Last month, I gave you a long list of reasons Hillary Clinton does not deserve to become president.

You can reference those if you like.

Personally, I think that column would make a good handout if you want to influence your friends and family members before Election Day.

But today I’d like to focus on one good reason to say no to Hillary in 2016.

It’s called “Clinton fatigue.”

If you’re like me, you are just plain sick and tired of this woman. You find her annoying, insufferable, unbearable, DEPLORABLE, detestable, arrogant, intolerable, haughty, imperious, pompous, presumptuous, shrill, cold, calculating, contemptuous, self-important, autocratic and lacking any appeal whatsoever.

Do I have that about right?

And the big question I have for every American – from those already supporting Donald Trump to those who supported her opponent, Bernie Sanders, in the Democratic primaries – is this: Can you even imagine enduring four years of this witch as president?

I’m sorry, it’s that personal for me.

I don’t really care about her health. I care about mine.

It’s not just that I know she is a vindictive, petty, intolerant monster who will target those with whom she disagrees for all manner of calamity. It’s that the mere thought of her in power will make me sick to my stomach and shorten my life.

Do you feel the same way?

Does she have any redeeming characteristics at all?

Any notable accomplishments worthy of consideration?

Just exactly why would anyone vote for Hillary Clinton?

It’s enough to make me sick that she is even in the race.

I was done with her in 2000.

I thought we all were.

Just imagine if another member of the Bush family were running in 2016. How would you feel about that? Would you consider voting for a Bush? It would be really hard for me, because I have Bush fatigue, too. The only motivation that might work for me were this a Bush-Clinton race, would be avoiding Clinton.

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But, thank goodness, we don’t have that choice before us.

One long Clinton presidency – eight of the longest years of my life – was enough.

A second Clinton presidency is just plain unthinkable.

The choice is clear for America.

Even if you are not enamored of Trump, you have to admit, he’s a change agent. He is going to rattle the status quo in Washington – something this nation desperately needs.

I know I’m not going to like everything he does should he be elected president, but he’s going to shake things up! Who can deny that?

Look, we’ve been on a steady progression of establishment governance since 1989 – 27 years!

It’s been Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama, Obama.

Would America seriously consider returning to another Clinton?

Republican voters made clear this year they did not want another Bush. Good for them. Democrats showed in a long, drawn-out primary battle that they had great reluctance to go with another Clinton. In fact, had the Democratic Party not rigged the primaries in her favor, she probably would not have won.

Still, some look at Hillary as a safe choice.

Sure, if you think we’re better off now than we were as a nation in 1989, then you probably have met your champion in Hillary Clinton. She’s going to champion business-as-usual Washington rule over the rest of us. That’s what began in earnest in 1989 and has continued in the Bush-Clinton-Clinton-Bush-Bush-Obama years ever since.

If you want to stay on that political merry-go-round, then, by all means, you’ve found your candidate in Hillary.

But, if you think it’s time to get off, then vote for someone new, someone who isn’t running to get rich, someone who isn’t just looking out for his own self-interest.

Admit it! You’ve got Clinton fatigue, too.

Just imagine how bad it will get by 2017. Don’t do that to yourself.

Let’s just give someone else a shot – anyone not named Bush or Clinton!

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