New Trump revelations: Clinton minions strike again!

By Larry Klayman

Over the last 22 or so years, I have been in the trenches – first as the 1994 founder and general counsel of Judicial Watch, then in 2004 as a U.S. Senate candidate in Florida, and later as the founder of and head lawyer of Freedom Watch – with the criminal likes of Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics.

In the course of trying to hold them accountable under the rule of law – the motto that I adopted at Judicial Watch is “No one is above the law!” – I went up against Bonnie and Clyde’s chief lawyers on a routine basis, the law firm of Williams & Connelly. Its head Clinton defense lawyer has been and remains David Kendall, an attorney both charming and ruthless to the core. In contrast with another past Clinton lawyer, Bob Bennett of the mega-firm Skadden and Arps, who defended Bill Clinton in the Paul Jones case of the 1990s, Kendall is not in your face. He is adept at sticking a knife into an unwitting victim’s back without the victim even knowing it. That’s exactly what he did during the impeachment proceedings over Monica Lewinsky, when independent counsel Kenneth Starr was brought to his knees. He so destroyed Starr by having his private investigators dig up dirt on him. Notwithstanding Starr’s legal infirmities – he is an appellate lawyer and not a trial lawyer who could match Kendall’s expertise and ability to spin false facts – Starr was never the same. Not only did impeachment fail miserably, allowing Slick Willy and his enabler Hillary escape the legal guillotine once more, but Starr’s dreams of some day being nominated and confirmed as a Supreme Court justice were went down in flames.

The downward spiral for Ken Starr got even worse in later years when he himself was ironically accused of helping to cover up a sex scandal while serving as chancellor of Baylor University.  I guess birds of a feather flock together. However, unlike Kendall, who goes merrily along as the premier cover-up and backroom smear artist, Starr was forced out of the chancellorship at Baylor and now is a simple and broken professor. To try to save face, Starr disgracefully even wound up apologizing to Bill Clinton for his investigation of the Lewinsky scandal. The former judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is now a totally broken man – in large part thanks to Kendall, his law firm and his private investigators.

In the 1990s, Kendall’s and William & Connelly’s private investigators – comprised of Terry Lenzner (whom I deposed twice), Anthony Pellicano (who was later indicted, convicted and jailed for illegalities in Los Angeles) and Jack Palladino – were also set loose on me – and Time magazine called me “Starr’s Fellow Traveler.” Indeed, while I do not equate myself with him, it is true that Starr and I were the Clintons’ greatest nemeses. And, I would like to think I still hold this heavyweight title.

During the Clinton years, and likely today as well, Kendall and his firm, Williams & Connelly, thus had their private investigators trained on my clients at Judicial Watch – in particular, the women with whom Bill Clinton had raped, harassed and had affairs. Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Dolly Kyle Browning all had their homes broken into and were, in many instances, threatened to keep their mouths shut. Children were also implicated. Just ask Kathleen, who had a Clinton “private dick” approach her while she was riding her bike. The man invoked the name of her child, scaring the poor woman to death.

I had the same experience to try to scare and get me to back off from relentlessly pursuing the Clintons, as I continue to do today. I continue to pursue other corrupt politicians, judges and so-called public servants, no matter what their political party or persuasion. My office at Judicial Watch was put under surveillance. Employees were followed home. Our phones were likely wiretapped. My townhouse in Georgetown was photographed by a fictitious “property appraiser” (no one else in the compound was so “lucky”), and the names of my first and newly born child were also insipidly invoked by Kendall’s legal associate during a deposition in Judicial Watch’s main conference room. In addition, every two weeks, an article would appear in the politically compromised the Washington Post – which, not coincidentally, is a client of Kendall’s Williams & Connelly. The articles contained false and misleading “information” to smear me. The name of the biweekly column, written by sleazy, pliant reporter David Segal, was called “The Klayman Chronicles,” a phrase adapted from a film, “The Clinton Chronicles,” about Slick Willy. While I was flattered to have my “own” biweekly column in the Washington Post, I was also outraged that this major newspaper, however leftist and compromised, would make it a mission to try to run interference for Bonnie and Clyde.

And this brings up full circle to last Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, when it was no coincidence that the Washington Post was the media vehicle to break the story about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump making disgusting, lewd comments about trying to bed or have the ability to grope a married woman, or for that matter any woman. How did the video of these remarks make their way to the Washington Post? I would bet the ranch that David Kendall, Williams & Connelly and their private investigators – either the old ones or a whole new crop of sleaze balls – were behind this.

So score another one for Kendall and his crowd of cover-up artists and smear-meisters. As they did with Ken Starr (and attempted unsuccessfully to do with me), they have hit the jackpot again and now also predictably brought Donald Trump to his knees. Having destroyed Bonnie’s private server emails and deep-sixed this huge scandal as well, perhaps Kendall should be awarded, when Hillary claims the White House, with  a “Medal of Freedom” – meaning the freedom to do for fun and profit whatever it takes to destroy the nation by returning the Clintons to power.

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