Hillary Clinton was viewed as a “Christ figure” by a leading abortionist and is so dedicated to abortion rights that pro-life advocates will wish for the days of Obama if she is elected.

That’s according to author Paul Kengor, whose books have included “Takedown” and “11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative.”

He told WND that Americans “still believe and understand that the right to life is the first and most fundamental of all freedoms, without which no other rights and freedoms can exist.”

“I could quote figures as diverse as Ronald Reagan and Pope Francis agreeing on that one,” he said.

“And yet, Hillary Clinton completely disagrees with that. For her, her first principle and first priority is a ‘woman’s right to choose.’ She sees the ‘right’ to abortion as a fundamental ‘human right.’ Nothing is more politically and ideologically sacred to Hillary Clinton,” he said.

Significantly, Clinton “sees her faith in Roe v. Wade as not at all in conflict with her lifelong Christian faith, and neither did her OB-GYN in Arkansas, who – quite amazingly – just happened to be the single largest abortion provider in the entire state of Arkansas.”

“This man, Dr. William Harrison, proudly admitted to doing some 20,000 abortions, and he proudly counted Hillary Clinton as his patient and a kindred soul.,” said Kengor.

“Liberals will seek any excuse to avoid reporting this story, including the fact that Dr. Harrison said he never did an abortion on Hillary. But Harrison not doing an abortion on Hillary isn’t the point. The point is their similar attitudes toward abortion, including how they justified their positions with their Christian faith.”

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Kengor warned how far Clinton will carry the abortion agenda if she’s elected.

“I think she’d have pro-lifers wishing fondly for the days of President Obama. She’d be even worse on abortion than Barack Obama, and that’s really saying something, because he has been awful to the cause of unborn children.”

Kengor pointed out that in the last presidential debate, when asked about what she wanted in a Supreme Court justice, she said, “I want a Supreme Court that will stick with Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose.

“There is nothing more sacrosanct to Hillary Clinton than a ‘woman’s right to choose.’ It is her alpha and omega, beyond doubt her highest priority. I wrote an entire book on the faith of Hillary Clinton, and the one thing that struck me above all else, from start to finish, was her absolute fealty to Roe v. Wade. It is Hillary’s hill to die on. I believe Hillary Clinton would give her life for Roe v. Wade,” he wrote.

In a commentary at the American Spectator, Kengor related his correspondence with Harrison.

“I would interview and correspond with him via several emails and phone calls in December 2006 and January 2007 (before the publication of my book) and again in multiple emails from September 2007 through July 2008 (after publication). What he told me is worth knowing,” he explained.

“Harrison confirmed that he was not only Hillary Clinton’s OB-GYN, but her personal friend, one who talked politics with her, and, indeed, proudly conceded that he was the single largest abortion doer in Arkansas.

“Harrison told me he had met Hillary in 1974, just after she and Bill left New Haven (Yale Law School) for Arkansas, where Bill began building a political portfolio and both he and Hillary joined the law faculty of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville: ‘I met Hillary first as her physician and she soon introduced me to her then boyfriend, Bill.’ He came to know them personally as well as professionally. The reasons for their introduction had been a source of speculation around Arkansas by the late 1980s, but Harrison said he met Hillary simply as a result of her yearly OB-GYN exam – presumably, her first check-up since moving to Arkansas. He later met Bill by happenstance when all were eating at the same local restaurant.

“Harrison immediately addressed the elephant in the room, without my asking: ‘Hillary never saw me for an abortion,’ he told me. ‘I don’t know of any abortion that Hillary ever had. And I would be shocked if she had.'”

Kengor related his conversation about Clinton, an “old-fashioned Methodist” and her favoring abortion “staunchly, rabidly.”

Harrison, he reported, got mad.

“‘Hillary [is] a Methodist,’ he snapped. ‘I was raised a Methodist. The Methodist church [is] very strongly pro-choice,'” Kengor related.

“Like Hillary, Harrison saw legal abortion as moral. He waxed religious in searching for words to characterize it. He described his patients as ‘born again,’ even while conceding, ‘I am destroying life.’ He candidly called himself an ‘abortionist’ – a term of derision employed by abortion foes.

“‘You don’t understand,’ he reprimanded me. ‘I consider what I do very pro-life. I am saving lives when I do abortions,'” Kengor related.

Kengor reported: “William Harrison never expressed regret over the thousands of unborn babies whose lives he snuffed out. He would go to his grave viewing himself as having fought the good fight. Harrison died of leukemia in September 2010.”

Harrision was lauded after his death for being the “only doctor” in the region willing to provide abortion.

In his article, titled “Arkansas’s leading abortionist regarded her as a Christ figure,” Kengor said: “I asked Dr. William Harrison if he expected that a President Hillary Clinton would change these policies [of President Bush, restricting abortion spending]. The abortion doctor again invoked religious language: ‘Oh, absolutely…. I hope to God she does.’ He meant that literally. He and other pro-choicers were (and are) counting on Hillary.

“Though he was in his 70s at that time, Harrison did not want to slow his activity at the abortion mill, at his Fayetteville Women’s Clinic. He was eager to continue performing about 1,200 abortions per year. The key, said Harrison, was whether the electorate could appreciate both the Clintons, whom he said history would judge ‘with a much more reasoned and rational mind than the idiots who have hated [them], seemingly for no more reason Christ was hated.’

“Yes, Hillary Clinton, hated like Jesus Christ, and for no more reason,” Kengor wrote.

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