Christina Ferguson

Christina Ferguson

A Wisconsin woman is giving a whole new meaning to “political smear campaign.”

Christina Ferguson, 32, a Hillary Clinton supporter, was arrested Monday night and charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly smearing peanut butter on approximately 30 vehicles parked outside what she thought was a Donald Trump rally.

After bursting in – a “family-size jar of low-sodium, creamy natural Jif” in hand – Ferguson began yelling that she hated Donald Trump. When she was booted from the building, the passionate partisan proceeded to spread peanut butter on vehicles in the parking lot.

But those cars had nothing to do with Donald Trump. Ferguson had interrupted a meeting of the Tomorrow River Conservation Club.

Deputies who apprehended Ferguson said she denied having left her apartment that evening, although she was continually licking her fingers during their questioning.

After being positively identified by a conservation-club member, Ferguson reportedly became “very emotional,” admitting she had vandalized the vehicles with peanut butter and saying “how much she loved Hillary Clinton and hated Donald Trump,” according to the crime report.

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“Peanut-buttering is better than firebombing, and Trump plans on firebombing everybody in other countries,” Ferguson reportedly told deputies.

Ferguson, who blew .218 on the officers’ breathalyzer, apologized upon learning the gathering had nothing to do with the Trump campaign and said she was “just fed up about the entire election.”

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Will Hillary’s smile cost her the election?

Clinton faced a flood of insults while on stage in Las Vegas as debate viewers took to Twitter in droves to mock her “creepy grandma” grin as she smirked her way through her final showdown with Donald Trump.

“Hillary Clinton’s smile is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said one observer.

“When Hillary smiles she looks like an evil snake,” another commented.

‘What to do when you don’t have a response? Smile like a chipmunk,’ remarked another.

“Hillary Clinton is so cute it’s something about her I just want her to tuck me in and give me a kiss with her coffee breath,” another said.


Hillary Clinton beamed as Donald Trump slammed her political record and campaign policies.

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Crowd chants “lock her up”

A CNN panel at the site of the final debate at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas had difficulty discussing the election when the crowd behind them began chanting “lock her up” for at least a minute straight.

“Lock her up! Lock her up!” the crowd roared.

“Lock her up” is a popular rallying crying for Trump supporters who believe Clinton’s email and Benghazi scandals should land her in prison.

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Megyn Kelly grills DNC chair on “leaked” town-hall question

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile was cornered after the debate by Fox News host Megyn Kelly about a WikiLeaks-released hacked email that apparently showed her receiving a question for Clinton prior to a primary town-hall debate.

“You had this question on March 12 that verbatim was provided by Roland Martin to CNN the next day,” Megyn Kelly said.

Brazile maintained she never got any questions from CNN ahead of the event.

“As a Christian woman, I understand persecution. But I will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is totally false,” she answered.

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Green Party’s Jill Stein: Prosecute Hillary

Citing the latest bombshell revelation from the Wikileaks email dump – namely, an admission that 55,000 emails were kept from Congress by Hillary Clinton, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is calling on the federal government to take action against Clinton.

#PodestaEmail10 show HRC kept 55K emails from Congress. How much more evidence does the govt need to press charges?” Stein tweeted on Monday.

Stein even ripped members of Big Media who have been suggesting “Trump would try to silence critical journalism” when none of them have defended the Wikileaks revelation or even barely reported on them.

This is red meat for the Occupy and Bernie crowds …

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Hillary gives even hardcore Democrats the creeps

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley says “if I vote, I’m going to vote Democratic. I’ve always voted Democratic, Democrat, my entire life.”

But apparently, that’s a big if … if it means voting for Hillary.

“I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger for her. She might be a wonderful person, I don’t know. But there’s so many negatives about her. There’s just something about her that makes me uncomfortable.”

While Barkley is adament he would never vote for Trump, he did defend the GOP nominee for his so-called “locker-room talk.”

“I have a daughter, so I’m against any form of sexual harassment [or] sexual assault,” Barkley said of the 2005 tape.

“But, in the locker room, I’ve heard things and I’ve said things myself that I wouldn’t want repeated publicly. For people to act like they haven’t heard things in the locker room I think is disingenuous.”

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O’Keefe’s video sting is pointing toward the White House

Robert Creamer, the Clinton-campaign contractor and key operative caught on James O’Keefe’s hidden-camera video in a Democratic scheme to send agitators to cause unrest at Donald Trump’s rallies has visited the White House 342 times since 2009, White House records show.

Creamer, a convicted felon and husband of nine-term Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), reportedly wrote the political blueprint for passing Obamacare in 2009 while he was serving time in federal prison on fraud and tax charges. And in 2015, Creamer was one of the main pointmen pushing through President Obama’s Iran deal.

All that doesn’t matter now – Obama’s White House is hanging him out to dry …

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Federal debt soars $237 billion since first Trump-Clinton debate


The federal debt has leaped $236,991,525,500.74 further into the red in the last 22 days. That’s a staggering $10,772,342,068.22 per day. If you’re one of the diminishing number of Americans who still has a full-time job, your share of that is $1,906.67.

And if that hasn’t knocked you over, consider this: The federal debt increased almost $37 billion more than the $201,003,387,221.13 in debt the federal government accumulated between the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the end of fiscal 1944.

If you were thinking of not voting this time, you might want to reconsider …

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Cruz is in the hunt

While Democrats and their Republican-insider counterparts are rebuking Donald Trump for saying the election is rigged, one-time Trump opponent Sen. Ted Cruz is taking up the charge and calling for a “serious criminal investigation” into all those visits to the White House by “voter-fraud operative” Robert Creamer (see above).

Is Cruz the only Republican on Capitol Hill who’s ready to fight?

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Hillary’s words come back to haunt her

Donald Trump’s not the only one whose past poor choice of words are making a comeback in this year’s election.

Hillary’s “super predators,” “basement dwellers” and “deplorables” don’t sound quite so clever now, thanks to this new Trump commercial

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Michael Moore: “Hate Hillary? Vote for her anyway”

Left-leaning filmmaker Michael Moore is making a last-ditch effort to save Hillary Clinton’s candidacy by appealing to pro-Trump and undecided voters with a new movie, “Trumpland.”

Unlike so many parroting the Democrat line that the election is essentially over and Hillary has already won, Moore thinks Trump could be the victor.

His approach in “Trumpland” is novel. Instead of slamming the GOP nominee, Moore takes an entertaining look at Hillary and all her sins to make the point she’s only human.

How’s this for an example? “I hope she did kill Vince Foster. That’s badass.”

* * *

Wikileaks email: OK for illegals to vote with a driver’s license

If you want to know why Democrats are so persistent in their demand that illegal aliens be allowed to have driver’s licenses in the U.S., look no further than the latest leak from John Podesta’s email:

“On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a drivers license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.”

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