Islamic women

For years now, President Obama, whatever his connections to the faith that calls for the deaths of infidels are, has hyped the reasonable nature of Islam.

For example, he’s called the Muslim call to prayer “the sweetest sound I know” and has expressed “our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world, including in my own country.”

He’s claimed, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance” and “has always been part of America.”

He quickly acknowledges “civilization’s debt to Islam.” That’s because “Muslim communities have been at the forefront of innovation and education.”

Obama repeatedly has stated he’s a Christian, after spending years listening to a radical race-based agenda in a Chicago church. Fox News talk show host Bill O’Reilly, commenting on a photograph of Obama in Muslim dress, said that reveals Obama’s “deep emotional ties” to Islam, the religion of his father and stepfather.

“There is no question the Obama administration’s greatest failure is allowing the Islamic terror group ISIS to run wild, murdering thousands of innocent people all over the world, including many Muslims,” O’Reilly said. “Mr. Obama has never, never acknowledged that mistake, nor does he define the ISIS threat accurately.

“That group is killing innocent people in order to impose a radical version of Islam on the world. The jihad is solely based on theology, perverted as it may be.”

“The Evidence Bible” is now available and includes, besides the King James version, dozens of articles expanding answers to questions such as why is there suffering, explanations about what Muslims believe and scientific facts written millennia before man discovered them.

But there’s been one issue on which Obama hasn’t really elaborated: Islam’s treatment of women. And a new report from the Gatestone Institute this week details why that position would be indefensible.

“You do not want to be a woman in Islam,” said the report by Raymond Ibrahim, whose projects also include “Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians.”

He writes for the institute, which is a nonpartisan policy council and think tank pursuing democracy and the rule of law, human rights, strong economies, a military capable of ensuring peace, energy independence and a public informed of threats to liberty and speech.

In the new report, Ibrahim explains, “Islamic law, always harsh, is still harsher for women. According to the Quran, men have ‘authority’ over women and may beat them if they are ‘disobedient’ (4:34). According to Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, women are less intelligent than men – two women are needed to equal one man’s testimony – and the majority of hell’s population is made up of women, who are likened to donkeys and dogs in their ability to distract a man from his prayer and thereby annul it.”

And it’s even worse for women who are not Muslims.

The report documents the results of those concepts:

Abductions, assaults, abuse, rape, slavery, death.

“One Muslim told a group of young Christian girls in Pakistan before terrorizing and murdering one” that woman who are infidels are “at best ‘meant for one thing, the pleasure of the Muslim man.'”

The report cited the work of Open Doors, which advocates for persecuted Christians. Spokeswoman Emilty Fuentes said, “Unfortunately, more and more women are the target of [Muslim] terrorist groups. There are numerous international incidents of women being kidnapped, raped, and forced to convert from Christianity to Islam by radical extremist groups … many are also sold on the open market.”

She continued “This brutality is not only occurring in the Middle East but in Africa and in many other places. In many of these countries, women are subject to persecution becusae they are considered second-class citizens because of their gender. As minorities in both gender and faith, Christian women face double the persecution. Although we don’t have an exact number, we know that millions of women are being persecuted … in these Muslim-dominated countries, Christian women are systematically deprived of their freedom to live and are denied basic human necessities.”

Ibrahim cited ISIS’ executions of “as many as 250 captive non-Muslim girls (mostly Yazidis and Christians) for refusing to be sex slaves.”

Most recently, “19 Yazidi girls were placed in iron cages and burned alive in front of a crowd of hundreds, for refusing to copulate with jihadis,” he wrote.

One Yazidi girl who escaped from the Muslims said “she was bought and sold by eight different jihadis … we were put on display [in sex slave markets]. Men came in and looked at us like objects. It was like a car showroom … women were bought for cash – as little as $20, or exchanged for things like mobile phones, or given away as gifts.”

“She was raped at least three times a day over over 16 months by countless ISIS fighters, forced to take contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs, and repeatedly tried to kill herself to escape…” the report said.

“Her account is typical.”

Another victim set herself on fire to prevent being raped, and a couple answered their door to find a plastic bag containing body parts of their daughters, the report said.

“Such Islamic abuse of women is hardly limited to groups such as ISIS or Boko Haram,” the report said, citing also the Nigerian-based group of radical Muslim terrorists.

“Approximately 700 Christian and 300 Hindu girls are abducted, enslaved, and raped in Pakistan every year,” the report said. “A similar situation prevails in Egypt. In July 2012, U.S. Congressman Chris Smith testified about the ‘escalating abduction, coerced conversion and forced marriage of Coptic Christian women and girls. Those women are being terrorized and, consequently, marginalized.'”

And even in the “free” part of the world?

“It should be noted that even in Europe, it is the indigenous females who are suffering the most from the influx of Muslim migrants. Exponentially higher numbers of sexual attacks and rapes are being committed, often on the same logic that prevails in the Islamic State or Pakistan. In the words of a Muslim migrant in Germany who stalked, cursed, and groped a woman: ‘German women are there for sex.'”

Ibrahim wrote, “A final important point: while non-Muslim women are targeted more than non-Muslim men for sexual reasons, that does not mean that they are targeted less than men when it comes to non-sexual forms of Muslim persecution, such as attacks on ‘blasphemers’ and ‘apostates.’ Chivalry is an alien concept to Islam; when it comes to terrorizing and putting infidels in their place, the religion of Muhammad is strictly egalitarian.

“In Pakistan for example, the most notorious blasphemy case involves a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who has been in prison on death row since 2009; and when a Christian couple was accused of desecrating a Quran, both husband and wife were burned alive.”

After one rape by a Muslim man on a 9-year-old Christian girl, local residents explained, “Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right … it is not even a crime.”

“The Evidence Bible” is now available and includes, besides the King James version, dozens of articles expanding answers to questions such as why is there suffering, explanations about what Muslims believe and scientific facts written millennia before man discovered them.


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