Finally, something leftist Michael Moore , GOP nominee donald Trump and "hurting" America can agree on (Photo: Twitter)

Finally, something leftist Michael Moore , GOP nominee donald Trump and “hurting” America can agree on (Photo: Twitter)

Activist and filmmaker Michael Moore is concerned that this plan to help sink Donald Trump’s campaign appears to be backfiring and may actually help the GOP nominee’s election bid.

As WND reported Tuesday, Moore gave a masterful performance illustrating the sentiments of Trump supporters in a fiery video clip from his latest documentary, “Trumpland.” Moore revealed exactly why many “hurting” Americans, both Democrat and Republican, find the billionaire appealing.

In the clip, Moore made a stunning prediction: America will deliver the “biggest ‘F— you’ ever recorded in human history” and put Trump in the White House this November.

The video went viral – with nearly a quarter-million impressions on WND, a proliferation of shares on social media and hundreds of comments from readers.

Trump himself tweeted his enthusiastic approval Thursday: “I agree, @MMFlint- To all Americans, I see you & I hear you. I am your voice. Vote to #DrainTheSwamp w/ me on 11/8.”

Donald Trump Jr., son of the GOP nominee, also tweeted his support Wednesday: “I probably don’t agree with him on a lot but Michael Moore gets this one 100%. Listen and RT: Why Trump will win.”

But there’s just one problem: While Moore brilliantly captured the sentiments of frustrated Americans voting for Trump, he doesn’t actually want the Republican nominee to win.

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That’s right.

Even though he made one of the most compelling arguments to date for why dispossessed Americans are prepared to “upend and overturn the very system that has ruined their lives” by electing Trump, Moore still believes Hillary Clinton – arguably the ultimate political insider – is best suited to lead the country.

So what’s a leftist Trump-hater to do when his message backfires?

In an interview with Rolling Stone published Friday, Moore compared Trump’s supporters to “legal terrorists,” complaining Trump would “blow up the system” and his voters would “participate in the detonation.”

“I want them to think about the damage they could do by being a legal terrorist on November 8th,” Moore said.

Moore later called the GOP nominee a “sociopath” and compared him to a “pedophile.”

“At the same time, you have to protect the population from him like you do with a pedophile,” Moore said.

“A pedophile doesn’t need to be in prison; they’re sick. They have to be separated from us so they don’t hurt children. But you have to treat it that way.”

Moore has also been frantically tweeting responses to the praise heaped on him by Trump supporters who believe the film brilliantly captures the sentiments of frustrated Americans,  even claiming he’s thrilled that the support is drawing more people to see his film.

His reaction to Trump Jr.’s tweet: “Hey everyone – Trump, Jr. & right wing thinks my movie called “TrumpLand” is pro-Trump! Haha. Pls don’t tell them otherwise!”


Other tweets from Moore included: “Thx for sending ppl to watch #TrumpLand. There’s no train like the TrumpTrain! A runaway train!” and “They’re only helping us by sending thousands of Trump voters to iTunes to watch my movie Trumpland. Then the truth’ll hit ’em.”

As WND reported, in the clip, Moore explains:

“Donald Trump came to the Detroit Economic Club and stood there in front of the Ford Motor executives and said, ‘If you close these factories as you’re planning to do in Detroit and build them in Mexico, I’m going to put a 35 percent tariff on those cars when you send them back. And nobody’s gonna buy them.’ It was an amazing thing to see. No politician – Republican or Democrat – had ever said anything like that to these executives. And it was music to the ears of people in Michigan and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the Brexit states.

“Whether Trump means it or not is kind of irrelevant because he’s saying the things to people who are hurting. And it’s why every beaten-down, nameless, forgotten working stiff who used to be part of what was called the middle class loves Trump.

“He is the human Molotov cocktail that they’ve been waiting for. The human hand grenade that they can legally throw into the system that stole their lives from them.

“And on November 8th, Election Day – although they’ve lost their jobs, although they’ve been foreclosed on by the bank, next came the divorce and now the wife and kids are gone, the car has been repo’d, they haven’t had a real vacation in years, they’re stuck with the s–tty Obamacare Bronze plan where you can’t even get a f—ing Percocet – they’ve essentially lost everything they had.

“Except one thing. The one thing that doesn’t cost them a cent and is guaranteed to them by the American Constitution: the right to vote.”

“They might be penniless. They might be homeless. They might be f—ed over and f—ed up. It doesn’t matter. Because it’s equalized on that day. A millionaire has the same number of votes as the person without a job – one. And there’s more of a former middle class than there are in the millionaire class.

“So on November 8th, the dispossessed will walk into the voting booth, be handed a ballot, close the curtain and take that lever, or felt pen, or touch screen and put a big f—ing X in the box by the name of the man who has threatened to upend and overturn the very system that has ruined their lives. Donald J. Trump.

“They see that the elites, who ruined their lives, hate Trump. Corporate America hates Trump. Wall Street hates Trump. The career politicians hate Trump. The media hate Trump – after they loved him and created him and now hate him. Thank you, media. The enemy of my enemy is who I’m voting for on November 8th.

“Yes, on November 8th, you – Joe Blow, Steve Blow, Bob Blow, Bill Blow, Billy Bob Blow, all the Blows – get to go and blow up the whole G-d damn system because it’s your right.

“Trump’s election is going to be the biggest ‘F— you’ ever recorded in human history.

“And it will feel good.”

Watch Michael Moore’s explanation in this video (edited for language): 

Uncensored version of Michael Moore’s video (Warning: Video contains expletives that may offend some readers):

Fortune magazine reported the clip making the rounds online ends just before Moore declares, “It will feel good – for a day. You know, maybe a week. Possibly a month. Because you used the ballot as an anger management tool and now you’re f—ed.”

Perhaps Moore’s ultimate conclusion comes as no surprise to conservatives. He previously endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, and he spends the second half of his film urging Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton. At the end, he jokingly announces his candidacy for 2020 and promises voters he’ll give them free marijuana and banana splits.

And while the four-minute clip’s glowing reception among conservatives may not be what Moore had originally intended, his cogent words apparently hit close to home – in fact, a little closer to home for those “hurting Americans” than Moore ever truly realized.

“Please God, hear my prayers,” one WND reader wrote. “Listen to Michael Moore, just this one time.”

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