going back to the early days when she mocked a 12-year-old girl in defense of a child rapist by blaming the little girl for the rape! She has lied, destroyed evidence, crushed phones with a hammer, clandestinely met and colluded with federal department heads for help to cover her crimes, and media to help carry her message of lies. She has proven herself both incompetent and irreverent where classified information is concerned. She left four Americans to die in Benghazi. She became enormously wealthy doing it, all the while screeching about Donald Trump being a billionaire.

No one can point to what Hillary has ever accomplished in the public sector that has earned her the presidency, and no one can point to what Hillary has ever accomplished in the private sector that has earned her hundreds of millions.

She has hocked the public trust and treasury to get what she wanted: power and money. She is an old dog, and there are no new tricks in store for her.

My prediction is that, in full Hillary style, she will grab her broomstick and race selfishly forward, because that is what she has always done, and that is what she will always do – her supporters, and the American people be damned. This will be a clear test to see if the DNC has the integrity to side with the American people against the power monger it fears most.

Voters will have the final say. Let’s pray they have studied her conduct, her psychology and her record of lies and deceit so they will know that history has solid evidence to convict her. Likely, so does Comey.

Gina Loudon teams up with her fellow Politichicks in their first blockbuster, “What Women Really Want” — available at the WND Superstore

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