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Hillary's charges against Trump pure 'projection'

Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is under continuous, savage attack from Hillary Clinton and her allies in the mainstream media. He’s been called a racist, a sexist and even an agent of foreign powers. What explains this extraordinary outburst of hatred?

One person who is in a position to know has the answer. Hillary is using “pure projection.”

Dolly Kyle, the childhood friend and longtime romantic partner of “Billy” Clinton and the author of “Hillary The Other Woman,” explained Hillary’s troubling behavior in a recent interview with Alex Jones at Infowars. She mocked the Clinton campaign’s charges implying Trump is somehow a patsy of the Russian government.

“This is one of the things about her,” Kyle said. “She can’t face truth.”

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“The Clinton Foundation, Hillary, took tens of millions of dollars from the Russians and turned over twenty percent of our uranium supplies to the Russians. And what Hillary does with the Russians is what she does with everything else. Everything that she does, she says someone else like Trump does. It’s all projection 101.

“If she says Trump is racist, it’s because she’s racist. If she says he’s controlled by the Russians, it’s because she’s controlled by the Russians.”

Kyle suggested Hillary is plagued by deep-seated psychological problems deriving from her upbringing.

“We all know, even from Hillary’s own autobiography, what a sad childhood she had with a controlling father whom she never could please,” said Kyle.

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Jones and Kyle discussed some of the revelations from the recent WikiLeaks emails showing Clinton confidantes discussing Hillary’s hatred of “everyday Americans.”

“Look at a video [of Hillary Clinton speaking], turn off the sound,” advised Kyle. “Look at the hate coming out of her eyes. It’s hate!”

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Kyle blasted Hillary’s policy positions and accused her of being a phony when it comes to helping minorities.

“You want to talk about something that’s racist, how about open borders?” she asked rhetorically. “How about letting all these people come in here who will work for four dollars an hour? What is that doing to our workers? African-Americans and women and Hispanics who are here legally are the ones who are going to be the most hurt by this open borders thing, not to mention the rest of us. And why did Mexico build a wall on its southern border?”

Kyle is confident Donald Trump can win the election. However, she remains fearful Hillary Clinton could still end up the president, even if Trump wins. She urged the Republican nominee not to concede in the face of possible electoral fraud.

She recalled how as a girl in Hot Springs, Arkansas, her mother, a poll watcher, told her how the ballot boxes were actually sold off one precinct at a time. Kyle suggested the same kind of electoral fraud is very possible today.

“The whole thing is mind-boggling,” she complained. “If you read about the voting machines and the way they can be tampered with. And if you believe that we are finding ballots already marked for Hillary in a lot of places. And look what happened to the ballots for Bernie Sanders in California – he would have won!”

Kyle contrasted the huge, energetic crowds at Trump rallies with the lackluster attendance at Hillary events.

“Hillary cannot win this election,” Kyle said confidently. “She may be able to steal it but she cannot win it… I’ve been to some Trump events – oh my gosh! The people aren’t just there. It’s like an Arkansas Razorback football game. They’re all excited.”

Kyle, a passionate Christian, admitted Donald Trump is probably not the kind of person many Christians were expecting when they looked to God to send someone to fight for America.

“I said for years a lot of us Christians have been praying for our country, praying, praying, praying,” Kyle said. “And I believe God has a sense of humor.”

With a laugh, she added, “It may be that Donald Trump is the answer to prayer.

“He is not the person that any of us would have picked. But in the Bible it never is like that. God always chooses interesting people. And that’s what we have here. We don’t have the person who would be the stereotypical hero to come in and go to Washington. But what we have in Washington is a cesspool.”

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Kyle argued Trump is pragmatist who has shown his ability to get things done. She was also full of praise for Mike Pence, the dedicated Christian conservative Trump selected as vice president.

“This is a successful businessman,” Kyle said of Trump. “He knows how to delegate. And look who he chose for a vice president, I mean, my gosh. Mike Pence, what a fabulous guy! He’s bright, he’s articulate, he’s knowledgeable, he’s principled. I think this shows right up front Trump’s ability to pick the right people.”

Still, the election has been hard for Kyle. She is frustrated by the bias she believes the media has long displayed in propping up the Clintons. As she details in her book, the Clintons and their allies in journalism practice what she calls “media magic” to make scandals and embarrassing stories disappear.

However, she does take some pleasure in seeing how Bill Clinton’s sexual history and the accusations against him are finally getting some attention. The former president has been besieged by protesters openly accusing him of being a “rapist.”

Kyle, who believes Juanita Broaddrick’s rape accusation against Bill Clinton, says it is about time.

“Whether you want to call it karma or reaping what you sow or the chickens coming home to roost – it’s about time,” she said.

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