(Photo: U.S. Navy)

(Photo: U.S. Navy)

Fresh off naming new Navy ships for liberal activists and removing “man” from personnel titles, U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is now moving forward with a massive overhaul of enlisted ratings titles throughout the service branch.

“The Navy deep-sixed all of its 91 enlisted ratings titles [Sept. 29], marking the beginning of an overhaul of the rigid career structure that has existed since the Continental Navy in a radical shift sure to reverberate through the fleet and the veterans community beyond,” reported the Navy Times last week.

“Sailors will no longer be identified by their job title, say, Fire Controlman 1st Class Joe Sailor, effective immediately. Instead, that would be Petty Officer 1st Class Joe Sailor,” the story explains.

Many active-duty Navy personnel and veterans are incensed at what they see as another example of needless political correctness invading the armed forces.

“It’s just more of an assault of Secretary Mabus on the culture of the Navy, trying to make as many changes as he can, hoping that you throw enough stuff on the wall that some of it will stick. And for that, he will pin it as a legacy. I think it’s a mess,” said retired U.S. Navy Capt. Chuck Nash, who is also a Fox News Channel military analyst

“It starts at the top with this whole thing bringing in transgenders, putting women in infantry combat units or at least putting them up where they can compete to get in there and then they’re failing as they go through this process,” Nash told WND and Radio America, predicting that standards for infantry and special forces will likely be lowered so more women can qualify for those roles.

He said he and many other Navy vets are appalled by what they see as the social engineering of the armed forces.

“It’s disgraceful. It’s not just my opinion. All of my retired fellow military types all feel the same way,” Nash said. “We’re just absolutely disgusted and can’t wait for January.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with retired U.S. Navy Capt. Chuck Nash: 

This is far from the first move Mabus has made that raises eyebrows. The Navy Times article reports on a similar move implemented back in June.

“In June, the Marine Corps – also under the Mabus edict – announced they’d take ‘man’ out of 19 occupational titles, as well,” reported the Navy Times.

Perhaps most controversial is Mabus deciding to name several forthcoming Navy vessels after political activists rather than presidents or military heroes. In addition to honoring civil rights figures John Lewis and Medger Evers, Mabus green-lighted ships carrying the name of 1970s California homosexual politician Harvey Milk and farm workers labor leader Cesar Chavez.

“Harvey Milk was a homosexual pedophile who had issues out in California. Cesar Chavez, his quote about his two years in the Navy was, ‘It was the worst two years of my life,'” Nash said. “We’ve got medal of honor [recipients] who have not had ships named after them. Yet, we’re running around on the fringe naming ships after people.”

“It really is all politics, and this whole town has turned so political,” he added.

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Nash wants to know where America’s military leaders disappear to when it comes time to defend the military culture.

“What really upsets me in all of this is, where are the joint chiefs? Where is that service before self that speaks truth to power?” asked Nash.

Nash noted a recent Senate hearing featuring top military brass, where all the uniformed officers lamented a particular policy but, when asked, all admitted they had not mentioned their concerns to the president.

“Grow a pair. That’s your doggone job. You’re a friggin’ four-star. There’s no such thing as a five-star. That’s it,” Nash said. “Maybe these guys not only have just rolled over, maybe they’ve just quit. Maybe it’s just too hard to deal with the current administration. So you’re not going to fight that fight. You’re going to wait until somebody else comes along. Depending on who that somebody else is, they may be rolling over for a long time.”

While Nash has tough reviews for Mabus and other service chiefs, he said the reality is that every meaningful decision about the military is really being made by the White House.

“If the media really wanted to get into something, examine the size of the national security staff today compared to previous administrations,” he said. “Why is it eight to 10 times as large? Because they are doing everything.

“This is an imperial, dictatorial presidency. Everything is happening from the White House. The secretary of defense, as well as all the other cabinet secretaries, are just hanging out, waiting to get their guidance from the White House. That’s why the service secretaries travel so much. They’re just out traveling because there’s nothing to do in the building.”

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Nash said the effort of Obama and Mabus to scrub the culture and traditions of the Navy and other service branches is part of the same ideological effort to take down monuments and statues to the confederacy in remembrance of the Civil War. There is a major debate in Nash’s city of Alexandria, Virginia, about removing a statue honoring the Confederate war dead.

Nash, a proud Yankee, says erasing history is very dangerous precedent.

“It has been said that he who controls the present controls the past, and he who controls the past controls the future,” he said. “If we can start decimating our history and our monuments to our history and rewriting the past, it becomes very easy to write the future and define the future on a past that never existed.”

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