The worst state in which to raise children

By Linda Harvey

Warning: This column contains graphic content.

It’s official: Oregon is in free-fall.

And if possible, you really don’t want to raise children there until some big changes are made.

Among a badly behaving peer group – the rest of the states in the U.S. – Oregon still sinks below them all, even radical Massachusetts and loony California.

It’s not just the legalized marijuana and assisted suicide. It’s not just the bisexual governor and the after-school Satan clubs that some Portlandia-dazed educators have welcomed.

Oregon’s liberals – who dominate the government and schools – consider children guinea pigs for grotesque experiments in sexual and spiritual corruption. Praise God for the few Christians and conservatives who have managed to limit these programs to some extent.

But much more remains to be done to protect Oregon’s children from permanent harm.

Consider these facts:

In Oregon, a 15-year-old can now embark on hormone and sex-change surgical treatment without a parent’s consent, paid for by Medicaid. This policy was quietly enacted in 2015 by an appointed commission of the Oregon Health Authority. Judicial Watch accessed documents and found that 56 children were treated for gender “assessment” in the first six months of the program, some under age 9.

Dr. Paul McHugh, former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins University, has called the Oregon policy for gender-confused youth “child abuse” and that such operations for youth are “never appropriate.”

The option for young teens to have healthy breasts and penises amputated is being advocated through the many school-based health clinics that bypass parental rights to advise children about intimate issues and often refer them to Planned Parenthood. Among the services the clinics promote for minor children are “reproductive health” and counseling for “LGBTQ” issues.

So middle-school girls are given birth control and referrals to Planned Parenthood, and students questioning their sexuality will most likely be told, inaccurately, that some people are “born that way” and that such sexual expression is just as natural as heterosexuality.

Oregon teachers in one large district (the Tigard-Tualatin schools) have been told not to line up children as boys and girls, but use creative substitutes, like “chips and salsa,” or “peanut butter and jelly.”

A distraught teacher shared her grave concerns about the deceptive climate emerging in her Oregon school because of gender anarchy.

We’ve heard this gender-obliterating nonsense recently from Charlotte, North Carolina, schools, but they walked it back after community objections. So did Albuquerque. It was even tried in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 2014.

Oregon has a state “non-discrimination” policy including sexual orientation, and this school district has an “equal opportunity” policy that also covers gender identity.

But the Tigard superintendent told a group of teachers’ union members that federal law now requires that restrooms and locker rooms be opened to the opposite sex.

That is incorrect. It’s not a part of any U.S. law, but is instead an Obama-engineered threat to pull funding from schools unless they treat males as females under Title IX.

The radical gender-anarchist agenda foisted on Oregon youth prompted a letter to Gov. Kate Brown from physicians representing the American College of Pediatricians, decrying the ready adoption of the unlawful Obama administration Title IX advisory guidelines.

Apparently, that letter from physicians is being ignored.

Sexuality education in Oregon is outrageously perverted, explicit and misleading. Progressives have infiltrated the state bureaucracies, and it’s only through the diligence of parent groups like Parents’ Rights in Education (PRIE) that the some of the worst offenses have been exposed and halted.

The Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference, conducted annually until 2015, included outright pornography – lots of it. About one third of the attendees were adolescents themselves. Explicit graphics and messages included an obscene “vagina” display; promotion of a website called; Valentine’s cards for teens with messages like, “The only thing that can come between us is a condom”; instructions about phone sex and masturbation; and suggestions for teen dating activities like lap dancing, wearing each other’s underwear, sending each other erotic text messages and so on.

Also among the giveaways at this conference was lubricant for use in sex acts, popular with male homosexuals, and a brochure called, “Dry Humping Saves Lives.” And of course, teens were subjected to graphics featuring the gender-variant cookie figure, the “Genderbread Person,” which encourages teens to accept any version of male/female identity without question, no matter how bizarre and self-destructive.

Sponsors of this conference included the state department of education, AIDS organizations, Planned Parenthood, the Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force, and the Oregon Health Authority.

The conference encouraged teens to engage in “anal and oral sex, mutual masturbation, sexting, pornography, sex toys, gender fluidity, and sexual experimentation.”

The good news is that the Seaside Adolescent Sexuality Conference ended in 2015, thanks to the efforts of PRIE. Most parents in Oregon simply did not know what was going on. Exposure of specifics in the media was necessary to shut down this porn extravaganza offered to other people’s children.

The bad news is that the beat goes on. This is Oregon, after all, where the governor is bisexual and bakery owners can be fined $135,000 and shut down by vicious homosexual mobs because of a polite faith statement that possibly prompted two lesbians to question what their life is all about.

Oregon is where homosexual activist Terrence Bean, major Democratic Party fundraiser, friend of Obama and the Clintons, and co-founder of the homosexual pressure group the Human Rights Campaign, was arrested for his role in a three-way sex encounter involving a 15-year-old boy. He was still listed as a member of the HRC board for weeks after the incident, then quietly removed.

But mysteriously, months later, the charges were dropped after Bean offered the boy over $200,000 as a settlement. This is legal in Oregon if the judge approves.

The judge in this child abuse case said yes.

But this is Oregon, where children are sometimes expendable. Why are we surprised?

Oregon parents: Time to wake up!

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