Obama-Hillary’s dream come true

By Joseph Farah

Have you ever asked yourself what the real purpose of Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” is really all about?

Have you considered why Obama has opened America’s doors to tens of thousands of unscreened and unscreenable, so-called Muslim “refugees” from Middle East terror hotspots?

Have you ever wondered what the endgame of this national suicidal policy is all about – along with other actions that seem to be pushing the hot buttons of even the clearest-thinking Americans with an ounce of common sense?

Maybe what appears to be a foiled “domestic terror plot,” in Kansas, so far under the radar of the national media, should give us a clue.

According to federal investigators, who apparently infiltrated a “militia group” called the “Crusaders” in the town of Liberal, Kansas, three men were arrested last week for planning to bomb a Garden City, Kansas, apartment complex where 120 people, including many Somali immigrants, lived – then publish a manifesto. The date of the attack was set for Nov. 9, the day after the presidential election.

Think about it. This is the kind of event that would put the seemingly bizarre Obama-Hillary Clinton agenda for the Islamization of America on steroids.

I hate to say it, but they seem to be dreaming about just such a bizarre attack – doing everything in their power to make it a reality.

After each and every new terror attack on the U.S., they and their media friends downplay the fact that they are nearly 100 percent the work of Islamic radicals. Not one gives them pause to reconsider their policies. All they need, I believe, to justify an all-out war of repression and intimidation against political opponents is one incident like this one to succeed.

Do you remember how Bill Clinton blamed Rush Limbaugh for the bomb attack on the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building in 1995?

I hate to say it, but an attack like this one would represent a sweet aroma to the noses of Obama and Hillary. It would provide an opportunity for massive surveillance, propaganda, sweeping federal control and worse.

Those who rightly oppose their certifiably insane policies on national security and open-door immigration practices would be blamed. They would finally have their evidence of widespread xenophobia, Islamophobia and right-wing “hate crimes.”

Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen.

I suspect it didn’t happen this time only because local police stumbled onto evidence for the impending attack when one of the plotters was turned in by his girlfriend on a battery charge.

Until then, FBI investigators were providing them with weapons and offering money for the attack. The plotters were under surveillance since February, the FBI said.

The would-be attackers didn’t just talk about the operation set for Nov. 9, either, according to the FBI.

  • A paid confidential source for the FBI had attended many meetings of a group that called itself the Crusaders. The members met as often as once a week and talked daily by phone. The source wore a recorder. Investigators corroborated information from the source.
  • In February, while the FBI source was driving two of those arrested, one reportedly yelled racist and sexist slurs at Somali women dressed in traditional garb and said they needed to be eliminated.
  • At a meeting in May, a document said, another plotter talked about putting mocking signs around the necks of the people they targeted after “we blow the top of their head off.”
  • In a May phone call, one them “said he wanted to get a .22, go over to Garden City, Kansas, start kicking in doors of the Somali apartments, and kill them one by one.” He would use a silencer on the gun, it said.
  • One allegedly said he would use rocket-propelled grenades to blow up the targets’ apartments – “boom … I’m outta there.”
  • One reportedly said: “When we go on operations there’s no leaving anyone behind, even if it’s a one-year-old, I’m serious.”

Operations? It sounds like these guys had other ideas in mind besides the November bombing. They also talked about bombing a mosque. What if they acted prematurely – without consultation with the FBI or confidential source? Was that a concern? Or was it the plan?

I hate to speculate like this. I hate to think like this. But it’s getting hard not to. Am I crazy paranoid – or are you thinking the same way?

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